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My recent HbA1C on Long Wheat Diet (Chapati)


Hi , I started Long Wheat (Khapli Gahu in Marathi) diet 3 months ago. When started, my HbA1c was 6.4 and now it is 6.2, I was expecting HbA1C below 6. My fasting is 105-115 by meter (8-10 points less in lab) and PPBS is 120-130 by meter. I am on 250-0-250 mg metformin and N-media multivitamin. I use chapati instead of mash. I am very keen in reducing my HbA1C below 5.5, My Diet is 40-45% Carb, 20-25% Protein and remaining Fat. Please suggest.

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I find your readings very good.Your medication is also not high.Better to maintain the present levels.

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rajivkr02 in reply to Hidden

Torrent is a reputed brand.if it is available in your can use is costly rs 10 per tabs.but ALA affect on blood sugar control is not proven.yeah as far as multivitamin is concerned supradyn is the best....

Thanks Medfree, I will try to substitute some carbs with fats and see what happens..

Looks like, you still need to reduce carbs in your diet. Add some exercise with your diet regime.

Your fasting is on higher side.first increase metformin at night to 500mg and bring fasting to 100.then play with your diet .i think khapli is not working for you.if you can try strict lchf it will work and probably you might get freedom from metformin also.

you should give a try to alpha lipoic acid also 300mg name is NUALA E and see it works.

best luck.

Since it showing down ward please do not get get disheartened continue the same treatment what your doctor has said.

sshk: Chances are that it would have come down without long wheat and if you continued your earlier diet, it could have come down more. I do not think there has been any controlled experiment to establish credentials of Long wheat as a game changer.

There is no worry at this stage as the results are showing residence towards decidence. Hence ,kindly continue the present diet and drugs provided the doctor suggests better.

Your fundamental aim should be to avoid taking medicine for T2DM. There is no charm in claiming any benefits when we continue to consume medicines.

Kindly follow the same diet and monitor FBS with reduced level of medicine(firstly 3/4 and then 1/2 and later 1/4). Please do not reduce your carbohydrate in take at any cost; but increase your saturated fat quantity.

you haven't mentioned that since how long you are diabetic?. otherwise your level is quite good.. I hope that you are a very recent entrant to the diabetic family.. whatever medicine or diet, it is compulsory to do the regular exercise or walking 45-60 minute daily. you have to make this habit since you are a diabetic for life time. without this no medicine can work effectively and efficiently

sshk in reply to ravinair42

I diagnosed as diabetic in Nov 2010 with HbA1C 8.9%, 250 Fasting & 350 PP. Initially I just eliminated only sugar from my diet and numbers came to 150 fating & 250 PP in one weeks time. After doctor started metformin 500 mg SR at night, HbA1C came down to 7.7 in 3 months, then 6.6 in next 3 months and 5.7 in another 3 months. But since I am always travelling I lost control over diet and HbA1C became 7.9 in next 3 months. Again I took control and now my HbA1C is always less that 6.4% since last 1&1/4 years.

I walk for half an hour after dinner and half an hour exercise in the morning including 15 minutes on elliptical trainer.

For the benefits of all my recent diet is:

Exercise - 6.15 to 6.45 AM

Before Breakfast: Methi seeds & 5 almonds (soaked in water overnight)

Breakfast (7.30AM) - Oats, Mixed Sprouts, Apple, tea with stevia sugarfree, 1 spoon flaxseed powder with water

Snacks (10.30AM) - 1 Chapati, Green Tea

Lunch (1.30PM) - 2 chapati, black beans or mung dal, green vegetable sabji, salad

Snacks (4.30PM) - Orange, handful of nuts (walnuts+almond+peanuts)

Dinner (8.30PM) - 2 chapati, black beans or mung dal or other pulses, green vegetable sabji, raw tomato, lemon, 1 spoon flaxseed powder with water

9.45 to 10.15 walk

All chapatis are of long wheat.

We use different oils for cooking, mainly Olive, Rice Bran, Ground nut

Please suggest changes if any.



geokutt in reply to sshk

Could you please give the Hindi names for flax seeds and black beans and also information about their availability? Thank you.

Thri in reply to geokutt

Flax seed is Alsi and Black beans is Kaala Chana


You are having good control over sugar level. Medicine and i feel diet also is acceptable. May try to reduce card equivqlent. There is one difficiency Vitamins and minerals especially Iron. Your Hamoglobin has to improve and you need to take tonic or if you have control you take and Amla fruit and drum sticks, leaves of the same etc containing iron. Please do excercise or walk for 40 minutes

I would cut back carbs to less than 30% and GOOD fats to 45-50% and rest Protein

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