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Reduce risk of type 2 diabetes with this simple diet plan


Choosing an adequate diet to prevent and control diabetes can be very hard to find. There are many diet plans which have proven to be non-beneficial. After the use of many drugs, patients are not relieved. The secretion of insulin, which is a need in diabetes treatment by the Pancreas, shuts down.

Contrary to a common belief, 100% fruit juice is safe. Today, the recognized glucometer reading for a diabetic patient is 160.

According to Dr. Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury, the consumption of fructose, which is present in all fruits, reduces it to a 100.

Here’s the diet plan suggested by him, by adopting this for a month, you can overcome the type 2 diabetes, pre-diabetes, gestational diabetes problems.*

Also, he recommends stopping taking the drug if you are following this diet plan & keep observe yourself for 3-4 days (prefer to stay at home if possible).

Your Diabetes diet chart

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Hi nisha0103, this is really good advice especially as pre-diabetes is now on many peoples radar so thanks for posting this.

Jerry. 😊

Thank you for the link. A very simple explanation on food quantity!

Take you weight in kg and then add a zero to the kg number to give quantity of food in g, excellent.

HOBIEONE in reply to sandybrown

Really good luck to all who are trying to look after themselves !

I don't believe in such saying of Dr. Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury because if you try the same fruit diet your blood sugar level will increase rather than decrease. I have practically tasted the same with increasing BS

dr.biswarrop chaudhary is not a medical doctor but a quack advising non sense to people and ripping money from ignorant people.

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