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Feeling sad and like you just don't want to be here

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Anyone got tips on how to really stay positive? I wake up in the morning and soon as my eyes open I just feel total sadness for no reason and I find it very hard to get motivated or to even think straight, not sure how to over come this and I'm finding it very difficult :(

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don’t try to find what makes you happy. just be it.

I know just how you feel. Are you taking any medication for how you're feeling? If so it might be worth looking at the time you take it.

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Hello, I got prescribed sertaline 50mg but iv not really took it steadily, it gives me side affects like sickness and really sore heads, do u think if I persist this will help? Xx

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I took sertraline for a while but didn’t have the best experience. However, whatever you’re taking you should persevere with it, at the correct dose, until your doctor tells you otherwise. This is coming from someone who always messes around with her medication though, so probably not the best person to give advice x

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Hiya, as with any medication there may be side effects, which may or may not subside over time. Sometimes the side effects are tolerable, if the medication is having a beneficial effect, but you will only know this if you take it in accordance with the instructions. Different medications work for different people, so please don't think that if a medication works for someone else it will work for you and vice versa. This is something only you and your doctor should decide, and, unfortunately, not all GPs have sufficient experience in treating anxiety and depression, so you need to have confidence in your doctor and, if necessary, seek referral to a specialist. You can also take an 'advocate' along with you to GP appointments, to back you up. All this can be time consuming and very tiring if you are feeling unwell but I would urge you to persist because it's really important that if you are taking medication, it needs to be the right one (or the right combination of medications) for you and the right dose. Take care,

In my recovery, I learned that the brain's default is a negative bias. So when I wake up I recognized that when those thoughts come my brain is just waking up and getting on with my day requires getting out of bed and eating a healthy breakfast. When the thoughts come during the rest of the day, I tell myself, "Delete, delete" which usually brings a chuckle and I move on from there.

Throughout the day, as a woman of faith I talk to God (this is just me and I am only sharing what works for me) focusing on my blessings in spite of how I feel because I have learned that my feelings are not always an accurate assessment of what is happening in my life. What an eye opener this was for me - I thought my feelings and reality were the same things.

You could start a Gratitude Journal and note the things that you are grateful for - I am confident that you will find your way! I wish you well and thanks for sharing. Your post helped me to realize how far I have come and that is good because it is so easy to get stuck focused on all the wrong things.

Hi there,

I know how you feel. I feel exactly the same every day.

The only thing that makes me take my mind off my mental health is to do something I like doing. For me it's changing every day. Sometimes I find it soothing to put on makeup and try different looks. Sometimes is just playing with my cat. Even watching YouTube videos.

I really like to sing so I connect my phone Bluetooth to my speaker and just sing along. Sometimes is really sad songs like Twenty one pilots - Truce and sometimes is happier ones. It really helps.

Take baby steps. Don't try to push yourself to do something you don't feel like. I have done that more than I can count and it never really helps.

Hope this helps you a little. I'm always here to chat.

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Thank you chezamis I will try out some of your ideas xxx

I go through periods of this too. I know how you feel

I use post-it notes as reminders of the things I'm grateful for. I have them next to my bed so I see them before sleeping and when I wake up. It helps me

Think this is a great idea, sometimes u just need to focus on what's really good in your life and how lucky we are and what we have xx thankyou

Try Woebot . Look it up on Google. It's a Stanford created CBT therapy 'robot' that has conversations with you and asks you questions and it really helps change the way you think to something more helpful/constructive (by all accounts). I've just tried it yesterday and looking forward to interacting again. Currently on Apple and Facebook Messenger. It takes 2 weeks to a month to become really useful, just be aware.

I would also suggest some mindfulness and perhaps your GP's advice. If your current medication isn't helpful just ask for another - there are plenty of options. Try and eat healthy too.

It is not unfamiliar these days my friend, start with small things even stupid or childish ones, talk to yourslef every morning you wake up surrounded with that feeling, just repeat this every morning and look if it helps gradually

I used to feel like this quite often and my way of dealing with it was this (and please don't anyone think I am saying this is what you SHOULD do, I'm just saying this is how I deal with it - may not work for everyone but certainly seems to work for me).

When my alarm goes off, I wake up and if I feel this low awful feeling I tell myself, at least I am waking up in my own bed in my own home and not in some hospital where I don't know when I am going to get home and wondering what I am going to do with myself all day. At least I have the luxury of knowing I am in control of my own life/day!! There are people in hospital with illnesses and have no idea when they will be able to lead even a "semi-normal" life. I know this looks as though I am using other peoples misfortunes to make myself better but I'm actually trying to reassure myself of how lucky I actually am.

Another thing I do is I give this horrible monster in me (the one that makes me feel like this) a name. You could too!! For example, you call it "Voldamort" (I know you are all laughing at me now..LOL!!), but everytime Voldamort rears its ugly head and you start to feel that crappy way, just say to Voldamort (or whichever name you choose), "No, you are not going to spoil my day by making me feel this rotten. This is MY life and today IS going to be a good day because I am going to make it good so you can just jog on today, your not welcome here!".

Like I said this might not work for everyone but over the years I have had to try and see a positive in everything, or in as much as I can - otherwise, what is the point?... Trying to be positive instead of negative is really good for you mentally as I have found. Yeah, sure your going to have a crap day now and again (even people who don't have mental health problems do) but its how you deal with it that makes the difference.

We should embrace the life we have been given and make the most of every day!!


(Sorry for rambling on but I am a touch typist and I can type as fast as I can think and this is the reason my posts are so long!!) XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

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