On advice of medfree, I started taking two teaspoon of Coconut Oil (Virgin Cold milled) morning evening, after lunch and dinner. My HDL at the start of taking oil was 31 (reduced from 32 about a month ago). After over a month, today my my report has shown 36. This has also improved LDL/HDL ratio. So guys, instead of putting into your hair, put it in your stomach. It will do you good!


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  • Thanks Medfree! Keep up the good work.

  • Also u can take salmon fish oil after meals and see the improvement in Hdl levels in just 1 month, it has the ability to even open blocked arteries.

  • I am vegetarian. But thanks anyway.

  • Flax Seeds will drop LDL even faster. Also Coc oil- both are veg my friend. In winters enjoy walnut, almonds, pistachios- enjoy as u drop yr LDL.

  • At the rate dry fruits are selling, I will have a heart attack. There will be no need to lower anything anymore.

  • Wait some time imported dry fruits will sell cheaper than Onions.

  • Which Chinese fruits?

  • Yes.

  • So far, I am in the impression of not taking coconut oil in the food items; It is not at all used in our family, out of fear. Thanks for the above information.

  • Fresh virgin coconut oil is cholestoral free and it can be stored for long time with out damage.It is sold 500 gms at dollar 400 in USA . The bar oil in the world


  • What is meant by" fresh virgin coconut oil",sir ?

  • my advise to you never drink coconut oil, in Kerala people use coconut oil as cooking media, if you consume directly your cloistral level 's will go up

  • I don't blame you, I was also under the same impression. But if you Google, you will find articles after articles of Coconut Oil on Lipids.

  • this advice is incorrect, please do not do this, it will lead to other problems,

  • @tantravahi

    You should explain, why this advice is incorrect. Maybe, I don't know something which you know. We all will gert enlightened.

  • Yes, cholesterol level will go up, but good cholesterol levels HDL will go up. That is happened in my case. LDL levels are the same. Google it.

  • Dear Everexotic,

    To improve your HDL you must go for long walks every day. It need not be a brisk walk but for long duration. I would suggest you a daily walk of one hour will improve your HDL substantially.

    Now it is clinically proved that Coconut oil is one of the best oils on par with Olive oil. It is enough if you take 10 grms of it per day to get the maximum benefit. You can also try drinking Coconut Milk (Not coconut water) every day and see excellent results in your lipid profile and Sugar profile.

    Are you on any Statin drug ?



  • We in Konkan love coconut oil in cooking, so if you can kindly inform the source, which recommend coconut oil for increasing HDL. I will be highly obliged

  • Oil should be from good coconuts and cold pressed.

  • I do walk every day but not for an hour. I was on statin drug, which I stopped 4 months ago, because of myopathy.

  • It will be good if you can walk for one hour. It will set right your metabolism. What statin were you taking and at what dose. You can reduce the dose to 10 mg or even 5 mg and get the benefit without the side effect of Myopathy. You can also try taking it on alternate days if you are a real Hypercholesterolaemia person. But some statins also reduce HDL along with LDL and TGL . If you are on Atorvastatin then try to switch over to Rosuvastatin (Rosuvas 10 mg ) and see how it works for you.

  • Coconut Oil is the BEST suited for cooking medium; because of faulty promotion, it had lost its sanctity even in Kerala. Coconut oil is only oil which can be reheated any number of times without any change in quality of oil. There is no doubt that this oil increases HDL.

    Secondly, there is one of myth that cholesterol is bad for health; in fact it is must for our entire metabolism. Doctors are prescribing statins in case cholesterol is high; why are not they suggesting people to take oil if their cholesterol levels are low?

    We had been slaves politically in the past; now culturally slaves.

    There is proverb which everyone knows"Be a Roman while in Rome"; let us be Indians at least when in India.

  • Well said

  • Kindly go through all my comments in this blog..

  • why not add coconut to various dishes we make .

  • Coconut oil when heated up and mixed with spices loses it's HDL lowering capacity.

  • If you have to reduce LDL and increase HDL then you can safely take Lipidomix of Vanitha Ayur research one cap per night for 30 days to reduce total cholesterol by 20-25 points. If total more than 200 then you should use this.

    see web and see medicines of vanitha ayur in it. Contact them for further information.

  • The important parameter is LDL/HDL ratio. If it's below 4 that is great

  • Garlic Therapy cheapest and easiest without wt gain by eating Coc oil/nuts- 4-5 cloves of garlic, chew well and swallow with a glass of luke warm water and juice of 1 lime. First thing in morning. Check your HDL, LDL and weight loss after a month and report to everyone here.

  • I was on garlic therapy gor quite sometime, but no result

  • and with coconut oil?

  • From 31 to 36

  • Hai,I want to contact cocount oil user direct.Is it true?

  • I am direct. It is true and I have lipid profile report to back up

  • good but some suggesion i had that,coconut oil increases colostrol,is it fact?

  • Well, my LDL did not go up. Plus important parameter is LDL/HDL ratio, which improved because of increase in HDL.

  • Thanks for your information and testimony.

  • sure it does only if u follow low carb diet. high carb and high fat = double whammy

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