i am female wt 57 kg height 5 ft 3 inch ,age 44 having lipid profile n all other data normal except suger which is 145 fasing n 260 pp .i am having diamicron mex 500mg two times n januvia 100 one time at noon.Please suggest me so that i can leave medicine as i got fedup with eating medcine .i just wanted to know who are the members who are giving solutions


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  • Post here your lipids and diet.

  • In the morning i take tea ,then go for 30 min walk 4 times a week

    i eat two roti ,sabji n dal in the brkafst at 9 a.m. or one catori rice in place of roti then at 11 am i take lemon tea with two biscuits then at 1:30 p m at take two roti n sabji then at 4 p.m. i take one fruit and then at evening at 7 sometimes tea n snacks and in night 8:30 two roti n sabji and at night milk

    my lipid are

    FBS 145

    PP 260

    Hbiac 7.6

    serum chloestrol 193 mg/dl

    Serum LDL chlostrol 117 mg/dl

    HDL 54 mg/dl

    VLDL 22mg/dl

    serum triglyceride 121 mg/dl

    T3 0.9

    T4 5.9

    Tsh 4.4

    uric acid 4.3

    hemoglobin 10.3

  • 6 rotee = 240 grams (assuming each is 40 grams) = 140 grams carbs

    2 biscuits = 6 grams carbs

    1 fruits = assuming 200 grams = 100+ grams carbs

    Add another 50-60 from daal, sabjee etc etc

    So in effect you are consuming roughly 300 grams carbs/day. This is DANGEROUS and explains your high drugs and high A1C despite walking. In fact such a high carb will need INSULIN quite soon.

    What to do?

    Buy a meter and start testing at home.

    Switch to LOW CARB HIGH FAT DIET, and test PPBS so that you can reduce drugs.

    Search LCHF on forum and google.

    Lot has been posted on LCHF here, including many of us even posting our meals.

    One to one service on meal plans will be difficult, so you will have to really spend time reading posts of diabetics who are following LCHF diet.

    160 diabetics on this forum have switched to LCHF and are having far better numbers on far less or NIL drugs.

    If change of diet is difficult, then for 300 grams carbs diet you will need to burn 200 grams carbs by walking 8km/day (maybe more) 365 days a year, whole life. Basically, you will need to burn off 800kcal/day just by walking, which as per my calculations would work out to 10km/day. If you walk at speed of 4km/hr then this means 2 hrs - 2.5 hrs walking/day, 365 days a year for entire life. 30 minutes walking is peanuts for such a diet.

    Your A1C is dangerously high.

  • Even 8km walk can not assure D control for that carb quantity :)

  • I know, but I just stated all options available because those who don't like LCHF have to per-force love walking this distance without a break. Stated options so that someone doesn't say "DON'T BARK LCHF" :)

  • Reduce carb intake. No biscuits and rice at all. Restrict chapati to 1at a time. Search on this forum for LCHF diet. Go through posts of user atma and ninjarao. Atma has reduced his drugs. Ninjarao is latest example who has reversed his diabetes very quickly.

    Your LDL and TG are bit high. TG will fall when you reduce carbs.

    Go through dietdoctor.com/lchf

  • There's one more who reported 80% reduction of drugs (12 years diabetes history) and far better numbers. Cannot recall username. Had reported last week.

  • The user is vrindavan.


  • Thanks. Yes he/she is the one. 4 out of 5 drugs went flying out of window after he/she switched to LCHF and despite just 1 drugs numbers are far better than what they used to be :)

  • As long as you continue eating what you are eating, your frustration with drugs will never reduce. In fact it will increase as time passes and will finally lead to insulin shots some day. So as shrisamarth suggested, post relevant details.

  • Kindly reduce your carbs intake. By the grace of God you will reduce your medicine intake also.

  • i was having gestational diabetic after pregnancy it gone but from the last 6-7 yaers am taking medicine.my family says that i eat too less thats y i am lean and thin but am very active working women

  • First start doing what has been suggested it will definitely bring down your BS levels. If you are on for diabetic drugs for last 6-7 years then you are diabetic at least for that period. It is not related to menopause. For your height 57kg is not to be given any attention.

  • If i set out to find a relation between insulin sensitivity and the side of bed that one sleeps, i think i can design one experiment to prove my point. So called scientists also ignore articles and research which says LCHF is great and it has worked day in and day out:


    FAT is BAD on HIGH CARBS. Not So on LOW CARBS. Carbs aren't essential. Fats and Proteins are.

    Good to see a change in stance on BMI, at last :)

  • Someone also proved that Justin Bieber's birth reduced cholesterol which was negated by launch of Facebook:


    I can design a study to relate insulin sensitivity and side of bed that one sleeps.

