I am 67, male, Type 2 since year 2000 on LCHF for nearly one year.

I have become nearly Non- Diabetic as at date. HOWEVER, I SENSE SIGNS OF LESSER CORPORATION FROM MY KIDNIES. Always looking for a place of comfort to sleep and fall sleep no sooner such place is found.

2 Eggs, 1 bottle of buffalo milk, buffalo curd in the morning and night, boiled pulses and a little rice with veggie and fish/ meat make my daily routine.

Am I to reduce my Protein intake?

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  • Your KFT report before LCHF and current one?

    kkjng switched to LCHF with partly damaged kidneys and his creat levels have remained lower than what it used to be on high carb diet even after three years.

    How many grams of proteins are you eating every day?


  • No. That's just a baseless opinion and has no legs of science. The fact that these forums exist shows how bad the "High carb Low fat" diet to diabetics has been.

  • How , please elaborate

  • Where is your evidence for that opinion Adiabetic2015?

    This recent report contradicts your view

  • GVGnanasooriyam recent post in this thread proves that LCHF didn't damage his organs. Numbers improved. Even his LFT numbers improved. Yet, some guys jumped the gun and started concluding weird things with no details on hand.

    If his endo didn't provide any proof for her lopsided OPINION on LCHF do u think anyone else will? We ask for proof based on medical reports. No one gives an answer. Only OPINIONS, which for us are meaningless and devoid of all science.

  • It's easy to see how the myths have been perpetuated for so long now. At first we give credence to every claim, but under scrutiny often we realise that people aren't following an LCHF lifestyle (they just call it that, TBF often because they don't know what LCHF is), or their complications were a result of their behaviour before the changes were made for example.

  • YES, many make the mistake of thinking that lacing a bun with butter is LCHF. We have come across few cases like these also and then had to correct them.

    As for OPINIONS, they have no value for us. We look at medical reports/numbers as they don't lie. Why do you think that Indian diabetics (for whom LCHF was once thought to be impossible) are switching and benefiting? Because it just WORKS!

  • Adiabetic2015

    How will then will you justify the high carb diet rxed by all Drs & still the disease progresses?

    How come the patients still develop complications?

    How come you know that the above person is following LCHF properly?

    Just because he is taking fats does not make it LCHF..

    Just see how much milk & curd he is Taking....??

  • Lchf damages the kidneys in the long run .By saying this we are not advising to take high carb diet either . A good balanced diet with organic fruits and vegetables with stress free life is advocated.

  • There's no proof that LCHF damages kidneys.

    kkjng 's case proves that it improves. Let's talk based on Factual REPORTS

  • So called factual reports are like statistics , which prove to be wrong after some time and termed as half lies.

  • @anup

    Never thought I would ever post something like this - To me, this looks like a hit job. A vague and speculative post followed by a barrage of expert opinions on LCHF by "balanced diet" proponents. Reports are half lies, but our opinions are the Truth. Wah!

    I can now understand where your bitterness comes from.

  • jingale

    Jealousy and hate against success of LCHF drives it I guess. I let numbers and medical reports do the talking. Old usernames are replaced by new ones and trolling on LCHF threads continue -- a pattern since 2013.

    Let users take a call. I ain't responding to them. The experts commenting here I am sure haven't even seen the first post:

    Without specific numbers given in current post, some people are already celebrating LCHF failure. Has happened in the past too, only to be proved wrong. No point responding to such experts. They are here to hijack every LCHF thread with their comments.

    Someone's English has improved overnight. Not naming anyone here.

  • instead of attending to queries by the op, why do sum guys start presuming things and start trolling? happened on this thread also --

    looks like sum are unnecessarily trying to have conflict on lchf threads.

    weird really.

  • The peoples who are on lchf,now they are com planting on this forum,for organs damages, after all we are not saying ourselfs,peoples are saying.

    Previously members also complained of damages after taking lch continue sly.

  • u r adding absolutely no value to discussion and ur just trolling because GVGnanasooriyam hasn't provided any medical 1 has reported any organ failure coz of lchf. so stop making baseless comments.

  • Dear Friends,

    Only we are trying to find out ‘What is Right’ rather than ‘Who is Right?’ We as elders finding ways and means of ‘Aging Successfully’ well into our 100s'.

    There are a lot of discussions on this issue and I happened to listen to a Podcast by BBC under the label ‘Future Proving’ where they talk of success stories of extending the lifespan to Rats 10 times to 15 years and - a life span of 145 years for us is very much within reach, according to the research personnel participated in this program.

