Fruit Sugar Vs White Sugar

I feel my system is able to tolerate items made with regular sugar but not sugar contained in fruits. When I eat fruits, I feel that fruit taste in my saliva and I feel it is going on circulating up and down. Also some fruits like citrus, cantaloupe give me migraine.

Is this possible that a person can tolerate white sugar but not fruit sugar? Can someone explain what is happening and whether I should avoid eating good things like fruits and eat bad things like items made of sugar, at least in moderation, to satisfy my minds craving for sweet?

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  • all fruits are loaded with fructose which is not needed insuline to digest.while sugar is sucrose which needs insuline todigest.there fore our diabetic friends can take any no. of fruits inth e ir diet.

  • And fructose is processed same way as alcohol by the liver.

  • Nonsense.

    Sucrose is half fructose, half glucose. Do a bit of research on non alcoholic fatty liver and see what fructose has to do with it.

  • Gary Taubes (again an Engineer) says that too :)

  • dear krishvi,

    it looks,there is a fundamental mistake you are in.

    you have migraine.

    fruits give you discomfort.

    but sugar -table sugar-does not.

    so you concluded...fructose in sugar is the culprit.where as fructose in table sugar is harmless.


    a fruit contain many things other than fructose.

    why citrus fruits then ? you should have asked.

    your discomfort is migraine related.

    migraine is not merely pain.

    pain is only one of the symptoms.

    just find the migraine triggers in you and select the fruits that suit you.more later ...

    good luck

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