Thank you all, my HbA1C is down to 5.1

Dear all,

I got my HbA1C tested yesterday from SRL diagnostics, to my surprise it is down to 5.1%. with FBSL of 92 and PPBSL of 109.

Looking back, well!!!!.. it was all hardwork.....i had reduced my weight from 83 kg to currently at 65 kg, My BMI is below 25 now (height 1.63meters). Weight reduction was due to increased active lifestyle. I stopped using my bike for every small things!!!! Morning walk for 30-45 minutes also helped

In October 2015 my HbA1C was 8.3% with FBSL of 220 and PPBSL of 240. I initially took Glycomet-500 for 1 month. then after doctors instructions stopped the same.

With the help of this forum i have modified my diet basically trying to cut down carbs(mainly rice) and adding Ghee in meals to supplement my energy needs.

Thank you all....your are all stars!!!

Warm regards,


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  • Congratulations.

    Staying there (5.1) would need that you keep your focus on maintaining carbs at around 20% A1C of 5.6 and above should always make you press the panic button and get it down closer to 5, as much as possible. Stay there and Diabetes is NOT a progressive disorder. Diabetes is a BLESSING In Disguise if we IGNORE the authority -- so called dietitians most of whom just give a computer generated diet chart - almost similar looking for everyone - diabetes, cancer, obesity etc.

    High Carb Low Fat diet peddled as healthy and balanced is the most horrible diet for a diabetic.

  • Anup ji, your posts here in this forum have been an eye opener for me. I'm sure many people like me have benefitted from your posts.



  • Thanks Geodiabetic.

    I am an avid experimenter and being an engineer I know what I am doing. Even I learnt this from other diabetes forum when I started my journey as a diabetic in Feb 2011. I share experiences, make a point and leave it for diabetics like you to take a call.

    Despite this, some are visibly unhappy with what I do and give it names. Yet, we have our blood reports to do the talking :)

  • LCHF success stories growing everyday ;)

    So called "Balanced Food Plate" being dumped by diabetics who have taken diabetes management through dietary interventions in their own hand.

  • Congratulations. Great accomplishment.

    Please share your daily routine and food intake in detail so others can benefit and get encouraged


  • Hi Geodaibetic congratulation for your achievement, still we also struggling to get some better results, you may share your routine with your diet patron and could help others to check for any alterations.

  • Hi rajaji123, daibetes2,

    I'm 40 years old. I was a sweet crazy person till i was detected diabetic. I used to love pizza. Hoteling was a common thing for me. My weight was well over 83 kg

    My job profile required me to sit at a place for a longer time. This had a bad effect on my health. I became overweight and diabetic. I was detected high BSL at company's clinic. They were looking for volunteer's to check BP and BSL. I was under the impression that my BP is high and BSL is alright. But after the tests it was the other way around. My fasting BSL was way too high (220 and 200 on two separate days) and PPBSL 240 and 237 on two separate days).

    My company doctor told me that this is a warning sigh by your body to change your lifestyle or in long run you will pay a heavy price.

    from that day (almost 8 months ago) till now i haven't eaten any sugary things(barring few exception - birthday of my son and wife), i gave up rice. I started having Jowar roti (Bhakri) and Nachni Bhakri (Finger millet) at dinner. I have reduced hoteling to bare minimum ( cannot avoid altogether).

    I have also started walking a lot. I have purchased myself a Fitbit Charge HR (pedometer). I see to it that i walk at least 15,000 steps a day. That includes 30 minutes walking after every meal. I basically finish all phone calls during this time.

    Underline is... i have completely changed my lifestyle, i have reduced my weight from 83 kg to about 65 kg!!!!

    I hope this small write-up helps you guys !!!!



  • What did you do to achieve such results? Did you undergo any medical treatment? Is exercising more important than diet?

    I am a newly diagnosed diabetic with a HbA1 C at 7.6.. Should I give away white Rice which is my staple food?

  • Hi Joe , you dont need to give up white rice, but eat less quantity of it and prefer eating handpund rice / single polished rice.

  • LCHF diet is the key. When you hit a wall with that diet, then walk, exercise. Cut down carbs to 20% range and up the fats to 60%+ range. Don't eat carbs beyond your liver's glycogen storage capacity.

  • Thank you Gowardhan and Anup

    Would somebody tell me : What is the amount or % of carbs recommended for a diabetic who takes approx. 2000 kcals/day?

    If we replace the carbs by fats, what are the fats that we need to eat?

    Could you please suggest some LCHF menus that can be adopted?



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