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I had started following LCHF diets since Jan’14. I am grateful to Mr. Anup @ medfree and all the LCHF followers who had shared their experience on LCHF and guided in managing the Diabetes.

Today I got the lab report and it is showing glycated hemoglobin level of 6.3%. I was expecting the level of 5.5% but it seems that some more restrictions on carbohydrate intake is required.

However, it is better than my last two quarters Hba1C of 7.1% and 6.6%.

In spite of more fat intake my Lipid profile has improved. My total cholesterol reduced from 208 to 190 and TG also reduced from 114 to 106 and HDL improved 45 to 51.

I am worried about my FBG which is not going down below 110 level.

I am not taking any medicine except supplements line ALA, COQ and Supradin.


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  • My experience with fasting (as part of eating within 8 hr window on 6 days and fasting on Tuesday) has been:

    10 Hr FBS: ~105

    14 Hr FBS: ~94

    So extend the fasting duration to 14 hrs and see how it goes.

    I guess aiming for TG < 90 should get you the needed A1C of < 6.0 as next step. Maybe add 20 min walks after 40 min of finishing meals. Some experts here may may disagree on this, but I go more by empirical tests. Walk can be just a stroll within the house also. Unless sugar levels shoot t 200 and above, exercise in any from will help. That said, 6.3 without Drugs is great number to get from starting levels of 7.1. Getting the average down by 20 points will get A1C lower by 1 percent, if i remember correctly.

    You are yet another diabetic on LCHF who proved that eating SATURATED FAT doesn't conk off LIPIDS and it improves HDL. Your TG/HDL ratio is great. Total cholesterol I won't even look at it till 250. Would love to hear from Anti FAT lobbyist on this as to how they explain this improvement :)

  • Thank you for your advise on FBS. I will try fasting on Sunday as it is not feasible on working days. I need to give more time gap between dinner and BF which at present is 11 hrs.

    I had achieved the A1C level of 5.5 when TG was merely 79 in the same quarter of last year.

  • Extending the time between dinner and breakfast to say 14 hrs should get your ABG down by a few points and hence improve A1C. In addition, ensure breakfast has minimal carbs and see if that improves your numbers. Fasting on holidays would be a good idea. My 14rth hr FBS was 94 and 17th hr is at 89. On 16:8 rule on regular days this would mean my pre-meal numbers would start at ~85 (by meter). My annual tests are still far off so will see how A1C compares with last year. Lower pre-meal would mean lower spike, so some improvement in A1C should come up.

    Did you increase carbs intake from 5.5 level?

  • I had achieved the A1C level of 5.5 mainly with the help of brisk morning walk of one and half hour. As far as I remember, I had increased my intake of fruits like apple and also kinnu juice in winter which had raised my A1C from 5.5 -> 6.6 -> 7.1. Which I gradually reduced with the help of LCHF to 6.3. I had adopted LCHF in the beginning of the year and not exactly following in toto. Just, restricted my diet to 2 chapatis for lunch and 1 chapati for dinner loaded with VCO and also added egg in B/F and peanuts for snacks. As advised by you, I have stopped drinking Milk and started taking one day old full cream curds with freshly grounded flax seed.

  • Fruits have fructose and they can spike A1C, TG too. Daily quota of fructose is around 15-20 grams/day.

  • Dear Ranj, Salutations on your achievement with LCHF .Kindly share with me your Diet details. i also want to fall in line. ( I am a Vegitarian)

  • Bottom line:

    CUT the grains and compute carbs/proteins/fats from for every item that goes into your meals and restrict carbs to 100grams/day and then design your meals accordingly. In short reliance on wheat, rice, ragi, oats, millets, corn, maize and its derivatives will have to be "bare minimum".

  • Breakfast :

    - 10 overnight soaked almonds + peanut,

    - 1 bowl of papaya

    - 1 bowl full cream curd (one day old) with freshly grounded flax seed

    - 2 tsp oat or wheat Dalia Upma or a boiled egg / omelette

    Lunch :

    - 2 small chapatis / parantha in VCO with green veggie

    - 1 bowl of raita

    Snacks :

    Roasted or Fried Peanuts approx 100 gms

    Dinner :

    1 small chapatis / parantha in VCO with green veggie

    1 bowl of curd or half bowl of pulse

    3-4 cups of green tea with lemon without sugar during the day.

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