    I am not a medical man. I have been seeing the same endocrinologist since 2000. She is well qualified in the US and regularly attends programs/ conferences there to keep her up to date.

    I switched to LCHF without consulting her. I visit her once in 3 months regularly. It was 45 days after my switching to LCHF my next turn came. When she saw the report she was highly surprised.

    ‘You must have started some rigorous exercises recently! Your sugar is OK, your cholesterol- OK… everything is fine. Keep it up” Then only I have disclosed my switching over to LCHF.

    “What you eat? ‘Meat, fish, full cream milk, buffalo curd, pulses……”

    She changed all of a sudden and became very angry and began scolding me.” You are going to damage your heart, your kidneys, your liver….." Then I pointed the report in her hand and asked if the reading were wrong?

    She came down and said ‘Your kidneys may be in the process of damaging’ she wanted to have a special test done along with the routine report.

    I took this report too after 90 days from the date of visit. She was pleased with the report as there were no indications of damages to my kidneys- say it is after on LCHF for four and a half months. In fact my ALT which should be around 45 was 80 for nearly 5 years. That too came to 40 after the change over. The doctor was as happy as I was with LCHF.

    This is a very well balanced unbiased scenario.

    Now we should find out what really is happening? By argument we may win or lose in the argument BUT WE MAY SIDELINE THE ISSUE. Let us put our shoulders to the wheel together to find ways of Aging Successfully. Should I continue or not WITH LCHF ? That is the focus. Let us move forward together without 'Pride or Prejudice' to find the correct answer!

  • Brilliant

    The short celebration of some anti LCHF guys and gals, who dream failure of LCHF, and start celebrating - ends.

    If a registered MD with 11 years experience is managing her 10 year old Type 1 daughter on LCHF and has only good things to report, LCHF cannot be bad. I am sure she knows more than the anti LCHF experts here.

    Yes, LCHF is very bad for the drug industry. Hope those who rant/troll on any LCHF threads without any facts learn not to respond too quickly and out of turn. This is second instance.

    So, welcome to the LCHF club. Let the party begin:

  • Your symptoms of falling asleep could be a lot of things, including high insulin levels. Yoghurt, rice and vegetables such as potatoes, beetroot or parsnips can all spike insulin/blood glucose.

    Have you had your kidneys tested? What are your recent blood glucose levels?

    Not giving portion sizes, your current diet could still quite easily be too high in carbohydrate, compounding your problems.

  • My next visit to the doctor is due by mid June. I will have a chat with the doctor with the report and revert to you all afterward.

    Concerned's comment give me some lead to work with before then.

  • If the doctor again scares with organ failure, tell her to quote studies on LCHF diet and not merely give OPINIONS. We as educated patients have this right to know.

    Every time I asked for study data, I was told that they just follow "GUIDELINES". Not sure if scaring with just OPINIONS and NO SCIENCE is part of the guideline.

  • The very first person you see on ‘arrival’ is a medical person and the last one you see before you ‘depart’ is also a medical person. Medical profession WAS HOLY then! Now it is commercialized fully. Money, Money , Money……….. Humanity will cease to exist before long!

  • No diet is perfect,it followed by your body requirement/conditions from time to time. It is hoax to call lchf a perfect diet for diabetes also. Listen to your inner voice,if lchf is a perfect diet ,then why you have diabetes,if you were following it before the onset .

    When a person is unhealthy doctors advises him or her to take light form of diet,with or without medicines . A teenager cannot eat high fat diet as in the case of sick and old person.

    Just like smoking,drinking,high fat diet causes/brings numerous ailments,just,heart diseases, colon ,prostate and other cancerous diseases. Life does not end with three months ,six months,it is more than that. Remember diabetes is controllable,if not curable,but cancer is not curable.

    It is ridiculous to blame the medical and pharma feterninty, for all ill-effects. Only a cowards&weak state of mind of man or women can blame them,because they have no excuse other than blaming them.

    It is the doctor and medicines which rescues you form a disease when you have no other means on your disposle.

    Keep patience and enjoy life rather cursing others for the wrongdoing of your selves.

  • " Listen to your inner voice,if lchf is a perfect diet ,then why you have diabetes,if you were following it before the onset ."

    All are following only after decades of diabetes and many after failing with doctor and medicines. And, yet they benefited.

