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Food habits and pranayam definately help in reducing the blood sugar levels.

I am diabitic for more than 3 years now. I am taking two tablets daily ie the moening and evening dose. Even after medicines my fasting blood sugar levels were ranging between 180-200. I checked for my BMR (Basal Matabolism rate) which suggested that I require 1750 calories per day for my height and weight. I reduced my diet to 1750 calories and continued my walk for 60 min every morning. I also started pranayam Anulom Vilom 25 and Kapalbhati 500 times.

Very happy to observe that my sugar levels have dropped to normal levels. ( Fasting 110 ). I also substituted my B Complex tablet with Multi vitamin (Zincovit).

I feel this can be given a try by everyone as nothing exceptional has been tried.

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This is encouraging to all of us. Keep it up !


110 is still the high-end of normal. Replace some of your carbohydrates with egg, cheese, nuts, seeds, coconut oil, palm oil (not hydrogenated), avocado, butter and double cream to normalise your fasting blood glucose at 90, to minimise risk of complications.


coconut oil, palm oil, double cream, butter,are not recommended for diabetes due to their high bad cholesterol content


It's because of their saturated fat content. However, the facts don't support that saturated fat or cholesterol cause heart disease.


show me a single scientific evidence against the well proved fact that high bad cholesterol and saturated fat are the root cause of coronary and cerebro vascular accidents


I have gone through the videos u enclosed

.I have doubts about the credentials of these speakers

.They sound as if they are from alternative medicines, and don't seem to come from authentic laboratory evidence based facts

The lady keeps harping on the inflammation theory, forgetting that majority of atherosclerotic arteries show hardly any residual inflammation

.I agree it has some role especially in poor and malnourished persons, but is not the full story.

Most of the speakers are not updated in their current knowledge and approach the subject with preconceived ideas or prejudices.

you can check these with any modern M.D.Medicine physician


Most people it seems start from the position of formulating a belief, then finding evidence to support that view. Mainstream medicine for instance has supported the lowering of cholesterol at least since the 1970s. When checking with modern 'M.D.' doctors, please appreciate that they have forty something years of prejudice too. A vast industry of pharmaceutical medicines and food for example is based on this lipid hypothesis. Imagine how this would be affected if the hypothesis is wrong.

Facts against the view that saturated fat causes heart disease include the 'paradoxes' of high saturated fat consuming nations such as France that have low rates of heart disease, that more than half of those people that have CVD events have below 'normal' levels of cholesterol, and that high-glycaemic carbohydrates are known to increase very low density lipoproteins (VLDL) which are the 'cholesterol' found in plaques.

There is a difference between ingested fat and the fat formed in the body. Carbohydrates drive the formation of body fat (triglycerides). The name identifies that three fatty acids are joined by one carbohydrate (glyc-). This is biochemical fact. Think foie gras, where ducks and geese are fed grains to make their liver fatty.

I hope this encourages you to research wider.


pranayam on its own actually promotes insulin resistance and may not help in reducing sugar except for obese diabetics


wow! any study that substantiates this outlandish claim?


quite encouraging indeed. please throw more light on the diet being followed with 1750 calories


I take a cup of sugar free tea at 6:00 AM with very small qty of milk in it . Poha, Dalia, or Upma with half glass skimmed milk in breakfast (9:00 AM), Lot of Salad and sprouted salad dal 2 roti sabji, buttermilk and curd at Lunch (12:30 PM), Nutri choice biscuits at 3:30 with a cup of Sugar free tea, dinner at 7:00 PM same as lunch and an apple at around 9:30


DEAR SIR, I advise you to disconnect friendship with (VISIBLE FATS) usage of NV foods, oils, ghee, sugar and SALT and take white rece only cooked 100g rice with a puka and veg.juice and raw soaked dallas with a FRUIT AS BREAKFAST AND NIGHT 3 pulkas with raw-veg. adding lemon or its juice. Maintain timings for lunch 12 noon and dinner sharp by 7pm.


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