Excess FAT in LCHF _ how do we deal with this ?

Could some one please explain.

Here is a layman question on LCHF.

In the concept of LCHF, we reduce the CARB intake.

However, we increase the FAT intake, which is, historically found to be, not condusive.

Ultimately we balance in such a manner that BS does not go beyond permissible limit.

We all know that consumption of more FAT would cause clogging and

resulting in heart ailments.

How do we get rid of this clogging due to excess fat in LCHF process ?

Or does this theory state that excess FAT consumed dissolves automatically? Am I missing some thing.

Not sure if I structured the summary well.

Pardon me.

Thanks for all your valuable inputs gentlemen and ladies.

Grateful to you.

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  • To days maladies are due to excess use of chemicals , synthetics ,and of sugar &salt . In the good olden days when food was taken in right proportions of carbs , dals and fats , with moderate physical work life was relatively disease free and problem free . Lchf food definitely contributes

    to many problems.10 years is too short period to assess the total loss . Many times in the past we came across the tragedies of new theories like Thalidomide , and many more .The balanced food is always better because it was time tested .But it is always better to reduce the quantity ...

  • Everyone used to eat a hunter-gatherer style diet until around 10,000 years ago; that sounds like a long, time tested trial to me.

  • "Lchf food definitely contributes to many problems.10 years is too short period to assess the total loss . "

    That's just the usual OPINION devoid of any SCIENTIFIC evidence. 50 years of LOW FAT nonsense we all see what damage it has lead to -- diabetes, obesity, cvd, chd, cancer -- talk of anything and it has gone up.

    What's your take on Dr Bernstein? 4 decades plus on 30 grams carbs a day and 7 decades of diabetic history as an insulin injecting TYPE 1 diabetic. Now pl don't make some off hand remark that he is an exception. There are millions of diabetics on LCHF diet around the world. They aren't finding it bad. Only guys and gals who cannot switch, find it horrible and then repeat the same old 50 year old story -- out of a fudged study -- that was told by Ancel Keys :)

    LCHF is BAD for the drug industry for sure as they lose billions from drug sales loss. The so called bad effect has to show in medical reports. We believe in science (medical reports) as guys who live that life and not some rigged research or just some "OPINION".

  • I respect your views and opinions Leelasastry.

    However, please note that I am a true believer /follower of LCHF (though not 100%).

    I only had some confusions on the FAT deposits and consequences etc. Hence that question.

    I agree with Anup on his remarks on your comments

    "That's just the usual OPINION devoid of any SCIENTIFIC evidence. 50 years of LOW FAT nonsense we all see what damage it has lead to -- diabetes, obesity, cvd, chd, cancer -- talk of anything and it has gone up.".

    You may recall that there were several deaths witout remedies for diabetics few decades ago.

    So, let us not simply pass remarks on a well accepted practice that has been tested by several persons in this forum (of course..........with due respects to you and your remarks).

    I humbly disagree with you on your remarks regarding LCHF.

    However, I agree with you on "Always better to reduce the quantity".

    Please note that we need to compensate for the shortfall and we do this by adding FAT.


  • The views expressed by me all are the outcome of my discussions with many people in many walks of life .Who are either the actual sufferers or people who are close to the sufferers . If it is not acceptable to some they may just overlook the views . But what I feel is while going for LCHF , please be a bit cauious.

  • Views of diabetics on LCHF are based on their own experience and comparative medical reports (pre- and post-lchf) and not based on hearsay based on same old lies of Ancel Keys and company. If LCHF is bad, it should reflect in reports. On the contrary, reports show improvement with many even going of STATIN and Hypertension drugs.

    LCHF has a long long history of decades, so no one who takes that path needs to worry. I am sure those who have suffered are on High Carb diet. Scare mongering hasn't deterred anyone who has switched and has been living it for years.

    We cannot go by what "people from walks of life" have said against FAT as they say what Ancel Keys had said. Even Ancel Keys didn't believe in his own theory which he unwillingly spilled the beans while criticisng a study of person on huge number of eggs a day :)

    BTW, most people from normal walks of life don;t even know what LCHF is. Can you please highlight as ton how MCT from VCO (all saturated fat) which gets shunted through portal vein to liver and gets converted to energy can cause clogging in heart? I know of a Type 1 diabetic with PPI surgery on 50 ml VCO a day and he feels happy that he is on it.

  • Lchf diets are rather a new concept . For many many years people were advised not to consume too much fat .Time will prove as to how good this new approach is. Any way if that idea is appealing , is good for health , if giving energy and satiation , then all the believers can go by that by all means.

  • It's new for those who don't know about it and only believed what Ancel Keys and co dished out through a FUDGED study. It has existed since times immemorial. Yes LOW FAT nonsense has caused all the problems. It's so evident. Pickup fat consumption comparison between Australia and USA and then compare diabesity figures. You will have the answers.