    BTW, the original poster clarified that LCHF improved his numbers, though some were thinking of LCHF having failed him and started rejoicing. So let's stick to the topic. Anything that has medical reports to back, cannot be hoax, at least for educated persons who believe in medical reports.

  • Lchf is not recommended for normal people though it's an ideal diet

    It's recommended for diabetics who cannot tolerate carbs which includes sugar as well as fruits

    I see that in spite of success in india as well as the world over regarding lchf many. Are opposing it

    It's their choice

    Regarding corruption we don't know even half of it

    Regarding Dr's recommending the diet they are just following guidelines which are prone to be influenced. We understand it. If some authorities orders for some defence aircrafts which are faulty do u think that they are doing good?? Are there not bribes given??

    We know of many such.... Similar things happen in health care sector also..

    So choice is yours to accept or reject Adiabetic2015

    We are happy with LCHF while u are busy fighting it

  • Small data on corruption:

    Shalini's mother is a doctor with 11 years experience and Shalini is on LCHF diet as a 10 year old TYPE 1 diabetic. So, her mother knows as a doctor what she is doing while he switched her duaghter to LCHF :)

    Dr Prakash Chhajed is a doctor with 30 years experience and he also recommends LCHF diet. LCHF works and that's why more and more diabetics are switching, despite all the scare mongering. Shows that merely stating OPINION against LCHF doesn't work.

  • Then invite other diseases along diabetes, follow it blindly even on your death bed.

  • did u read that op has clarified that his numbers improved on lchf diet and nothing went bad? pl read ops' clarification post b4 writing all stuff irrelevant 2 thread as u provide no data to back yr opinion. invite what imaginary disease? even his alt (1 of lft number) improved on lchf. if u don't have any data to back yr opinion, pl don't reply 2 me.

  • How about lclf.that means low carbohydrate and low fat.i think following this way all the argument will stop.some people's opinion is high fats are bad for health if we follow this I.e. everything in moderation the problem will be solved.let me know the members opinion and also pros and cons

  • There's no such thing as low carb low fat unless you eat high protein. High protein surely isn't great for kidneys. We can't look at such a diet just to keep few ignorant-about-lchf happy. We look at science of medical reports rather than lopsided OPINIONS.

  • My dear

    Concept behind lchf is that when you take low carb diet you need to compensate for the calorie deficit. You have to increase either prots or fats. Now prots are readily converted to carbs. So the fats are left. In lchf diet good fats are recommended. Not the bad ones like hydrogeated. Fats recommended are vco, evoo, palm kernel oil, traditionally made ghee by fermentation, cow ghee and mct. The calorie division in lchf is 20:20:60 c : p :f

  • This comment is very nice to read as it contains not ‘heat’ & expressed in a way to put me on the right track of LCHF. Still, if you don’t mind ‘vco, mct’ stand for what?

  • Virgin coconut oil.

    Medium chain triglyceride- a kind of fat that gets converted to energy in the liver and can't be stored in the body.

    All the above oil contain either mct or sct - short chain triglyceride. Both can't be stored in the body but since they are converted to energy on eating these fats you feel a surge in the energy levels.

    Carbs under influence of insulin gets converted into fats - triglycerides - which are stored in our body as a future source of energy but this stored fat is responsible for IR - insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes.

    Evoo is extra virgin olive oil used as dressing over salads and vegetables etc

  • When I posted my comment on this thread yesterday, I had thought that the level of discourse/discussion on this forum had already hit the nadir(thanks to some "balanced diet" fanatics). And then one "balanced diet" expert proved me wrong by wishing for diseases/health problems for LCHFers. What kind of low lives infest this forum?

  • I am not surprised. There have been far more worse comments than these in the past.

  • Dear Friends,

    I said I will come back after seeing my doctor. On my recent 3 monthly routine check the Endo found me doing very well on with LCHF and my ‘always wanting to go to sleep’ was as someone rightly pointed out here that it is due to excess insulin in my system owing to reduction in crabs intakes hence she reduced the dosages. I am doing fine now.

    Having said that I have another issue which I trust we can sort out ourselves. In my locality it is always rice or wheat plus something all the time. ‘Coconuts and coconut oil’ is very common here. Can I resort to ‘coconut/ coconut oil’ to substitute ‘rice/ wheat’ in my routine diet?

  • Virgin Coconut Oil -- BEST SOURCE OF FAT on LCHF diet as 2/3 is MCT.

    Add as much coconut gratings to dishes as you can.

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