Today my FBS was 100, PPBS after BF was 97, after lunch 180 and after dinner 121 and no drug - wonder done by lchf!!!

I was taking 750 mg (500mg before bf and 250 before dinner)diamicron for the past 35 days since I was diagnosed type II diabetic. Then I reduced it to 500mg only before bf, and just 250 mg for the past one week. Today I didn't take drug (being a holiday wanted to experiment). My morn bf was one omlet filled with onion, tomatoes, garlic, little sprouted moong dhal, pepper with buttermilk. Lunch - 3 chappathis, veggies, dissert made of papaya-pomegranate-jamun-curd (this was too much that my PPBS spiked to 180). Evening boiled channa with coffee - (dinner delayed due to shopping n so had about 50 grams roasted ground nuts-8.00pm). Had 150 grams chicken-onion-tomato fry with one spoon boiled ragi for dinner


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  • Restrict to 1 chapati/sitting and numbers should be great. Replace two chapati in lunch with vegetables and salads. Breakfast you can safely increase eggs to 2 EGG Omelet loaded with cheese, onion, bell pepper, tomato etc, and have 1 cup black coffee with 1TBSP VCO. Adding lemon to black coffee takes away quite a bit of bitterness of black coffee.

  • Medfree, instead of drinking VCO with coffee, can it be mixed with omelette after preparation and eat?

  • Any way convenient is a good way to take it. I even take it directly from spoon.

    Y'day I added it (instead of ghee/butter) to my Punjabi Daal preparation (added in the catorie of daal served) and liked it a lot. You can even make your omelet in VCO.

    My idea of adding in morning coffee is to keep body in FAT burning mode after overnight fasting.

  • ok, only thing is I do not want to raise the temp. of VCO above 55 degrees above which it wil be denatured

  • Then taking directly by spoon, or adding to a daal preparation after it is served, vegetable soups will help. Flash point of CO is pretty high. In fact it is the only oil which can be reused. Other so called heart friendly oils, after single use for frying are good for lighting lamps (diya) or thrown off, but not be reused.

  • today again without drug my fbs - 107; ppbs after bf - 118 ; ppbs after lunch - 116. will check after dinner too and post. The good news is when I reported my numbers to my physician he advised me to stop drug totally !! Imagine 45 days back my fbs was 257 and ppbs 373 and now I am free of drug again - maybe diabetic but free of any diabetic drug

  • Don't discuss your diet with doctors as they know nothing beyond prescribing DRUGS.

    Enjoy good health DRUG FREE :)

    Stay focused on your LCHF diet and innovate. Diabetes is a blessing in disguise for Diabetics with an Open and Enterprising Mind. I hate High Carb + Drugs + Mindless walking to burn overeaten carbs!

    Hope someone just doesn't say you were not diabetic! I have been told by a few here.

  • I am vege what to take instead egg?can you clear for vegetarian.quit confuse about LCHF for vege.just give some thing instead of egg and chicken.

  • This has been answered by me and other diabetics on LCHF so many times here. try and go through few old posts. I know it isn't a easy job as the forum is not organized one. When we launch our forum soon it would be far better organized and easy to search/hunt.

  • Thanx and Well said Medfree! I really feel good now sans carb loaded food.

    No one can say I weren't diabetic as my a1c was 11.6 back 45 days when I was diagnosed as insulin resistant

  • hi shurya what is your diet plan plz let me know.even i eat very less as all people say i take two small roti all three times with sabji but i dont take any fat.plz tell me your brkafst launch n dinner.i also want ot leave my medicine .what shd i eat .i am a enginner and work 8 hours on computers.while in ofc i take lemon tea n biscuit at 11: 30 and at 4 p.m. i take fruit. rest time two roti n sabji .mujhe bhi medicine chorni hai ple give my diet plan instaed of saying LCHF plan plzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Here you will find what people are eating on LCHF diet.

  • tell me sharya how it all happened

  • it all happened coz I switched over completely to lchf diet. jus follow Medfree

  • Hey shurya thanks!

    3 Guys here are jealous to the core with the popularity that LCHF has gained!

    Probably they are fighting a losing battle so they start getting personal :)

    We have come a long way in the last 16 months here and I guess its time to start our own forum soon! No commercial activity, just a desire to do this as a constructive hobby and contributing to society.

  • We are contemplating buying a commercial forum software license for $140 this week. Then hosting and setup etc will take about a months time. So we expect going live by first or second week of next month provided there are no party-spoilers on the way.

    Sure, it will be actively moderated so that it stays clean from unnecessary NOISE. We will have a system for infraction tracking in place too, where offenders will be warned few times with their username displaying the infraction status publicly before account being locked out.

    Stay tuned!

  • Great Madfree... don't forget to add me in the forum

  • My posts will have a link in signature once we are ready. So all those who want to join can join, share their experiences and help other diabetics who are fed up of High carb+High Drugs lifestyle and still struggle with sugar and lipids.

    With infraction and infraction tracking in place e would keep trolls in check.

  • medfree i dont know who r u?? r u a doctor or simply a person ?? having diabetic and doing social job to remove diabetic after trying on yourself on lchf diet. I am new to this site and i also want to switchoff on LCHF diet. Please give my diet plan . i eat both veg n non veg but nonveg ocasionally. i have given all my data to u so plz give my diet chart whenever u r free although my sugest .

    Theses days my BS is controlled fasing 90 and PP 127 after taking all medicine but i want to leave the age 44 ,weight 56 kg height 5 feet 3.5 inch .i am healthy lady ..Is it necessary to walk 30 min everyday.

    plz medfree i really want to leave my medicine.plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. I told u already that am worrking lady.

  • My profile speaks everything:

    On above page you will find list of few meals that I have posted too.

    I don't walk as I have no time for it. I control my carbs intake to 100gms/day and eat lot of good fat.

    I do fast once a week and the details are posted on following thread:

    We are in process of launching our own forum next month. Since that's going to be more organized we will do all the hard work there. Some freaks make it a point to pick on me here so will be posting less. That said, going off medicines or reducing it to bare minimum is only possible on LCHF lifestyle. 160 have switched right on this forum.

  • Medfree:

    Thanks and grateful to you.

    Thanks every one for the inputs........ really very encouraging and helpful.

    Just trying to understand,

    Does VCO mean Virgin Coconut Oil ?


  • siva24 -- Yes

  • Eat less food, more times in a day. Diabetes meliitus type 2 can be controlled by diet and exercise in early stages.

    Gliclazide (generic name) Diamicron (brand name) is an oral hypoglycemic (anti-diabetic drug) and is classified as a sulfonylurea.


  • He/she is off drugs completely as switched to LCHF diet.

  • You r right Medfree. its all about lchf

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