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Sitting here in tears because my feelings just got hurt really bad by someone I love

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I’m proud of myself for being stronger than I’ve been but tonight my feelings were terribly hurt by a love and a friend. I have to just get over it on my own. I know a in a few days or weeks I will recover but to go through the pain at this moment is tough. 🦋 Im sorry I really don’t want to explain because it may not be understood and that would make me feel worse. Thanks for reading.

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Hello 'Where_is normal, Our thoughts are with you. Although we donot know what this is all about just know you seem to be stronger now and we are behind you when you wish to share with us.

All on this caring community and the MAS Nurses.

hi sorry to hear that here for you when you feel up to it.tale care.

Sending hugs ((((( )))))) xxx

Hugs from me too xxx

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