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Uncontrolled sugar level


I am diabetic for the last more than 25 years and now insulin dependent aged 70 years. Recently Physicisn prescribed H Mix tard 50/50 32 -0 -20 HC along with Onderomet Trajenta 1 - 1 Diamicron XR Mex 1-0-1 all other tests are normal for BP I am taking Relmisart 40 daily one. Inspite of all these my FBS and PPBS are not coming down Fbs will be 150 range and ppbs wil be sometimes 300 and above. Doctor asked me to continue the medecines. I am following diet and regular exercise. Please guide me whether any alternate method to control sugar level.

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As far as medicines and exercise is concerned,there may not be much you can do,considering your age and you are already using insulin.I have a suggestion to make.Consider switching over to low glycemic index foods like steel cut oats and limiting consumption of medium glycemic index foods like rice and wheat.Search on google to know the glycemic index of each food item that you normally eat.Then you can formulate a menu that suits your tastes ,at the same time keeping the glycemic index as low as possible.Also ensure that you keep the portion sizes at moderate levels.


Reduce carbohydrate intake as much as practical. This will most likely reduce your ppbs number. Also, you may need lower dose of insulin when you follow low carb diet. What's your current diet, if I may ask?

Kalyadi in reply to Praveen55

Thank you sir for immediate response. Do you mean to say that there is need to lower the dosage of insulin. Whether I have to consult the Physician or you will suggest the dosage if you are in a position to inform.

I thank Mr Ramana42 also for his good suggestion sir.

Praveen55Moderator in reply to Kalyadi

For medicine/insulin you have to work with your Doctor. When you reduce carbohydrate in your diet and your blood sugar comes down, you may need to adjust the dosage of insulin in consultation with your Doctor. If you need any assistance with your diet, please let me know.

Kalyadi in reply to Praveen55

Dear Praveen Sir

Basically I am South Indian from Bangalore dependent on rice items. Please send me the chart of dietry foods which can be taken and oblige sir.

Praveen55Moderator in reply to Kalyadi

First of all, let us stop identifying ourselves with diet. Diabetes does not care if we are South Indian, North Indian, East Indian, West Indian or Non-Indian; it has got its own agenda. We can defeat diabetes if we act like masters not slaves to diets. We chose a particular diet at some point because it was serving our purpose. Now our conditions have changed and our chosen diet is no longer fit for the purpose. We, therefore, should not hesitate to take right action and change the diet. Remember we have to protect our health not the diet.

We do not have any universal diet chart but we can tell you some general guidelines which many of our members have followed and benefited immensely. We the diabetics can not process carbohydrate as efficiently as non-diabetics. Therefore we should eliminate/limit carbohydrate consumption like rice , wheat, potato etc. We should eat lot of green vegetables.Vegetarians should eat dairy products like cheese, paneer, Curd to meet protein requirements and generous amount of healthy fat e.g. coconut oil, olive oil, butter, ghee. Non-vegetarians can eat fatty cuts of meat and eggs. There are lots useful Low carb high fat (LCHF) diet recipes available freely on the net. You should follow the one that suits your requirement and taste.You can look at VRK diet also as suggested by rams1803 which is LCHF diet popular in Andhra. There are so many options available in low carb diets.

Pl follow VRK diet with coconut oil, diet plans are available in YouTube.


It is difficult to maintain sugar levels normal. I experience a smaller situation sugar levels Normal - High - Normal for same food and same medicines and same walking. I don't know how to reply to your mail sir

Being South Indian does NOT eman you ahve toe at Rice every day and in large quanity. If you want to control sugar --need to quit rice, potato, suager, processed foood TOMORROW onwards... hello friend ..it may sound rude..but I mean--as friend --I am 73 .. diabeteic for 25 years -- Self descipline is important. I take NO insulin--only Metformina nd Glimipiride.

Your PPBS is dangeroeusly high -- should NOT go over 140 --once in a while 180 okay.

Need to check your eues, kideny and heart --before it d,aages more..

Just dont get scared..can be amanged.

Monitior..Monitor. Monitor.. same time write down wajt you eat ..every meal, estimate carbs and slowly reduce over 3 - 4 months -- to less than 150 grams per day..

What " Praveen " --meant is if you satrt LCHf ( Low Caerb ) deist-- monitor-you may need to redcue insulin dose...

Dont give up..check LCHF diet .. and increase excercise.. report good progress here

Please give your daily diet chart I will give you the solution

My daily food chart

Early morning around 2 hours physical exercise and meditation. Sometimes a cup of sugarless coffee.

