Can diabetics observe fast?

Diabetic person should avoid fasting. It is important to note that in a human being all vital organs like heart, brain, kidney, lungs etc. are working constantly & they require energy to work. For the proper supply & utilization of energy, diabetics must take routine diet and medicines regularly.

If they don't take food and medicines on time, it may lead to major swings in blood sugar levels (low as well as high) and coma. There fore, fasting is not advisable.

But if it becomes unavoidable to observe fast, take tea/milk, fruits, buttermilk, etc. as per the advice of dietician. Moreover, take vegetables made of cucumber, tomato, carrot or bottle gourd; “Rajagra Bhakhri, Moraiya Khichdi, Sabudana Khichdi” equal to your usual food. Consult doctor regarding the medication and their dosages during this period.

In the month of Ramzan, Muslims are taking meal at night instead of day, so they can take morning dose of medication at night and night dose of medication at early morning.


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  • I am diabetic Type 2 since last 27Years&regularly Fasting in month of Ramzan by changing scheudle of meal &medicine.Found good control on blood sugar.AliSM

  • Is there any change in quantity food u take whether u eat in the night / Day. Instead of eating in the day u eat in the night. Fasting is total obstination of food for at least a day (24) hours.

  • D/a i am having D for the past 7 yrs. I used to fast. Then I had problem with Kidney high level Creatine. Then I stopped it. Tried one or two fasting and left. What do you say about it. G. Level is 130 in the morning.

  • This an issue which needs to be handled very carefully.If there is a chance of hypoglycemia,one should avoid medication and exercise while fasting.

  • If "D" is not controlled by Medicines but by diet and exercise alone then one can fast like a non diabetic.

  • i am diabetic. i have been fasting for the last 10 years. my metabolism has accepted. i do not even take any the same time i do not take medicine too.. and my sugar level is constant and works a lot.

  • I take one cup of tea in the morning. No breakfast. take limited qty of food at 11-00 AM.

    Take small meal at 8-00 PM. No food continously for more than 12 hours. I am OK for the last 20 years.

  • Many times i find these problems subjective rather than universal as they depend solely on one's own body constitution and how it is tuned from the childhood..

  • My aunt who is diabetic did a fast & ended up in a hospital.

  • Type 2 who do not take medications can never go into hypo unless they have issues with tumors of pancreas.


  • this is the fact we should adopt it

  • It is an enlightening advice.

  • I am 55 having FS of 140 - 170 and PPS in band of 190 - 250 . My field job is such that 1-2 days a week I have to skip lunch and these are days when I have no rest and have to walk 6-7 km .in scorching heat I am 168 cm and weigh 66 kg. For last few months I am feeling pain in both my shoulders. I have no other medical problem and fitter at my age than others.of my age Medicines for diabetics I have only taken at streches of 2-3 months

  • diabetic person if he feels very Hungary when woke-up in the morning means his fasting sugar may be 250 and above.NO' to fasting .Diabetic person needs food/meal at the interval of at least 3 hours of each meal.'god/Allag/Ishwar never say for fasting.Fasting is exceelant for rich/high,middle class people,even one want to keep-fasting he must 'LEMON TASTE LOGENCE'in case he can not without food.30 minutes walk wearing canvas shoe put Madar Leaf(Dorsal:Vein side).before 30 days of Ramjan/or any occasion. Control Ur blood sugar.If one continue walking as I directed in long time one may rid off of sugar medicine.Requested reader if applied my this theory at walk one must wash feet thoroughly.

  • If you are not on medicine, then you can fast for longer hours without any worries.(Personal experience, of course). I don't take medicines, I do not have my blood sugar levels under control. I regularly exercise(strength training, running and cycling). I do longer than 24 hr fasts(only water) regularly. My blood sugar levels drop to 90-100 after 15hrs but I can carry on with my normal activities without any problem. I have even gone on road trips while fasting.

    It is the diabetics who take medicines that need to be careful with fasting otherwise the body is meant to withstand regular periods of fasting. That is how our ancestors lived.

  • The body needs some energy for basic functioning such as breathing , controlling body temparature , for the growth of new cells , for the circulation of blood ,controlling of muscles , regulating nerves activity etc . This requirement of energy is known as basic metabolic rate which is needed even if the body is at rest even 24 hours . It is a wrong perception that more physical activity causes much physical weight loss .Actually weight loss is caused by restricted calorie in take .Of the total energy nearly 60 to 65 % is spent for this basic metabolic rate , 25% on physical activity , and 10 % for the food break down . Usually 1000 calories is required for the basic metabolic rate of moderately built person . Of course factors such as weight , height , age also decide the caloric need . In this scenario , how can fasting is recommended in case of an average and normal person. People who take high fat diet may withstand the fasting strain . Now we can't compare with the olden days rishi , munis , yogis because the quality of life in general and food in particular , the stamina was different at that time . Even now some exceptions could be there .So total fasting is not advised .

  • There's no strain in fasting. Even the leanest person has lot of fat to comfortably go through one day without any problem. Fasting is great. It has nothing to do with high fat or low fat diet. Yes food craving is more on high carb diet.

    Calorie counting is useless and failed science unless one talks of impact of thermogenic effect and how many calories go down the loo. You start cutting down calorie and body starts ramping down metabolism. So no thumb-rule of calorie can work. Reducing weight (body fat) has everything to do with reducing residual insulin in blood.

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