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sir myself ami age 43 ,gestational daibetic, at the age os 37 i started using medicine from last 5 years but my blood suger never in control ,every time doctor increase medicine dose, I use to walk 30 min brisk walk in morning 4 days a week.at 22nd july 2014 my fasting suger was 145 n PP was 275 doct given me now diamicron mex 500 mg before BF N dinner N pioglete mf 15 after bf n dinner n januvia 100 mg after launch.

i eat 2 chapati n dal n green vegetable in bf n 11 a m i take one fruit then at 1 p.m. two chapati n green vegetable and in night 2 chapati n sabi and milk at the time of sleeping. i face constipation problem too. i fedup with medicine ,plz suggest my dinner plan

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1.well first thing first get your self a glucose meter for home if you haven't done so far !

2 . start testing your morning after food two hours reading and write it down for a month it will show which food making Blood sugar high and avoid or tweak according .

3. start counting carbs "Google" it search for example you need to know about carbohydrates in Rice so search " rice carbs " it will give you the carbs / per serving of 100g values bread , brown bread cereals etc note down and in LCHF diet you need to keep your carbohydrates maximum to 100g per day and its not a one day affair its a life long changes .

4 exercise and meds take them regularly and with LCHF diet when you start and follow it you might even able to shed away excess medications .

5 cut down roti and rice add more sabzi n daal and drink butter milk , add eggs if you eat them or else add one spoon ghee , butter or coconut virgin Oil to your sabzi eat salads and add nuts ( peanuts , almonds walnuts ) just follow it and you see the difference yes but keep taking medications on time unless you see your bs levels are getting normal then you can reduce them accordingly but for that you need to keep track of BS readings regularly its not one time affair or cure its just a lifestyle change and it helped many here ! .


You need to innovate meals for yourself. To control BS you need to reduce grains like wheat, rice, jowar, ragi etc. Reduce chapati in your meals. Add more vegetable preparations and salads to your diet. Eat all dairy fats, peanuts, almonds, virgin coconut oil. If you can eat eggs then can have omlet for your meals. Use full egg.

Gradually reduce your carb intake to 100-120gm. Go through the links provided in your earlier post.


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