Everyone on Here is Lovly I really feel like I've made friends for life!! :))

Hey everyone on here is brill at answering questions and really listening generally Careing about each other. I would b lost without this website. Great to talk to people with same problems as having depression can make me feel really lonely sometimes.

Thank you all for being here and really understanding xxx

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  • I agree, it's a really friendly welcoming website and it's great when I'm feeling down.xx

  • It's a lovely site and you seem lovely too! I often worry that one day I'll log on and it'll have disappeared! And I wont speak to the names I recognise ever again! X

  • Oh don't say that , Suzie. I look on here everyday and read the blogs and try and help. I don't blog nuch myself but it is a good feeling that there are so many lovely people on here who understand exactly how I am feeling. I an so very pleased that I found the site and all you lovely people. xx

  • Hi Annie, I love this site too. I also read the blogs everyday but its not everyday I feel up to answering some of them

    I remember your bad night at the Wellyboot & wanted to reach out to you but I was'nt having a good day myself.

    I live in Belfast & I believe you dont live to far from there yourself. I did ask you before but you did'nt reply, maybe you dont want to & thats your choice but I am here should you feel like talking.


    Jackie xx

  • Hi Jackie I live in newtownabbey,is that far from you?

    Yes I often worry the site would disappear also but really hope that dosnt happen as you all keep me going and we help each other and understand what depression anxiety etc is like

    Love annie xx

  • Hi everyone, I think the site is great too, and I often think " oh it would be awful if it was disconinued" it really helps me" you get great advice and love and no judging. I think it is one of the best sites around. Nice to see some people from Belfast, I live in Dublin myself, but we are all a big family, it was a nice post of gratitude for us to appreciate what we have.

    so big shout out to Annie87 for posting this nice little post.



  • Thank you Hannah :)) I love Dublin been a few times and going back on 27th of April this month with my daughter she's doing an Irish dance comp in citywest hotel

    Wish we all could meet up and have a chat think the nhs should pay as we could all help each other

    Love annie xxx