HbA1c and latest blood test report

Hi respected members and Mr.Anup.

Latest blood test report ,comments requested .

I m 71+male DM2 for 18yrs.HbA1c 5.7 ABG 117,creatinine-serum 1.04,Total cholesterol 255 LDL Cholesterol 180 Non-Hdl cholesterol 208.9,GGT 58.7,Eosinophiles 6.3 RDW-SD 46.3 RDW-CV 14.5 PDW 9 PLCR15.1 .All other parameter of Iron ,kidney ,cholesterol ,Liver ,Thyroid ,Hemogram are in normal range .

Diet half chapati with 1egg omlet 10gms Amul cheese slice in breakfast ,Lunch half chapati,half katori vegetable ,Dinner 1chapati half katori dal half katori vegetable . keeping carb 50-60gms per day but weakness is felt .

Talking medicine regularly .

Ramesh Rao


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  • If you are feeling weak you might like to discuss your meds with your doctor. If your carbohydrate intake has fallen from what you usually eat, then taking the same amount of meds can make your blood sugar fall below optimum. Diet doc advises here:


  • Aim for ~80-100 grams carbs.

    If feeling weak and also having muscle loss, up intakf od protein and fat.

    How much is TG.

    Oh BTW, you don't have to starve on Low Carbs. If anyone says that LC means starving, they don't know what LC is all about.

  • Hi,Thanks i m trying to keep carb 50-60 on the basis of 2o% energy need my energy need in 1500kcal as I m an inactive person not able to walk due to Osteoarthritis . please suggest fat containing foods. TG is 162 within normal range . Test is done at Thyrocare lab. Need more comments on blood test .

    Ramesh Rao.

  • TG is HIGH and you have said that you have NAFLD too. Both will get corrected by going on LC diet.

    at 1500 kcal you need 75 gms carbs, 60 grams proteins and balance good fats. Good fats include:

    (1) Except coconut water anything coconut.

    (2) VCO, Coconut milk.

    (3) Cheese, butter, eggs, avocado.

    (4) Nuts like almonds, walnuts. Walnuts should be 30 grams/day. Rest can be almonds, and peanuts.

    (5) For proteins you can increase paneer consumption to upto 200 grams /day in case you are vegetarian.

    (6) For OA take 1 cup milk with turmeric. Increase turmeric consumption gradually.

    Were you taking some ayurvedic churna earlier?

    As for Long Wheat, you already proved that it failed on you.

  • keeping carb 50-60gms per day but weakness is felt .

    Your total calorie intake could be low.

    50-60 gms carb intake with two chapatis in a day is rather impossible.

  • Try LWMDR; one can do away with carb counting. Moreover one need not starve. There are numerous options!

  • indiacratus Thanks , I m not alcoholic but i m having NAFL SYmtoms i feel due to this digestion is weak . I couldn't understand your post .

    Ramesh Rao

  • Thanks Indiacratus I had discussed with doctor about nafl on couple of occasion he advised for walking but i cold not walk long distance and requested for medicine but he didn't .

    By reading many post i started diet referred in my post

    Ramesh Rao

  • This feeling of weakness is from hypoglycaemia.

    All this is wrong. Show us some proof.

  • rameshrao hasn't mentioned anything about hypo.


  • Some people here think that eating lower carbs will result in HYPO even with no SU drugs and the best part is, they provide no scientific data to back their opinion.

  • Thanks shrisamarth no hypo symptoms observed

    Ramesh Rao

  • Then, weakness is more about two things:

    (1) Suddenly when blood sugar starts showing in considerable lower values compared to earlier high values, it gives a false alarm of hypo/weakness.

    (2) Less intake of food. Increase proteins and fats and things should be better. Add some VCO to menu for quick energy release.

  • Thanks mr.Anup I m not aware about 1 above i request to suggest food of good source of protein and fat other than VCO.

    Ramesh Rao

  • (1) Home made Paneer - push it up to 200 grams/day gradually.

    (2) add 30 grams walnuts/day to menu in any form. I take it in HUNG CURD from full fat milk after making powder of walnuts primarily.

    (3) Total nuts consumption (almonds+walnuts+peanuts) you can slowly increase to as much as 100 grams/day. Though peanuts are not counted as nuts, but they are good source of fat.

    (4) Whenever you feel weak, take a cup of home made coconut milk.

    (5) Avocado is another good source of fat. But, difficult to find everywhere.

    While you are ramping up these things. go a bit slow so that your stomach doesn't revolt.

  • Thanks mr.george,

    Initially when i joined forum i tried LWMDR for more than 6 months but my pp was always 180+. monitoring daily BF has shown improvement , and HbA1c after 3 months 5.9 and 6.6 after another 3 months i didn't go for HbA1c test before starting LWMDR. Meanwhile i learnt through forum that crbs are main cause of DM2 the intake of carb be kept under 100gm per day which was not possible under LWMDR diet twice in a day with normal food in lunch thus my consumption of carb was more than 100gms per day .

