Message for ShooterGeorge (Long Wheet for use in LWMD regemine)

Message for ShooterGeorge (Long Wheet for use in LWMD regemine)

Dear Sri,George,

1. I purchased 'Long Wheat' from a large Provision Store near my house.An image of the grains is attached. I am using this Wheat for my Breakfast & Dinner.for last 2 days. Does it look to be the type of wheat recommended by you? If you want I can send the grain small packet by Courier to you. When cooked the diet come out as semi solid consistency ( like Koozha in Malayalam) and not a semi liquid Kanji form.

Am I on right track?

If this is NOT the variety recommended by you I will try else where say Nilgiiris or Reliance Dept Stores.etc.

2. Can I take one tumbler Milk before retiring at Night? as I used to so far.

3. Is ' FiveGrain Biscuts' (with out Sugar) from BRITANNIA NUTICHOICE range permitted in LWMD regemine?

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  • dear IMBU2008, The picture shown does nor confirm to samba godhi pls check again . It cost Rs 80/per kg in Bangalore k.Rangaswamy

  • Dear Sri.Rangaswamy, Kindly let me know the address of the shop where you buy Samba Godhi in Bangalore.I can ask a friend in Bangalore to buy it for me. Thanks. P.N.Kannan Mobile: (9381062307

  • DEAR imbu, The wheat is available at Yeswanthpur Market entrance store. There is one way from the entrance , the store situated at the out end of the one way last shop pls ask sambha godhi. K.rangaswamy 9535024040

  • I also feel the same. It does not seem to be Long Wheat (Jau Wheat). If you require response from Mr.George, you please write a personal message to him from this forum. Personal messages will go to his personal mail box and he will come to know.

  • Thanks Sri.Swamy. Kindly ttell me how to write a personal message to Sri.George. If you have his EMail ID pl let me know. thanks

    Kannan (

  • Thank you Sri. Swamy, I got a reply from Sri.George. he also concur with you& Sri.Rangaswamy. I am at a loss now as to where from I can buy this 'Long Wheat" in chennai>.. If you know the shop ,pl let mre know. Kannan ( Mobile : 09381062307

  • Pls try "" in Chennai k.rangaswamy

  • Anybody knows long wheat availability in Pune?

  • dear medfree, How to keep the tab on CARBS in take to restrict it with in 100gms/day? Pl help me.

    P.N.Kannan ( mobile 09381062307)

  • Respected Sri George, Thanks for your gudence. I shall discontinue taking Milk & the Biscuits. It was a real opener to me on the fact that the biscuits contain 2.5% added Sugar, I did not notice so far the matter printed on the Cover. I was carried away by the manufacturer's decllaration 'Diabetics FRIENDLY ". Thank you for the guidence,

    But I am at a loss . the samba gothumai sold near locality in Chennai are broken grains and NOT whole Grains. I will continue with the search. Till I locate the right one I will continue with Poridge with available Wheat for breakfast & Dinner. If you give your postal address I can send you a small paket of the Wheat in the picture that I sent you. Regards & Thanks a million.

    P.N.Kannan ( Mobile 9381062307

  • Dear imbu2008,

    There is no need to send sample of it you bought. I have downloaded the picture & saw a 200 % enlarged view. It is COMMON WHEAT, not Saamba, Thuusi or Oosi Godumai. If there is a Telugu trader, ask for Pedda Godumalu. If there is a Malayalee trader, ask for Suuji Goothamb.

    Problems with broken LW are that

    1. it can be easily adulterated with broken boiled rice - brown

    2. it is alt least twice as costly as unbroken one.

  • Respected Sri.George, Thanks for your tips. Shall try to locate it using the names suggested by you.

    Regards. P.N.Kannan ( imbu2008)

  • This is available in yeswanthpur market entrance store by malayalee old store k.rangaswamy

  • Hi shooterGeorge, I got my 25 kg long wheat. Some confusions, can i have normal wheat roti or bread for lunch or should i only eat the mash until cured. how about meats and nuts. This is my understanding that I should only eat the mash in the morning and night along with vegetables cooked in low fat. No fruits or other carbs. But not about how on some other posts the posters are talking about lunch being roti or sandwich and only supper and breakfast with the long wheat mash. I'm planning to start it soon and want to make sure I'm doing it right. Thanks

  • Hi 634shy,

    Side dishes for the LWM can be spicy & tasty; can be nonveg as well.

  • Thanks. I'll be stating the diet this coming Monday as I've to go to Chicago for the weekend. After that even if I've to take the mash with me I'll do so. It does not even seem that hard to do since the lunch can be normal but for how long I will have to do it scares me.

  • Hi ...shy,

    It's only a question of breaking the ice. Then it will get going.

    We can optimize the time if you keep reporting regularly, at least once every week & follow my instructions verbatim; in case of any difference of opinion, please feel free to discuss & do not take a unilateral decision.

  • I'll be in touch once I start the diet which will be Monday.

  • is it okay to eat as whole kernels or it has to mashed?

  • Swallowing it as whole kernel is not good for digestion & will turn out to be useless/waste. Either chew well or mash/whip in a kitchen machine.

  • I use 55 gm of uncooked for one meal which is great and tastes good. What I want to know if it's okay to have papaya, kiwi and guava fruits. thanks

  • I tried a little bit boiled wheat with nothing added to it and it was delightful. I felt full with half cup of boiled kernels and drank half cup of flavoured water. Is it okay to boil enough for couple of days or it has to be fresh every day?

  • It need not be fresh every day, I feel. You did it wise by trying small quantity initially. What I am looking for is the response. My broad specification of quantity is STOMACH-FULL; precise spec being 1 gram per every kilogram of body-weight, for one intake.

  • I need to buy a kitchen scale and will pick one today. I did chew the kernels but I'll start mashing it. Why can't we make roti out of this wheat, would it change the nutrience value.

  • Hi Mr. ShooterGeorge, I got the scale and would like to know if 1gm of uncooked wheat or cooked mash. I'm shocked to see how little I'm allowed to eat. According to my 55kg if I'm only allowed to have 55 gram of cooked mash it's so little. I'll starve. Please let me know if to weigh cooked or uncooked.

  • It has been 2 years now. How is your sugar level.

  • Thanks Sri Rangaswamy. Shall ask my friend in Bangalore to get me the grain at Yeswanthpur Market entrance old store. Can you please let me know the name of the store to enable locating the correct shop. P.N.Kaanan (

  • long wheat store in delhi please let me know



  • long wheat store in Mumbai please help. thanks.


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