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Uncontrolled diabetes even with insulin

HI All,

My mother has diabetes for past 20+ years and recently also had a heart attack. Her sugar is never under control and fluctuates a lot. SOmetimes fasting BS is 140-170 and most of the other times is 220-240. PP is always above 200.

She is taking 28units of Actrapid at Breakfast, 36 of Actrapid during lunch and then 20 Actrapid and 30 HUman mixtard at dinner. She is also taking 0.3mg Voglidor in the morning . Also takes Chandraprabhvati and Madhinashinivati 2 tabs each 3 times a day and as far as I know never violates her diet.

But whats the right diet could be a subject of debate. SHe has mostly upma for bf then 2 rotis sabji/dal for lunch. SOmetimes has little rice for lunch. In the evenings has 1 cup poha and dinner is usually same as lunch. Goes for 30 min walk 3-4 times a week. But her ability to manage stress is not good. She gets stressed at the drop of a hat. Always keeps worrying about something or the other.

Doc's only response is to increase her insulin, which is not working anymore. To add to our woes she has to undergo cataract surgery pretty soon as one eye is completely damaged and the other is pretty bad and this cant be done until her sugar is 120/140.

I really don't know how to handle this situation. PLease help

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her height is 5ft 4 and weight is 55 KGs which is ideal.


thanks. so any remedy for that ? im thinking of art of living and other stuff


Hi Akati,

Please don't panic. You can try urine therapy and see the magic. You'll forget all those problems and she'll be back to normal.



Stop poha and upma instead give vegi mixed soup and green veg and fruit

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Take fenufibre


No rice or poha

All rice products and potato to avoid read syndrome x on google

Soak 6 bhindi in water over night and drink water

Take out bhindi cook and eat subji

If you don't get fresh bhindi ash frozen from Ashoka or vadilal they are exporting

This may help


I am sorry about your mother,but there is no need to get disheartened.Your mother is in need of a good diabetes councillor .Having said that let me assure you that things can improve very much with some patience ,on part of you as well as your mother.

I am putting forward a few suggestions and please think over it and decide what to do.But when you decide on some thing please do it sincerely and with conviction.Let your mother also understand this.

First of all i will not comment on any medication as it is the domain of your health provider.So we are left with two things, 1. Diet 2.Physical activity.

Let us start with diet, the diet which you have posted,your mother is taking, i suppose since a long time.we are not going to change it, rather a few modification is to be made.From the diet she is taking, it is quite apparent that the diet is unbalanced as it lacks proper quantity of protein as well as fat.So the minimum that has to be done is to add these both items in her diet.Now the question is HOW ? we do not know whether she is veg. or can eat non veg. Only after knowing this we can proceed to modify her diet.

Next is physical activity.She goes for a walk 3/4 times a week for about 30 mins.good.From your description it can be guessed that your mother is neither obese nor over weight.But what about her physical stamina?Sleeping habits with duration.How much water she drinks daily.It is clear that she is worrying type, but is she irritable? Please do not mind my asking all these things are intricately related. If you feel interested we can continue.

With best wishes


Thanks patliputra for ur reply and concern. My mom is pure veg and wont even have eggs. In terms of her physical stamina it isn't much as she has heart problems that is heart failure so physical activity cant be increased. She doesn't drink much water and recently is a lil irritable. Thanks


Can anyone suggest good diabetes doctors in Pune. Im looking for a change as current doc only responds by increasing or decreasing insulin. I would like someone who is holistic and can also suggest alternate therapies. please let me know. Thanks


Pl inform whether you are taking diabetic tablets also along with Insulin. You should meet a senior diaebetologistic to get the sugar level under control. Who is giving the injection - my question is whether injection is done properly!!


dear akatti,

my case was like your mothers a few years back.

iam aged 65. male.have BP since 35 years. we r vegetarians. Ihave diabetes since 15 years. i underwent bye pass surgery for heart in 2010.at the moment we r in a very cold region. not possible for evening/ morning walk.

i used to have high fasting and post lunch glucose levels, till recently.

i still use allopathic medicines prescribed by doctors.

my wife (also diabetic) and me follow the below given routine daily.

surprised this routine brought downmy glucose levels .this control was not seen when only allopathy was used.

we start mornings with drinking hot water . also same time , we take a glass of water with a mix of haldi,menthipowdder,amla powder and soya bean powder .all powders in dry form . 25% of each powder qty. constitutes the total mix.i also take a raw garlic one peice daily mornings.then only coffee/tea etc...sugar is far less usedin coffee/tea /food etc..

After meals,( lunch and dinner),( we r rice eaters), we chew dalchin (cinnamon a little qty). i walk in house only, not outside (do not sit or sleep for next 20minutes after food). this 20 minutes time slowly i chew dalchin and absorb the juice.this slows down glucose absorbing into blood.

we take green tea in evenings.more brewed than boiled.(adding a little dry ginger and pepper powder).

believe me. chewing dalchin or cinnamon after meals brought down glucose levels.we avoid fried food,sweets,saltish or spicy/oily food. but some times i get tempted.

latest glucose levels of mine --fasting- 79., postlunch 114.

for last 6 months i was observing my glucose levels with gluco meter in home once in fortnight..all most all times it is 70-110- range in fasting and around or below 140 for post lunch. i wish to continue eating or chewing dalchin after food.

as i said above allopathy is continued.

while in india i walk and take bus for any work outside, instead of car.

doctors say be positive in life .half of the ailments start and end in human mind.

as some body said in this website bhendi cut and soaked in water overnight and drinking same early mornings will also bring down glusoce levels.the solid part of bhendi can be used in food /thrown out.


Thanks Rallabandi..I have asked my mom to have methi/haldi/amla/soya bean poweder juice and also about cinnamon. Any dietery advice ? Thanks


Dear akatti,

As an insulin user, I have certain doubts. Does your mother rotate her injection site as advised? If that is not done, hard lumpy spots develop which prevent insulin absorption.

If your mother has stretch marks on her tummy, and injects in the scar tissue, the insulin will not be absorbed. That could be a problem.

In case the insulin you buy has not been properly refrigerated at the seller or in transit etc, it may have deteriorated.

I also think that your mother has too much carbs. Halve the quantity of Upma and poha initially and add groundnuts instead. Groundnuts are high calorie but low starch and low GI. Better go one step at a time.

Try belly breathing together with her regular walking.

Chewing dalchini will slow absorption. But spit out the dalchini after some time and you get only the good and avoid the coumarin which is toxic.

Keeping moving for 15 minutes after food as suggested here is also a good way to lower BS. Your mom may feel sleepy after eating, but it is better to do some small chores like clearing the table or putting back the plates or setting the table for tea etc. to keep herself on her feet for some time.

Just my suggestions

What is her HbA1C?



I recently told my mom to rotate her injection sites. Earlier she was taking it on her left thigh and sometimes had hard spots. So about 2 weeks ago she started taking insulin on abdomen before bf and lunch and at dinner she takes on right thigh. We saw some difference in BS but not sufficient enough.

About the insulin being refrigerated , Im not sure how I can check that. Ic an change the pharmacy and see

Her A1c is 9.5


SHe has mostly upma for bf then 2 rotis sabji/dal for lunch. SOmetimes has little rice for lunch. In the evenings has 1 cup poha and dinner is usually same as lunch.

Upama/roti/poha contributes maximum carbohydrates, please take proteins and fats like coconut chutnis,

omlets etc which may be helpful.


She must take IgA blood test


Please start LCHF & PALEO diet. Look in youtube for more details and keep following it strictly and see the magic within a week.


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