Blood sugar readings

Dear Anup,

I am on LCHF diet. So as per your reply 2 days back, I tested my blood sugars after 1 & 2 hours after breakfast lunch & dinner. The readings were as given below:

15 Sept. 2015

2 hour after dinner- 141

1 hour after dinner- 133

1 hour after evening snack- 104

2 hour after lunch- 122

1 hour after lunch- 136

2 hour after breakfast - 111

1 hour after breakfast - 128

fbs after 12 hours fasting-110

14 Sept. 2015

2 hours after dinner - 163

1 hour after dinner - 124

2hour after lunch - 128

1 hour after lunch - 130

2 hour after breakfast - 133

1 hour after break fast - 140

fbs after 12 hour fasting - 111.

My question is why the reading for 2 hours after dinner is higher than reading for 1 hour after dinner. I had expected the 2 hour reading to be lower than 1 hour readings.


Ramesh Bapat


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20 Replies

  • I also have a related question.During the day,if I do not eat anything for about three hours,there is every chance of hypo,because I am on insulin.But,after dinner at 9.00 p.m,I do not consume any thing until 8.00 a.m next morning without any adverse effects.I suspect that the liver has it's own mechanism to take care of the sugar levels.There must be a cogent explanation for this phenomenon.I hope some light will be thrown on this.

    By the way,my testing schedule is as follows:

    Before and after BF,Lunch and dinner,once every week i.e during BF one week,lunch next week and dinner the next week,This schedule is prescribed by my hospital.

  • Insulin injecting diabetics don't test once a week in rotation for a meal. Sorry that's a very crude approach no matter who prescribed it.

    I don't think being on insulin will drive one to hypo unless incorrectly or blind dosed.

    What's your carb+protein and short acting insulin doses for the day?

    Are you using one of those MIX (Rapid+Long acting) insulin or separate for bolus and basal? Finer control needs the latter - separate for bolus and basal and not the mix ones.

  • I am not on any diabetes medication. Only LCHF.


    Ramesh Bapat

  • anup,I do not know what to answer.I am on insulin,my sugar is under control to my satisfaction,I face hypo occasionally when I delay my food and I am sure my insulin dose will be reduced shortly because of the improved numbers and also I only share my personal experience on this forum.Against this,I am receiving advise from you,who is not on insulin or medication and who also do not experience any hypo.I consult a well recognized hospital treating at least 50 patients a day.As per your advise this blogger has taken 9 to 10 blood tests a day which do not establish any trend.You are trying to advise me about insulin usage,which I find rather funny because I do not see on what basis you are doing so,either by experience or qualification.Now,as will start raising the temperature,please go ahead.

  • I may not be on insulin or drugs. But interact a lot with diabetics who are on insulin and drugs:

    None of them are going into HYPO every three hours. These are just two recent cases. I can give a few more if you want.

    Understanding something doesn't need qualification from the field IMHO. It needs logical thinking, a brilliant mind with hunger for studying details. Given my engineering background (BE/BTech and Not ME/MTech) from IIT -- with a silver medal under my belt, I am dead sure I can think very logically. I had to bring in qualification as you seemed too eager to know.

    We were told one thing in one of the first sem lectures:

    "You are being educated to LEARN new things in life, Think logically and then apply. You are not here to mug and pass exams. So, nothing funny here. I don't take drugs and insulin because I understood how to manage diabetes. Not taking drugs doesn't make my understanding any inferior. In fact it makes it far ahead of the herd mentality crowd.

    Even Dr Bernstien (I know many of you don't like that name) never attended Medical school when he started self managing his TYPE 1, but still did understand insulin dosing as a professional engineer and mastered how to tame his diabetes -- as an engineer -- much against the usual ADA mumbo jumbo. He attended medical school after mastering the tricks of the trade at the age of 45. Even he says -- Test Test and Test.

    What qualifications do guy who doesn't inject insulin, but sings songs of praise for insulin and drugs here every second day have? Just asking as you may know because you haven't asked the same question to them when they talk insulin, drugs, diet. Are they qualified?

    If you are landing in HYPO every three hours, something is not right. Simple. No one is forcing you to check 9 times. But, those who do aggressive control and try not to do blind dosing do test many times. A Type 2 diabetic on Insulin is no different from a Type 1. Ask a Type 1 diabetic how many times they test. 6 times a day is what most will tell you.

    How many of those 50 patients that the hospital treats land non diabetic numbers, don't take other drugs? Just interested to know. At least one of 50 doesn't and is hitting hypo every 3 hrs and the same hospital isn't providing any answers for the same. That I know.

    To understand drugs, just sit with the MR of the company. He will tell you everything that he tells the doctors too on every new launch of drug. Yes everything -- composition, dosing, money that will be paid as kickbacks for prescribing it etc etc. Problem is I interact with them regularly. Fortunately we now also have a diabetic from the drug industry itself now on our forum who reduced his drug dose to 30% and yet gets Non diabetic numbers, with 25 years diabetes history.

    Well, it's funny when people get personal and then blame the other side for raising temperatures. Ridiculous isn't it? I never got personal asking for your qualification, capabilities in my first reply. Did I?

    Yes, in January 2013 i started sharing my experience but was bashed left right and center by few handful guys. I never complained. Did I? Funny that the same disdain is still alive, despite lot of water having flown under the bridge :(

  • @venkataramana --

    Brilliant logic.