    I started counting carb and kept it under 300kcal of my energy need . which has shown normal levels of BS.

    Ramesh Rao

  • Carbs are the main cause or subsidiary cause of Dm is just some nonsense propagated in this forum.

    It's nonsense only for people who cannot understand the science behind the same. Even people on ADA's facebook page are talking about it and ADA doesn't call it nonsense. Globally people are following it, talking about it and enjoying better control.


    Controlling carbs is scientifically proven way to manage diabetes. Weight etc has nothing to do with sugar control because cutting down carbs first gets the sugar level down even before losing 1 gm body weight.

  • Total cholesterol seems high. Maintain less than 200.Further HDL 7 LDL values are not there. Total Cho:HDL ratio is also important.

  • Thanks arunalshi,

    Further HDL-Direct46.LDL-Direct180, TC/HDL Ratio 3.9.

    Ramesh Rao

  • correction to above TC/HDL ratio 5.5 and LDL/HDL ratio 3.9.

    Ramesh Rao

  • Results look good. Very good carb level too.

    What is your current weight?

    As for weakness it seems that your protein intake is too low. This means that if you do not eat enough calories from healthy fat, your muscle will be broken to produce glucose (Gluconeogenesis).

    Gluconeogenesis (GNG) is a metabolic pathway that results in the generation of glucose from certain *non-carbohydrate* carbon substrates - basically muscle.

    You probably need to increase your protein intake. Eggs are really good as it is complete protein. If you can another egg to your morning omlett and add two boiled eggs for dinner or lunch, it will certainly make a difference.

    You may also consider adding some healthy fat which is the most affordable to you: coconut oil, olive oil or even butter.

    You may consider adding some energizing supplement from an ayurvedic expert (supplements should not increase your carb intake.

    Do you use any traditional glocose regulators (e.g. Tusli tea, ashwaganda, cinnamon, cayenne pepper, garlic and the like)?

  • Brilliant explanation. No so called authentic or best source on web can ever teach based on practical experience. That's why I always say -- Experience Is The Best Teacher :)

  • Thanks. A sedentary person with a weight of about 75 kg needs 50-70 gr of real protein. This doesn't mean 70 gr of eggs/meat/chicken rather because raw ingredients contain water, fat, fiber, etc. So in order to get 50 gr of protein one needs to eat roughly 4 x 50 = 250 gr of eggs (5 eggs/day), or a combination ofother protein sources.

    Eggs are really one of the best proteins. Egg becomes a complete chick so it has in it all the protein needed to build all sorts of tissue.

    I personally have a special omellett with spinach/chard and eggs, with garlic and cayenne pepper, and I occasionally add brocolli (50 gr) and half a tomato (50 gr). It taste great and never rises blood sugars., according to my experience:).

  • Yup on protein computation. 1 Egg is barely 7 grams proteins

  • Thanks iminig,Is it good to go for protein supplement ? If yes ,form i.e. powder or tablet ,which one and supplier .

    As per my information for 300kcal maximum protein need is 43gms,(1gm=7kcal) is it correct ?

    Ramesh Rao

  • 1gm protein = 4 kcal.

    Supplement as tablets - Spirulina

    Check mynutramart.com

  • 1 gr protein = 4 kcal

    Asfor myselfi prefer to eat whole foods because they come packed with muchmore than just protein i.e. vitamins, minerals and other micronutrients.

    You can find a list of 40 foods high in proteins. It is better to avoid soy based protein because they decrease testosterone.


    It were me, i would choose the proteins that are affordable because they are quite similar. I find eggs as a good alternative but this varies by country.

    As for supplements, i would go for whey protein or hampseed protein. I have heard good things about hempseeds, but again the economical aspect is an important criteria, especially that diabetic have suchhigh costs already.

    Regarding Cholesterol, i alsoprefer to use whole foods that reduces LDL choleterol naturally and increases HDL naturally.

    Foods that reduces LDL:

    Choose foods low in carbs.


    Examples of foods:

    - Walnuts, almonds and other nuts

    - Olive oil

    - Avocado

    - Cacao (i prefer it to dark chcolate which contains sugar. You can use stevia to make it sweet)

    - Faty fish: salmon, sardines, tuna, trout, etc.

    - Whey protein

    - Spinach

    - Garlic

    - Beans and lentils

    - Green tea

    - Eggplant and okra

    Pick and choose according to availability and budget.

  • I would say that answers in forum should correlate with medical reports and how the drug consumption is lowered. No need to look elsewhere. Just focus on medical reports and one would understand things faster with least or no confusion.

  • People visit these forums because they are unhappy with the world bodies

  • For the moment, even if we forget about all forums, let's look at ADA's official facebook page and even ADA's own forum. People are expressing their unhappiness there too. ADA isn't objecting to what users post there. Not sure why some feel so unhappy about it here.

    I am sure of Mayo starts a forum, people there will also talk against their recommendation with proof of their medical reports. Some guys and girls here simply don;t like discussing about medical reports. Weird!

  • i think food value is to be increased too some extent

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