  • Now she is 44 and is taking drugs for diabetes for last 6-7 years. So diabetes is there at least since her age was 37. So her diabetes is not related to that. And if she is going through menopause then let her clarify about that. Why should we assume that. I know that hormonal disturbance in that period can cause IR. But we don't know if it is there in her case.

    Estrogen therapy has more side effects than benefits.

    When she is already saying that she is thin then why do you suggest her to reduce weight. Your suggestion for weight reduction is like mathematics. 2+3=5. Human body do not respond theoretically.

  • As per weight reduction theory that is being proposed:

    Let's say a human cut's down (or adds) just 1 slice or bread per day (on the weight maint diet) for 30 years. 1 Slice is roughly 60kcal.


    30 years == 657000 kcal == 187lbs (FAT) == 83 Kg.

    So just with a differential of 60kcal:

    Will a human of 70 kg lose all body mass?

    Or will the same human become 153kg after 30 years?

    Answer is a BIGG NO.

    That's why there's a term called "Hitting A Plateau"

    Attempting weight reduction by starving is useless exercise. There's a big disconnect between being healthy and having so called healthy BMI.

    As it is, she is already anemic.

  • Yes after certain limit when plateau is hit in any parameter body rejects to budge. (BS, weight, cholesterol etc.) And who is already 57kg to achieve 50kg starvation is the only answer. This is like saying, whatever BS reading I achieve by following certain diet someone else must achieve same results with the same diet.

  • I am never a fan of living on Starvation diet. It's non sustainable and impractical in long run. My HDL has been refusing to budge ... and that's one thing I would like to bump it up.

  • i dont want to loose weight anyfurther .i am now ok ,onl;y thing is to do to just control my BS anyhow.I have to do it.but as my job is all time sitting on computers ,do u think it effects my bs .although i am very active at home in the morning well as in night

  • Daily activities have limited impact on BS after a certain limit. Without controlling diet one can not achieve good BS nos. So first thing you should do is what you have been suggested. " LCHF diet".

  • Refer section:

    Another Less-Known Study Has more Impressive Results then UKPDS

    On following URL:


    Diabetes is not a progressive disease if you get your A1C down to ~5 and maintain it there. No wonder, Dr Bernstein lives with A1C =< 5.0 even as a TYPE 1 Diabetic. Though, ADA calls it dangerous to live below 6.0. What a cruel Joke just because ADA wants to peddle CARBS to diabetics!

  • my periods are regular till date. but yes just before one week of my periods i feel bad .weekness ,constipation,not well sleep at night etc etc.

  • There could be possibility of hormonal changes. But as your diabetes is much older so it is not your current status is cause for elevated BS levels. So priority must be for BS control.

  • Eggs without YOLK is not even a good cat food. Dietary cholesterol and fat has no relation with SERUM cholesterol on LCHF diet. It has been proved by all Egg eaters here on this forum. All reported improvement in LIPIDS. None reported deterioration.

  • how many eggs can be consumed in a day. plz guide my launch breakfast n dinner medfree

  • My Eggs intake is 15-18 per week (with yolk of course because eggs without yolk is not even a good cat food). I have posted my meals many times. You will have to read thoroughly posts on LCHF as it is not possible to design meals on one to one basis. It's asking for too much when many have posted their meals and numbers. Sorry.

    Initial days when we started talking LCHF here, we used to take the pain of posting details of meals on one to one basis so as to get more people to follow LCHF. Now there are about 160 diabetics on LCHF.

  • You can easily delete them also by clicking the down arrow (next to Recommend) and hitting Delete.

  • Well nothing much to add but if you seriously don't want to take meds then many here with diabetic able to achieve near normal readings i was at your stage with almost same readings almost a months back now without meds today fasting was 94 and pp was 110 just on diet control cutting down carbs is the easiest way to get back to normal readings with minimum meds even shedding all meds altogether but as been told you need to monitor your BS levels very stringently keep a track of what you eating and genetics do play a role so might be being thin also u not able to achieve a good readings so i will also suggest cut down roti / rice / cereals /potato limit tomato other then that eat sabzi without roti / rice and add egg to diet if u take non veg then its even easier for you to be on LCHF diet if not then also vegetarian diet add ghee / cheese / VCO to your sabzi / khadi add channa daal all this are in limit less spike your BS so twist and turn your diet accordingly always follow the Glucose Meter reading from now on it is your best friend for knowing which food to take and avoid since now your readings are high just follow this diet for a month then only you able to see the results ! .