    So, am I to presume that those who talk against LCHF here and give it various insulting names have lived on LCHF for decades and have all the needed degrees to talk on LCHF diet that has helped millions of diabetics around the world? Or, is it that rules of the game are different for different people depending on which side the person is?? Sorry to state, but most of them don't even know the difference between MCT and LCT and doing mass scale copy paste is no sign of any knowledge.

    Most computer virus writers are teenagers with no formal training or a flashy MIT degree in computer science. I am sure you must be aware of this. So much so for the degrees. Those with the degrees -- and a generation older -- then write anti virus programs once virus is released in the wild. So, who has more brains and knowledge? Younger generation will always be more well informed and sharper than older ones.

    Just because you are on insulin doesn't mean that you cannot cannot be updated about it when you cannot control your hypos every three hours, only when awake.

  • From your earlier post:

    "Lunch is vegetable with 1 cup of rice or 1 chapati. same for snak and dinner."

    So, between lunch and dinner you are essentially taking 2 cups rice?

    Cut the snacks chapati/rice etc out and replace with a cup of coffee with VCO and 50 grams mixed peanuts+almonds+walnuts. Try this for a few days and let me know how it goes wrt dinner numbers.

  • Dear Anup,

    Now a days morning breakfast is 1 omlette+1/2 chapatti+1 portion of cheese spread.

    Lunch is vegetable+3/4 chapatti+10 olives+1 laban up. (Buttermilk)

    Evening snack is 1egg omlette+cheese slice+1 spoon butter+ 5 walnuts+12-15 almonds.

    Dinner is vegetable + 3/4 chapatti + 1 glass of laban (Lassi) with water.

    This is for the past 2 days.



  • By 3/4 you meant three-fourth of a chapati or 3 or 4 chapati?

  • 0.75 of a chapati

  • Ok looks good then. Just eliminate the lassi in dinner and replace with more of vegetables and salads and see if that helps with dinner numbers.

  • I bought Accu chek gluco meter. The readings differ from one used in. fortis hospital.

    I contacted. Roche the Indian dealer For help to calibrate . For past few months no help came, us there any other product with some facility to calibrate?

  • Meter readings will differ and variance can be anywhere from 10% on lower end of measurement range to 15% on upper range of values -- refer the information leaflet that comes.

    These metes don't need calibration if the same reads fine wrt codechip value when you switch on the meter. Codechip comes with every new lot of strips ordered.

    Best is, every lot of strips just do a cross check with lab reading. Accu Chek Active meter reads higher than lab usually. Meters are for knowing the trends.

  • Dear bapatrameshji

    Try LWMDR atleast for a month and ...afterwards enjoy your results. Go through Diaife result after consuming LWMDR


  • Someone is cooking normal wheat like Long wheat and getting similar results as LW. He has already posted his experience lately and reduced his drugs too. So, all the so called control is not because of wheat quality but the manner in which it is being cooked and eaten. Check @kanaujiavijay on following thread:

    A study in 2001 and posted on proves that eating chapati made from LW does absolutely nothing to blood sugar as compared to normal wheat chapati. PPBS remained the same even after 6 weeks.

    Moreover, the user here is already on LCHF and on no drugs and hasn't asked for help on LWMDR. Why LW, eat uncut barley the same way and blood sugar will drop.

  • I had done same experience with other wheat but with in a month FB'S rises to 116 from 84. So at least I am not agreed with Google baba search engine information. If you eat LWMDR you can eat any thing you want for a change and no abnormality will be arises. Every one is rigid with his own experience so be happy and guide the people in his own way. From last 2 months my fbs level is always under 90 which was 125 earlier. Now I eat everything I want and sometimes sweets also and oviously follow LWMDR in BF and dinner. I agree controlling the diet is required for all diabetic person but in case of long wheat u can get some freedom and get always encouraging results. Both the ways are good like LCHF diet and LWMDR but without any opinion LWMDR is much better option comparetively along with a hope. We can share our experience to the people not to imposing to use our way.


  • Claims of CURE is Quackery.

    9 years of LW publicity and not a single additional cure reported.

    If 1 hr OGTT or after eating 4 idlis reading spikes to 200+ it's not CURE. Cured diabetics should not spike beyond 140 at any instant and not just 2 hrs readings. So any claim of cure is a hogwash.

    Diabetes can never be cured as of now.

  • Yes I agree with a quote not a single disease will cure as of now. If any one got suffered from fever no one can give guarantee that fever will never come again. Yes off course duration of repeating may vary. So my dear friend stay happy with the treatment we all follow as per our wish. If we will get relief life time by our own way. ..I think that's also be good. We must share our experience to the needy people. And our bs levels always be in control range then we people no need to worry just monitoring must be essential.


  • I have no problems with anyone following what they think is right, and I am not "forcing" anyone to follow LCHF. I don't even post on LW threads telling people to try LCHF.

    But, claiming Cure for diabetes -- that we all know is non curable -- is nothing short of Quackery. At least half the diabetics in Kerala must have been cured in last 9 years if LW really cured diabetes.

    Even I can say I am cured because I can land a normal 2 hr OGTT test. But my 1 hr shoots to 200+. So, just to hook people to LCHF, I will never say LCHF cures diabetes by just flashing my 2 Hr reading. This just weakens my case.

    So, let's be honest with our self first. That's my basic point.


  • Yes offcourse some standards may be alarming guideline so people have to understand. You and some people are really doing a great job . Really appreciated and thanksee.


    All the best

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