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It is really good thing that people are getting aware of diabetic and it's side effects. They are also cautious about food, exercise and medicines. In this respect I have already given in my earlier communication , the life style which I had adopted 2 months back. I will reproduce it just to get you afresh and for new comers to this site.

1. Daily Brisk walk in morning 50 minutes or 5 Kms

2. Daily medicines as prescribed by Doctor

3. Only Green salad i.e. carrot, Cucumber, onion, cabbage,tomato, 1 pc each. All are fine chopped. Add curds / cream full fat and little chat masala for test. Same for lunch and dinner. For a change I take 100 gms of Paneer or chicken or 2 eggs boiled or omlet with 2 cheese cubes. If gets bored with raw salad I cook it in pressure cooker and make it's regular vegetable with little olive oil.

4. I eat in morning 10 gms of fenugreek soaked over night

5.2 table spoon flex seeds crushed in mixture by 8 AM

6. 4 to 5 garlic clove fresh with lunch or dinner.

With this change my BS were around 120 PP and 100 Fasting. At the age of 60, I could change my food for my sake. A diabetic person should make trial and error for food and exercise and find out what suits to his BS. Always take BS reading and report it to your Doctor. I am confident that your Doctor will advice you to reduce the medicine dose as you are maintaining good BS level.

NEEDLESS to say No CARBS at all during last 2 months.

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Dear Sir,

I take only one tab of Metformin 500 SR post lunch. I am planning to have A1C by 15th August. My LIPID and triglycerides is always in limit. Earlier I got all parameters checked. Total cholesterol was well in limit. HDL 40 and LDL 120. I have brought down my weight from 74 to 70. Feeling very light.


congrats!you've achieved similar results as me, only my post-lunch is a bit higher side; you're an inspiration, God bless us ALL with good health


I have stopped Glinese MF and Piosafe totally


I really admire this result.My sugar levels are under control but I do consume some carbohydrates and also lot more medicines.I will emulate Mr Anirudh to reduce my medication slowly.


Agreed, medfree. In fact, I have always been "medfree" and hopefully will remain so :-) Yes, I am enjoying my low carb high fat diet. I now eat plenty of cheese, butter, eggs, all types of delicious meats, plenty of fish. I am completely off bread, rice, wheat and sweets.

Tested at 103 two hours after lunch, then had an Alphonso mango, tested after an hour ---130, tested after two hours---95. Over and out.

Thanks, medfree. Thanks, rusticguy. Thanks, anup.

Enjoy life, guys :-)


I forgot to mention that I eat nuts as well. Walnuts, almonds and peanuts. Mainly as a snack.


100% true. I got inspiration from Anup only. He is really great. I joined this site around 3 months back. First I studied every body's experience, referred lot of sites for diet, diabetics and exercise. Adopted all with guidance from Anup.

Today I feel very nice to share it. Request all to follow LCHF diet and be free from Medicines and diabetics. Be sure maximum you keep BS normal, bad effects of diabetics will be thousand miles away from you.

Best of luck.

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I know that.

But he has seen my blog and sent mail to spread this experience to all friends and diabetics persons. I am on LCHF diet. After 4 months I will give laboratory analysis of my blood report which will a eye opener for ADA. If you see my diet I have purposely added Onion, fenugreek, Garlic and flex seeds. I am confident that all blood parameters will be perfectly in OK limits.

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