  • Do you say these lipids are all right.Very poor control,ACTION REQUIRED IMMEDIATELY

  • These LIPIDS are great because important ratios are fine. Absolute cholesterol numbers are useless. All that needs to be reduced is TG and that cannot happen with so high carbs. Once TG falls (which happens on a LCHF diet) VLDL comes down and TC comes down accordingly.

    Lower the better theory doesn't apply to cholesterol. As one ages body needs more cholesterol.

  • Hi Guchchu, Try this spelling Gu66u for your name Ha Ha. Please stop all wheat in your diet as it contains Glycerol an alcohol compound Glycerol which attaches to Fat for storage and so Blood Vessel Lining. Target to maintain your weight wihin 1 BMI (Body Mass Index) calculated at Height in inches X 1 KG weight that is 63 inch KG.

    Your body requires roughly 2000 cals for its daily acts viz. breath, digest, heartbeats and all. This means your exercise is lower - check Wikipedia for cals used/exercise and make a regimen. Count your cal intake per meal/day at Carbs & Proteins = 4 cal/gm, fats = 9 cgm & alcohol/ 11 cgm. If necessary also cut diet but be careful of not loosing wt further.

  • if i remove all rotis then what i will eat, i will become weak. i am very hardworking at home,i have two chiuldren n have to take care apart from my office hours which is 10 to 7

  • I just eat 2 rotees/day and have a full family to take care of. Haven't lost weight from the day I switched to LCHF, in fact I am over weight even by the so called BMI specifications. Enough has been posted about LCHF, with many posting their diets and PPBS numbers. You have to adapt to living with 2 rotees a day in case you are seriously interested in better numbers at lower or nil drugs. Options are unlimited.

    Wheat, rice, corn, maize, ragi, potato and it's products are biggest curse for diabetics. So they have to be minimally used in meals of and by a diabetic wishing to have a better control on lower or NIL Drugs. Many have done it.

  • i have been able to come out of my diabetic med to a great extend in the last few days and i am a diabetic for almost 20 yrs . Had to settle for insulin after having gone to a diabetic center for a thorough check up. My sugar level was dropping drastically at night to touch 50 when ever i took insulin, thats when i read from one of the readers here to follow LCHF diet

    I never knew anything like this before. May be i had to go through all this in my life and then settle on a veg diet with eggs..a few days back i tried all this as an experiment and am adv everyone to at least try before you reject this concept and if one can accept you are on the road to full recovery and living a life without any medicines whatsoever

    Now my fasting is around 110 with metformin .Today am trying to manage same thing with only metformin

    Last night i didn't take any medicine since sugar level was 110 . Today pp shows 132. i am surprised by all this reading.Earlier fasting used to be around 150 to 190 some time and pp was 250 to 300.Sometime it crossed this also since iam fond of sweets. After following this LCHF diet also i took icecream and was scared to test since i expected my reading to touch atleast 250 but infact it was only 127!

    i can adv those reading this to have a testing machine at home and monitor your sugar level and decide what is good for your body. select veg you like best and control carbo. Even after taking ice cream it has not altered my sugar level Iam not advising anyone to take ice cream . just gave my experience !

    personally my aim is to come out of medicines completely one day. Iam sure you too will

  • My Lunch today was:

    (1) 1 Chapati loaded with Ghee (chapati was barely 40 grams in weight)

    (2) 1 Catorie dry chhole (punjabi style), cheese gratings added.

    (3) 1 Catorie mixed daal (chana, moong) again punjabi style (those thick tadka daal that you get in restaurants). Added 1 TBSP VCO to this instead of ghee today to this. Couldn't even make out taste of VCO.

    (4) Salad -- cucumber, onion with vinegar added.

    (4) 1 Bowl curd with mango cubes added (2/3 of a mango today)

    100 Min PPBS : 137 by meter. (my meter generally reads higher than lab).

    No Drugs, No Walks. 4rth year as a diabetic.

    Needless to say day started with 1 Cup Black Coffee with 1 TBSP VCO and Lemon added, then had 2 Egg Cheese loaded omelet. Had skipped dinner y'day so had B/F today. Instead of paying for pills and doctors I pay for cheese, butter, nuts, eggs and VCO.

    LCHF Works!

    PS: I am on 2 meals a day schedule.

  • Medsfree

    What is VCO please?

    Regards PrasenjitB


  • imbu2008



  • Fbs 145,PPBS=230 Hbiac7.6 are fine,in your opinion,I wonder

  • No it's not. That's why i mentioned LCHF. If you are referring to diabetta then his/her levels are already down to safe range on LCHF, despite going off 34 units of insulin that he was prescribed by DOCTORS.

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