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Back After a long time -- LCHF and My LIPIDS

Got the 20 page report from thyrocare.

I am posting a shocker for some and welcome by others :)

Numbers in bracket are about 18 months back

Remember that during monsoons no walk at all in last 3 months




HDL - 32 mg% (33)

LDL - 89 mg% (110) -- Wow .. all the fat did not increase this. It reduced. Carbs are BAD for sure specially grains :)


TC/ HDL RATIO 5 (need to start taking 30 ml coconut oil now to see if HDL goes up)

LDL / HDL RATIO CALCULATED 2.8 (3.4) -- improved for better readings.

VLDL CHOLESTEROL CALCULATED 23.4 mg% (18) -- well need to get TRIG down. Mango shot it up for sure.

I am wondering what experts who say FAT is bad for cholesterol have to say? With all the EGGS, Cheese, Butter, Nuts, Coconut oil my LIPIDS should have shot through the roof. Yes i did restrict my CARBS for sure.

HBA1C -- 5.6 (5.2) -- Again no walks and too much mango during three months.

It's a huge 20 page report with many tests done only this time so nothing to compare. But all in all, LFT/KFT/LIPIDS/Cardiac markers are all healthy and great even after eating so much FAT .. yes SATURATED FAT :)

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Dear medfree

Please come back on this forum. People really need your expert guidance. If you keep guiding people, I am sure,

diabetic people will become alright and will not need any medicine . A BIG LOSS FOR MEDICINAL COMPANIES.I can say with confidence that with the help of your clipping on this forum, I am taking only 1mg Glimer in the morning . Where as earlier I was taking 2mg Glimer + 500mg Metmorfin + 0.2mg Volibose in the morning and the same dose at night. Thanks to LCHF Diet pattern suggested by you.

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Dear Sir

I Am sure with LCHF diet one can either reduce his intake of medicines OR can altogether avoid taking diabetic medicines. This is a big loss to various Pharmaceutical companies. Particularly Type 2 diabetic Persons can avoid tasking medicines if they follow your advice. I am able to influence couple of diabetic And as well as to non diabetic people regarding fats are not bad for them . Now they believe that fats are Good for them and they have started taking full fat milk as well as daily intake of butter and eggs along with yolk. I will advice every diabetic person to adopt LCHF diet pattern and stop taking medicines . Because I feel diabetes is not a disease, it is diet disorder. So correct your diet.

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Please let know what is this LCHF diet ?


What is this LCHF diet ?


What is this LCHF diet ?


Dear Maddiba

I feel diabetes is not a disease, it is a disorder of diet. Please Adopt LCHF diet pattern and get rid of your diabetes or lower your intake of medicines You have to select food with low glycemic index and high in fat content.. Keep a watch on your FBS and PPBS numbers till everything is settled and if you find yourself consistently hitting in 120-140 range for PPBS , reduce your diabetic medicines, if required. Select your own menu as per your appetite, considering in mind that you have to consume less carbohydrate, maximum to 100gms carbs per day, and rest should be fat and little proteins. Some of the food items I can suggest and remaining you can search yourself. AVOID WHEAT, RICE , BREAD & OTHER CEREALS ALTOGATHER OR LIMITING TO 100 gms CARBS. PER DAY. READ dietdoctor.com , fatsecret.com

1. Take Hot Veg Soup Non Strained measuring around 350ml with 30gms full fat milk cream OR around 20gm butter, and enjoy this with a 30-50 grams MIXED NUTS(Almonds,Walnuts & Peanuts, no cashew), OR along with Paneer Pakodas or Dal Chillas.

2. Take all dairy products, it should be full fat stuff (so no skimmed stuff), full fat milk curd which is > 1 day old, butter, cheese, clarified butter .

3. No biscuits, cracker, wafers , potatoes chips etc. Being vegetarian it limits your options.

4. If you are not a thyroid patient then add supplement: ALPHA LIPOIC ACID 300mg Capsule OID. (once a day).

5. Add paneer to your menu, and also eggs if you can afford to take, since scientifically eggs are supposed to be a vegetarian diet.

6. Restrict to just one chapati/meal, and subsequently one chapai per day

7. Fruits -- apple and citrus fruits. No JUICES at all.

8. Take vegetables like bra-coli, peas, beans, cabbage, cauliflower, shimla mirch and other vegetable having low glycemic index. No potato or potato products at all.


10. Take vegetarian preparations with salads and of course nice quantity of Chutney made from Coconut and daal etc ... 100gms chutney can be great filler and coconut is source of FAT.

11.Try masala dosa with mashed cauliflower and other vegetables, with peanuts to the masala which adds again good quantity of fat ... mashed cauliflower is a great substitute for potato as far as taste is concerned.

12. Take 100ml milk boiled with turmeric and pepper in morning and the same at night . 13. Every bit of movement and calorie burning counts ... minimum walking for15 minutes after every meal within the house is ok. Never use LIFT.

14. ONE VEGETARIAN DISH : Green Salad comprising 1 pc each of onion, carrot, cucumber, simla mirchi, 1 cup of cabbage. All are cut to small pcs, mix lot of curds to it, also add 2-3 spoons of olive oil. Add 1 cup of cream. In addition as a side plate , have 2 boiled eggs or 1/2 cup of paneer. If required eat any vegetable, not Potato or any thing made of Potatos. Try adding sesame seeds to salad and take nuts ( Almonds, Walnuts &peanuts, No cashews ) upto 100gms.per day, take stuff made from coconut.

