I am T2 0n LCHF for the last 1-2 months -my HbA1c is down to 5.6

In the last 2-3 days for social reasons i had 3 consecutive high carb meals- rae slippage but I feel we must be prepared for such failures - can someone guide me as to how I should bounce back- ofcourse I am back to LCHF now

Also I have not lost much weight- what could be the reason?

Pls help



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27 Replies

  • Reason for what? BTW, did you achieve 5.6% without drugs? How hi was your HbA1C?

  • Reasons for not losing weight:

    (1) Hypothyroid

    (2) Eating what your body is burning.

    Or a combination of the above two.

    3 Consecutive HIGH CARB meals is bad, but diabetics on LCHF can cheat once in a while like marriage parties etc. Even there, I look for ghee, butter, paneer dishes, salads, fired/roasted papad. I take one rotee, some rice and even enjoy sweets too.

    However, if its consecutive meals, then walk like all diabetics on High Carbs + Drugs Lifestyle do. Bottom line is burn the excess CARBS eaten during those odd days. 1Km walk will take care of around 20 grams excess carbs from my practical computations.

  • Walk before, after wedding meal or both 'before and after'? I read about one Type I who took over 2000 calorie carb before a marathon or was it massive cycling program? (May be it was Dr. Bernstein or someone like him)...

  • Before would get the base levels down (glycogen stores drained) before replenishment starts. Do not overdo in order to avoid liver dumps.

    After would get the peaks under greater control (similar to filling a bucket with a hole)

    So, technically, both before and after would be best.

    Not sure abut Type 1 pumping in 500grams carbs (2000kcal) before an event, but a Type 1 athlete switching to LCHF is here:

  • Occasional diversion from diet is not going to impact much. It happens in most of the LCHF diet follower. Yesterday I had society annual meeting. Where I had to take some food items which I normally don't consume or have them in limited quantity. After two hours my PPBS was 139. (for bringing down to that levels I had taken 20min. walk) Though it is normal by most doctor's opinions I always try to maintain it around 110.

  • well i am also sometime lose the diet chart , this days i am lil doing cheat but still keeping under 140 even on cheats well thats a beauty of LCHF diet coz it has so less carbs u have space for some cheats but though its strictly my own experience i am very sensitive to wheat and rice but i do taken them occasionally and so far getting away from it , and weight lost part i am actually losing weight i am on no walk just daily chores and my work but still it all depends on body to body in one month i lost around 8 kgs i was 84 kgs now i am 76kg ( but then i used to walk 5km daily but i changed that to my daily chores ) eating loads of nuts eating eggs eating cheese eating butter full milk (not much) keeping good BS numbers though i still feel i need to restrict so just keep the diet as you are as long as your readings are good and keep checking for the occasional spikes .

    Today only i was out for a lunch break where i ate 3 roti and aloo sabzi and even had some chocolate still ppb 2hr was 140 which considering i never recommend someone this who is diabetic but in some situations u can't avoid but then i checked 3hr it was 110 so just keep checking but in my case today i skipped BF so it might have not gone bad as it could have been ! .

  • Time to Buy a Bullworker now :)

    I have company of someone who also gave up walking on LCHF.

    Cheating once in a while is all fine on LCHF. For rice, try the experiment that two of us shared :)

  • you still up this late good to see you Medfree well rice so far giving me 140 + but under 160 but i am good to leave that for life not that worried as i was before , i am a lazy starter i guess will follow something now its matter of WHEN :) .

  • I am always up :)

    Try the refrigerated rice one that two of us shared.

  • yes rice experiment i remember will try soon and test and give my results too i was longing for it for sometime but since my schedule don't allow much to do so but i try with some lemon rice soon and will get back with you guys :) .

  • Kindly make LCHF diet plan for one week and post it so that people at large can be benefitted

  • Spend time here, look for posts that I and many of other diabetics on LCHF have posted which includes their typical meals and PPBS numbers. One to one service is not possible. In fact, it is like asking for too much. Around 160 diabetics on this forum itself have switched to LCHF and have posted their experiences in one form or the other.

  • yes even i want one week planner of LCHF diet plz medfreee do something for us

  • Did you go through my last reply?

    I have posted enough data on diet. Many others also have.

  • Hidden: You have talked about refrigerating rice. Is it for both boiled and fried rice? Secondly, do you reheat after putting it in the refrigerator for 12 or 24 hours?

  • There is something called "Kodri" in Gujarat. Looks and tastes like rice, but with a very low GI, perfectly suitable for LCHF diet

  • Is Kodri long grain rice?

  • I would not know about that. Let me check with doc who recommended it

  • Foxtail Millet, Varai, Varagu, Khododhan, Kodra, Kodon ?

    Is it same as Kodri?

  • This Foxtail Millet is also called Varai? Is it varai in Marathi?

    Varagu is which language ? Can anyone clarify

  • Could be. Let me do some research and get back.

  • Got one TOI article on KODO Milltet:

    So perhaps it is same.

  • Yes, you are correct. That is the product

    Excellent research. I use Kodri once in a while, when I feel like having rice.

  • Great. We call it "mordhan" here and normally used during fasts. Have it at home and will try this some day. Also called "Samo Rice"

  • Tastes good with Rajma and Sambhar!

  • Foxtail millet is called Kang in Hindi which is not the same as Sama

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