    Can you please highlight as to how MCT from VCO (all saturated fat) which gets shunted through portal vein to liver and gets converted to energy can cause clogging in heart? I know of a Type 1 diabetic with PPI surgery on 50 ml VCO a day and he feels happy that he is on it.

    If one can go off statins, drastically reduce or eliminate diabetes drugs then how is LCHF BAD scientifically. Or is it bad because drugs sales reduce?

  • Here's one scientific proof for 20% CARBS and HIGH FAT is GREAT -- and that's what we Indians on LCHF follow :)


    Here's another study which shows SFA is NOT THE CAUSE of CVD/CHD:


    Even after 5 decades they need more data -- RIDICULOUS at best and a fit case for FACEPALM.

    All the talks against SFA and shielding the real culprit -- HIGH CARBS -- is nothing but PROPAGANDA and scaremongering. There's absolutely no science to it. No doctor that I talked to, ever provided any proof against LCHF - 20% CARBS 60% FATS. Ancel Key's theory is a FAILED theory, much like the diet-heart theory around FATS.

  • "We all know that consumption of more FAT would cause clogging and

    resulting in heart ailments."

    If you assume that then this is obviously a rhetorical question aimed at discrediting LCHF.

    The truth is that an excess of anything is not good for us, but that fat is the easiest to control the quantity we eat and least likely to be harmful because it affects our insulin /IGF-1 levels least, yet slows digestion making us feel satisfied for longer.

    With regard to clogged arteries, consider the process of foie gras perfected by the French; they use grain to feed the geese/ducks because experience has taught them this is the most effective way to make fat in the body (emanating from the liver).

  • Clogging take palce because of CARBS and not FAT because it is TRIGLYCERIDES (which result from high carbs) which is the FAT in blood and not the butter or egg, that you eat. 2/3rd of FAT in VCO is MCT that doesn't even go through lymphatic system. Even diabetics with Gall Bladder removed are finding LCHF great


    If FAT on LCHF caused all the problem, I think I, along with all diabetics on LCHF diet, should have had retired from this world by now with all ateries chocked with butter, eggs and vco. However, medical reports don't show any numbers having gone bad.

    BTW, where is FAT found to be historically non conducive? Don't quote any FAILED studies because for every such study there are 10 studies against that "non conducive" theory. It's a FAILED THEORY to say the least and that lie has been spoken over and over again for 5 decades -- leading to virtual brainwashing.

    It's the CARBS that kill. SFA doesn't cause CVD/CHD. In fact it improves. Check one of my old posts which involved Swedish study -- I have posted it long long back. You can find it from my profile:


  • Sir,you tell 10 years is not enough.But masai tribe who mainly thrive on FAT has very very negligible CHD/CVD comparatively to Americans who follow Ancel Key theory.So Follow what that shown by your medical report.Thanks

  • There's also some study -- When the same Masai tribe was exposed to the modern dietary theory, they started getting all the modern day health problems.

    To me, this whole propaganda against FAT is a systemic lie spread for ensuring profits of few at the expense of public health. They simply have no proof and want their opinions to be considered as proof. For reducing OBESITY they will suggest Surgery (which gets the system huge money) but will never say a word about LCHF as they will lose Rs 5 to 6 lacs per possible customer. Greed for money of entire medicare system is NAUSEATING :(

  • thanks sir.

  • Thanks very much to Anup, Makarim, concerned for all you valuable comments and suggestion.

    Hats off to you all.


    Will get back to you little later on why I wrote my question , as I am little busy right now.


  • Sure Champak.

    I will send a detailed note sir.

    I have been a diabetic for more than 28 years and now 65 years of age.

    I give below as much as I can.

    To others in this forum, let me say:

    I am

    - a FIRM BELIEVER of LCHF and

    - I follow LCHF with confidence

    - It works for me

    - only concern is, I dont know how to balance the shortfall of energy due to less CARB intake

    - when I increased the FAT (by taking more BUTTER etc on daily basis) my LIPID showed high numbers on Oct 23rd.

    Total Cholesterol was 235

    LDL was 163

    (of course HDL was 47 within limits and TG was 123 within limits)

    But one surpise was B12 that showed up as 1431

    (as against the permissible range of a max of 740)

    - I had no choice than to visit an Endocrinologist.......she sent me to a CARDIO who prescribed STATIN to rein in the TC #.

    This cardio is an old man of 78 years. When I opened the topic regarding LCHF, he did not pay any attention (nor did he have any patience). Understandable.

    - I am on LIPITOR of 40 MG per day (I hate it .......but no choice for some time).

    However, I cut the pill (oval shaped pill bought at Walmart) and consume 20 mg before bedtime, hoping that TC would improve.

    Per the instructions of Endocrinologist, I monitor FBS and PP daily and downlowing to the hospital's website on weekly basis.