15 FOR NON VEGETARIAN : You can take freely Chicken, Meat, Fish, Pork & Eggs

( Whole Egg With Yolk ). 16. In addition do take Karela juice, amla juice, 5 mg fenugreek seeds soaked in water for over night before every meal, jamun seeds powder, 4 garlic pearls cut into pieces with water & cinnamon powder with water or in tea etc.

READ dietdocter.com , fatsecret.com, old posts of anup & medfree on www. healthunloked.com on LCHF

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Thanks a lot for the response at a lightening speed.


dear kkjng,

Thanks. Your advice is for me like mentos which has lighted my brain.


Wow for your results

Within 40 days of following LCHF ,my LDL had reduced from 60 to 45 ( a 25% reduction). Same proportion of increase in my HDL/Total cholesterol ratio within 45 days .My next check up is due in November .I will be too glad to share the results in this forum..Let me honestly declare that never before in my 25 years of diabetes had I controlled my BG and lipid profile so very well as I do with LCHF .

ram_latha , type 2 since 25 years


I think your tests prove a couple of things :- 1) Mango, even if taken with curd, is not good for diabetics. If it were good, then why should rice with curd be bad ? :-) 2) Intake of saturated fats doesn't increase triglycerides. Its intake of trans fat that is bad.

However, there is no evidence whatsoever that you have done any damage to yourself by not walking. Its probably the sweetness of the mango that has raised your HBA1C levels. Either quit mangoes altogether or strictly limit your intake. The same goes for ice cream, whether high fat or low fat, imho.

On a different topic, I have been successful in reducing LD or NP by consuming two teaspoonfuls of apple cider vinegar with water every night just before crashing. Cheers !! :-)


Type 1 DM is not possible to cure but with some supplements, you can control your sugar level to normal but keep continue taking the supplements. My wife has type 2 DM but with many allopathic medicines it was not going below 208. Then I tried for Chlorophyll Powder with BiosLife D. In 15 days I found amazing result and sugar level came down to 132. If you need it please call me on 9427360957. My mail ID is rs.daxini@gmail.com

Chlorophyll is a natural product available in all green leaf. But this chlorophyll I am talking about is derived from Alfa Alfa Plants' leaf.

Bios Life D is also natural products and its a combination of Gum Arabic, Guar Gum, Sun flower seed, Maltodextrin, Oat, Locus Beans, Beta Glucon, Phytosterols, Policosanal etc...

Dose: Chlorophyl 1/2 spoon three time daily to dissolve in water or any juice or buttermilk or lassi or milk ...any liquid. It has no taste but green color.

For Diabetic foot ulcer or any wound not healing, use Chlorophyll powder as dressing material and in 15 days any wound is cured.

Cost: Rs. 850/- per bott of 90 gm. Whole sale price Rs.650/- + courier charges.

Bios Life D : 5 Minits before lunch One Sachet to dissolve in 250 ml water and drink immediatly.

Cost: Rs.1800/- for a box of 30 sachets Whole sale price Rs.1300/- + courier.

Both the products are from USA and freely available in India.


Kinly pls tell me .i want use .i m from near mumbai.alopathic ,ayurvedic or whose store have its ?


It is available in Baroda. Please give your address on 09427360957. I will tell them to courier you both the products.


Can I have your diet plan for LCHF - I think I missed lot of good things.


Kindly increase your Protein intake; which is the only way to increase HDL-C. HDL-C has got about 55% of Protein in it. It can no longer be called Cholesterol. It is just a measure of protein.

Try to consume more water; this will bring down Triglyceride under control (in turn VLDL)

You may also try taking virgin Omega 3 to reduce Triglyceride.


Dear Medfree ji,

I am happy to hear from your side. Good to see your lipid profile in good shape. HDL/TRIG ratio is a concern though. Hope to hear more from you.

I also did my lipid done a few days before. Trig improved from 127 to 86. HDL declined little from 56 to 52. LDL changed from 150 to 138, still on higher side.. Total Cholesterol improved from 252 to 208. VLDL is now at 17 from 25. Now my Trig /HDL ratio is less than 2, if I am correct. 4 months before it was less than 3. I am on LCHF diet for the last six months or so. I take Glycomet 500 mg IR twice a day and BP medicine and Ecosprin 150 mg OID.

With Regards



TG:HDL ratio can be as least as possible. The ratio indicate Insulin Resistance. There is no medicine available to just increase only HDL. In my opinion, HDL is measure of Protein, because it contains majorly protein of 55% and contains only 8% cholesterol. To reduce the ratio, TG has to be lowered by increasing water intake or by consuming, bitter-free flax-seed oil, (Virgin Omega 3 Oil); ratio is lowered by increasing HDL through, only through increasing in-take of dhalls and pulses.

Cholesterol is good for health but not Triglyceride.


Thanks for the concern. From where one can get Virgin Omega 3 Oil.




It is a bit costlier but has no bitter-ness in taste; no chemicals, no solvent used in processing It costs Rs. 750 per Jar of 500ml, which is enough in normal condition for month.


How/where can I get it.




Please provide Anupji's mail id, if you are in contact with him.


Hi anup good news really great inspiration for us. thanks


VOW! You are providing us with definite insight!!


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