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Blood sugar control


I have been managing blood sugar after joining this forun with a combination of diet and medicine. After various experiments I have come to conclude that low carb diet with reduced medicine (1/2 tab glynase mf after bfast and dinner) gives me the best result and controls blood sugar within normal levels. Last hba1c being 4.9. But going beyond and trying wiithout medicine is not working out effectively. My medicine has a switch on, switch off effect on blood sugar levels and find it comfortable to carry on with this reduced qty of medicine. I am in the same league as Medfree as far as walking is concerned. A gratifying result of a recent eye examinaion is that13 years of D has not yet made any adverse impact. This post is just to share my experience.

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Hello Nane

I presume you have got best results with LCHF .Your last HbA1C of 4.9 is excellent .May I know what was your HbA1C before LCHF

Pl. let me know about LCHF

what is this LCHF


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Nane in reply to Hidden

Dear Medfree

I am giving one more try to your suggestion to use MF SR. Will review after 10 days and again after another 10 days. 500 mg twice daily is the present dosage. Thanks

I have tried. It doesnt give same result as Glynase MF. Half tablet is all it needs to bring BS under control. Like a switch, medicine on BS normal, medicine off BS above normal.

Glynase is a sufonylurea drug which stimulates pancreas to produce insulin and it is very effective though it is not recommended since it has a long term undesirable side effect .I too am not able to discontinue sulfonyl urea drug for BG control though I have reduced the dosage by 50% through LCHF

gdgoyal50 in reply to ram_latha

is this long wheat available in chandigarh and how to use it. i could not understand what george has said

What is the long term undesirable side effect? I am wedded to this drug for almost Ten years now. Of course reduced dosage of half tab twice a day now.

can there be any side effects in using GLISEN PM2 (A banned item as per this site). Am diabetic for last one year..but sugar level is under control mostly.....pancreas, blood pressure, liver, gall bladder detailed scanning has been done for the whole body and parts...every thing is normal.... regularly doing jogging and taking Glisen PM2 one tab in a day although Doctor prescribed to take it twice in a day and nothing else except Calcium Tab plus multi vitamin tabs.... I feel twice it can be over dosed.....but I have numbness on part of central feet and some time shooting pain on leg fingures in night/early morning time.....some time feel too cold and some time so sweating at early morning time (say 3.30 am even at this winter time).....can it be something heart related...means heart attack? Generally says..B.S. Patients have Sex problems...but never I felt that also..I can have it once or twice in morning before getting up. whats wrong with me,. I can't understand..can any Dr. advice on this????? I have severe cough due to allergic bronchitis...taking cough syrup but for temporary relief... early morning if I change my sleeping mode.. I used to take Levolin Inhaler if more respiratory problems are there which can give me there any side effect in continuous usage of this?...await to a pragmatic advice on this by any professional in this field... tks... (my mail ID is

Nane in reply to gopu273

Go and see a good Physcian!

Peace7 in reply to Nane

I liked your response immensely.

Follow this very basic food eating tips:

1. Eat only when ur hungry [don’t go eat lunch just bz its 1 pm...don’t eat time basis]

2. Chew 25 times [count literally each bite]

3. Don’t drink water before or during or after food for 1 hr minimum.

4. Stop when you get 1st Burp while eating. When you chew 25 time, you will get burp - its a signal that ur full.

5. Finish dinner on or before 7 pm

5. Then do walking daily 30 mins a day.


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