At 9 a m I will eat 2 idlis, 2 dosas, or very small quantity of upama any one prepared etc.

12.30 p.m two marie gold biscuits

2.30 pm small ragi bal with sambar and small quantity of curd rice

5 p m 2 marie gold biscuits

9. p m1 chapathi

10 a cup of milk

with half spoon haldi and ginger powder mixed.

This ismy routine. Any change in my life style please suggest sir

Activity2004Administrator in reply to Kalyadi

Has your doctor suggested that you count carbs for each meal and snack?

Praveen55Moderator in reply to Kalyadi

No surprise, you are having such high blood sugar. Your diet is full of carbohydrate which is not going to help you. You have to change it immediately to low carb diet.

Are you pure vegetarian? You do not take even eggs?

nyonyo in reply to Fatbuddy

All endocrinologists i have seen always say insulin is a better choice, why? Because it provides ready to use insulin, on the other hand glimipiride forces your pancreas to produce more insulin and will damage your pancrease sooner

Fatbuddy in reply to nyonyo

So my friend --what is the alternative to control PPBS ?

nyonyo in reply to Fatbuddy

They say postprandial/bolus/rapid acting insulin is for controlling bs spike after each meal (2 or 3 times a day) and basal/long acting insulin is to control fasting bs. For me i take only basal insulin at 9 pm since i don't have bs spike after meals, but sometimes i do take aloe vera and berberine

Fatbuddy in reply to nyonyo

I am NOT taking any Insulin- NO need yet-- My a1c - 6.4 to 6.8 ...

But I want to lower PPBS -

Have you doen a GLYCOMARK - blood test ? check it out

nyonyo in reply to Fatbuddy

No, i have not, what is your glycomark value?


At 9.30am you can take 2 idlies .At 2,00 pm small ragi ball with sambar , with different vegetables , AT 8.30 pm one chapathy with any curry .NO biscuits . in the evening instead of biscuits you can take any seasonal fruit .Follow this schedule and take the readings . This much of food is needed for basic metabolic rate. with moderate physical exercise you could notice controlled sugar levels with out any medicines as you are already taking turmeric and ginger .After lunch and dinner , you can take half a tea spoon of zeera and dhania powder each in a glass of water . In between take 3to4 glasses of butter milk if you feel hungry . All this food would come to 1320 calories .

You have come for help and at times it seems terms can be difficult. A strick diet change and in my eyes you have not had guideness, I'm proud of you for seeking this site for knowledge. Their are many wise and long time diabetic's on site. Although you always should first seek your doctor's consult or medical advise. They are extremely right this is a world problem, we all must adjust our eating behavior to adjust. I live in the US and loved rice and pasta today I use riced caukiflower as the base to serve my dishes of Indian food on. My husbands daughter, son married and Indian this past summer and we have often entertained them for dinner over the years. She is a veggie and she loved I would serve veggie meals and spicy for her. Just not high fat small adjustment and still filling. We speak of healthy fats ghee is wonderful, cheese's are a great snack. Anyone would love to support you in your future, keep being eating smart and stay in touch.

I am really pleased that you people are taking care of me and suggesting remedies. My recent health checkup report shows that except sugar level variation I am o k in all other aspects like heart kidney etc. I am consulting the doctor every month and follow his advise. I will definitely follow the suggestions given by all my friends. I mentioned south indian because of food habits not for any other reasons. I have also worked in Delhi during my service and changed my food system matching to that area. My sincere thanks to the group members and will come back after sometime with good result.

You are obviously not following diet regulations.

Sir your diet as given by you is exceptionaly rich in carb.As suggested by many esteemed members to follow lchf diet.please search net.Do some home work to standardise you meal and corresponding suger.Most of the members still count carbs.carb is the culprit.minimise it.Diabetic complications will also be minimised.Thanks.

The NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme low-carb approach has 5 to 9 portions of above-ground vegetables and berries, 0 to 4 portions of carbohydrates such as rice, potatoes, bread or daal (a portion is only the size of a tea cup), 2-3 portions of full-fat dairy, 2-3 portions of protein and 5 to 10 portions of natural fat.

Sir, I am also diabetic from last 14 years and was taking metformin and Glyburide. However, I made diet change, reduced carb and gave up medication. As a diabetic person I experienced craving for food, end up overeating leading to increased blood sugar. Earlier I was eating 6 to 7 time a day but now only 2 to 3 times a day. reducing my carb intake my hunger reduced which helped me a lot.

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