    On many days the FBS stayed within 100, with the exception of few days (so far).

    However, the PPBS was ranging from 150 /160 to 212 (of course there were some functions / parties and other gathering I could not avoid during which my intake could not be measured / controlled).

    Again, to those in this forum.

    I am a believer of LCHF and a follower of LCHF.

    Let me say that works.

    I have a scheduled visit to GI (Gastro this week) and I am going to seek his opinion on high B12 (and possible need for getting KFT / LFT suggested by Champak in this forum)

    This in a nutshell about me. Not sure if I did a good job though.

    Thanks for all valuable inputs and great appreciations for sharing your thoughts and suggestions.

  • My A1c (last measured on 23rd Oct) was 6.8

    POC Hemoglobin A1C4.3-6.0 %6.8

    Average Blood Glucose 149

  • Hi Siva,

    Why is your LIPID levels abnormal even after being on LCHF diet. ..?

    Is there any specific reason.

  • Good question.

    You may notice in my posting

    "please note that I am a true believer /follower of LCHF (though not 100%)".

    Due to the travelling involved, I could not strictly follow LCHF for a few weeks (away from home), although I am a true believer and follower.

    Once I settle down and be on the process, I hope to be better.

    I was trying to get feed back from this site on how to manage the FAT (specific items that contain FAT) etc to ensure following correct method.

    Hope I answered your question.

    And for few days, I will be on small amount of STATINs and Metformin etc, due to the pressure from family folks........to stop them from yelling....... they care more for me.

  • Thanks for kind words and advice....

    Rgds and happy Diwali to you and every one celebrating.


  • CARB vs FAT: The arguments for FAT and fear expressed about FAT could be perceived from a different angle.

    I have switched to LCHF with great fear. After being on CARB around 20% or less for over 6 weeks I met my doctor with the full report taken the previous day along with the reports covering over 3 years or so- I am 66, Type 2 for over 15 years.

    The doctor was surprised with the result. Everything changed positive. I did not utter a word about LCHF. ‘I think you are doing some rigorous exercises these days- results are very good’. Then I let out the detail of my dieting pattern- LCHF. She changed the tone all of a sudden. ‘My God…you are going to damage your heart…your kidney….your liver’. The thoughts of her from the same school she attended like many! I am doing fine – 6 months gone.

    My understanding and my expression of the issue as a lay man about FAT and CARB- I will put it like this “If you put the hardwoods and kindling together, the kindling will burn fast leaving the hardwoods. More and more light-woods the hard wood will remain un-burned accumulated trying to obstruct the flow.” If you eat more FAT and also more CARB your system will leave the FAT to materialize the fear expressed by many about FAT.


  • Thanks for the input GVG.

    If I may, could you please share the list of Veggie items that has good FAT ?



  • Avocado if you can get it. It's a fruit. I am still not able to get hold of it in my city in India.

  • Yes, this is the usual rant and scaremongering that comes from the so called experts when it comes to LCHF. They simply don't understand the science behind LCHF. Same old FAILED theory of exercise more. Every report improved and yet you will damage heart, kidney, brain etc etc. Sounds like VOODOO magic :D :D

    You are perfectly correct on your thoughts. Starve the body of carbs -- keep it 20% max -- and fat will burn. Surprisingly doctors don't understand this even after spending 10 years in medical schools. Or, probably they have been programmed by the education system to talk against FAT at the drop of a HAT without going into details. :)

  • Exactly. Fat Phobia! Preaching this ‘No Fat’ theory they have fattening very well for so long, aren’t they?

  • Based on Science of "clinical trials" which has only failed during the past 5 decades to control anything -- obesity, cancer, chd, cvd, diabetes, diabetes related amputations, ckd, esrd etc etc.

    If any doctor(s) talk in favor of LCHF, they will be labeled a QUACK by some failed MD -- Stephen Barret -- who runs a site for making money out of bashing alternative healthcare practices, by his own submission.

  • Hi GVGnanasooriyam,

    Please can you provide your diet plan. What you eat for breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. I am pre-diabetic.

  • Boiled pulses well treated with heated coconut oil, boiled egg and buffalo curd for breakfast; dhal, beans and meat or fish for lunch and dinner. No to any cereals based food.

    The other important thing is that our mind is the best supervisor of our body for it consistently monitors and indicates all variations in our condition by symptoms. Lab reports are ‘fine tuning’ of these symptoms. No excess of any. Self discipline is very vital!

    Our habits such as addiction to any may prompt overriding it’s ‘recommendations’ leading to problems. Our search for knowledge as we are engaged in now is only a means to interpret its signals. Let us go on!

  • Medicine WAS a Holy profession BUT it IS no longer so. It is highly commercialized now. Marketing and Marketing and Marketing…money money money…..! Undertakers are happy only on days he get more ‘sales’. This is the reality.

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