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Increase in Fasting Blood Sugar

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Hello All,

My FBS has increased quite a bit for the last 10 days. It use be in the range of 90s (mg/dL). It suddenly increased to 120 mg/dL one day early last week. Ever since for the last 10 days or so, it is staying 100+(mg/dL). I have not made any major changes in my diet or physical activities.

Yesterday night, 2 and a half hours after my dinner my BS was 113 mg/dL. I got up at 4.30am and my BS reading was 93 mg/dL. But, when i took FBS, it was 104 mg/dL.

I feel, dawn phenomenon is the culprit here. I regularly eat a small date fruit before i go to bed as my bed-time snack. Is one date fruit not enough as bed-time snack? What should i do bring back my FBS to usual?

Please provide your thoughts on the same.

P.S: All the above readings are taken in my glucometer not in a lab.

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each time you prick,.the glucuometer gives us different values. I rely on lab and hba1c rather than emotionally torturing myself with these blood sugar levels everyday. I think your values are still ok.

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Thanks for your reply soni1 . I use my glucometer for trends only. I will be doing my quarterly blood test this month. Let me observe if my hba1c increases or not this time.

Certainly it is dawn phenomenon. Your glycigen reserves in the body takes action when the blood sugar drops. Keep a tab on your fructose intake. Rely more on hba1c rather than dailg glucometer tesv values

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Thanks for your inputs Sugu . Appreciated

This is the first time I have reared this phrase. Thank you.

Having been reading about it this morning, the link below gives good information on it.

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Thanks for the link sandybrown. Most of the advises given in websites or too generic or not applicable for me. Hence i have requested practical suggestions from the members of this forum.

with your sugar levels in the normal range,why this worry.I even have a doubt whether you satisfy the criteria of a diabetic. are you able to do any good physical work or exercise with such low levels of sugar. if you are a proved diabetic and on drugs you are running the risk of hypoglycemia. keep the date fruit as a overnight reserve if you run into looks small but is loaded with all sugars.

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Thanks for the reply rnpath. My HbA1c two months ago was 6.5. I'm indeed diabetic. If i have more rice, like Biriyani, my 60 to 80 minutes spikes to 200+ and my PPBS eventually settles down around 160s (mg/dL). So, i'm diabetic for sure. There is no doubt on the same. Also, i do walking or cross trainer almost an hour daily without any issues. I have rarely gone into hypoglycemia during night.

Hi All,

The issue has been traced to the glucometer strips. I changed the strips(got a new box) and my FBS yesterday was 98 mg/dL and today it is 88 mg/dL.

Thanks a lot for all your inputs.

Good to know that it was issue because of strip.

But still you have to careful for your health and my suggestion is that you can little drecrese your walking time and do yogasana which helps to pencrease least 15-20 daily


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Thanks for your advise swaati.

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Your welcome barani19😊😊

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