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I feel like I am gonna kill my family because I may have brought Covid into our house

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My friend's dad was showing symptoms and she came over for a movie night. I thought it was gonna be fine, but it wasn't. He just tested positive. My sister kept blaming me and I know I'm to blame but I'm hyperventilating and I feel really guilty. I feel like I'm gonna die. I'm gonna kill my family because of this. I am never gonna forgive myself. Can I please talk to someone? My family hates me now. I'm such and idiot for this and I don't feel like I deserve help and I need some reassurance.

14 Replies
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It is a really hard time on anxiety and not your fault the virus is spreading. My family in the states right now I have two positive that have recovered and now two more tested positive and are quarantined. I’m sorry your anxiety seems to overwhelm your thoughts to feel bad about yourself. You are caring and worrying over this shows how much you do care and that you guilt yourself instead of the full circumstance. Please try to forgive what has happened as circumstance and know you are worth love and forgiveness as it was not a purposeful act. Take care and I send love through this hard.

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Thank you so much for replying. I texted a crisis helpline since I wrote this and I feel less overwhelmed. I still feel really guilty. Your response really made me feel better!

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Exactly, you are not to blame for the virus spreading. That's what viruses do. Remember, none of your family has come down with anything yet, right? Try not to assume the worst. Your family shouldn't be blaming you. We are all doing our best to be thoughtful in this difficult time. You don't need the added stress of guilting yourself.

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I appreciate your kind and reassuring words. I am going to try my hardest not to put all the blame on myself!

Phone emergency hospital and get some drugs or medicine

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I am thinking of you and hope you are eased some.

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Lycholko in reply to Torri_____

I have eased up a little. I am still stressed out but my family tried reassuring me today and I felt better. Thank you for checking up on me. Not many people do that :)

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Hello there. I’m sorry- did your family actually say they ‘hate’ you now? Because if so, you’re the one who’s being abused..that’s disgusting to talk to your own family like that. Furthermore, covid has a 97.9% recovery rate, so instead of creating panic in the house, perhaps your family should do some research about how for most of us, it’s a little cough lasting a couple of weeks. For a lot of us, we’re completely asymptomatic. So instead of your family all living in fear, which it sounds like they are, why don’t they just wait and see what happens. They might not get ill. Just because your friend’s Dad tested positive, doesn’t mean now all your family will get it. I honestly think your family need to chill out (a long with a lot of society) stop watching BBC news on a daily basis and learn to love and be compassionate with each other and holding so much blame for each other.

On another note, if you’re actually thinking of killing yourself because of this (or anything) you need help, my friend. Call the Samaritans- they’ll be able to help you 24/7. Good luck with dealing with your family.

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Lycholko in reply to Staranise

They never said they hate me, but my sister was blaming me and giving me the silent treatment. I was not suicidal at the time, but it just thought that I was going to be the reason why my whole family dies. I did text a crisis hotline and they did help me. I was just freaking out a lot and looking at the worst.

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Staranise in reply to Lycholko

You’re not going to kill your family. Sorry you were feeling so bad. Please don’t let the media panic frighten you like this. As I say, most of us have no symptoms. Good luck dealing with your sister etc x

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Lycholko, Take a deep breath. Close your eyes, breath in your nose for 6 seconds, then blow out. Repeat 5 times.

You may feel guilty. That is normal. I have had 3 family members and 4 friends test positive and we're hospitalized and are on the road to recovery. It is scary. You are scared. They are scared.

Next time they comment and put blame, try counting down from 5 in your head and then try saying, calmly, "I already am being very harsh on myself. I apologize for thinking visiting with my friend would be ok. I was wrong. It really hurts me when you say those things, but I am doing a good job beating myself up already."

Next week, get everyone tested. All the anxiety is normal, but until you know more there is not much to do but self isolate. Vitamin C, Elderberry, and Echinaecia will keep your immune system fighting.

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🙏 You and your family are in my prayers.Try to stay calm and talk to your family as much as possible.I was freaking out when l first heard of cov but then l did my research and realized the media makes the wolf look bigger than what it is.My sons been around people that unknowingly had it and they did not catch it.I am assuming because we were using things to build up our immune system before COV was ever heard of...like diffusing antiviral essential oils and applying it on the sole of our feet with a carrier oil,eating fruits high in vitamin c and melatonin like tart cherries,medicinal mushrooms, beef liver or the powder for vitamin d,goat milk for magnesium,mujeza black seed honey,mujeza cinnamon turmeric honey,FGO chamomile tea and spearmint tea sweetened with maple syrup,oil pulling with virgin coconut oil etc... Please keep your head up and build up your immune system

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hey, I’m sorry you felt like this, I have also experienced this fear many times and blamed myself and thought of the worst possible scenarios regarding covid and my family. I know it’s easier said than done but try not to blame yourself, and when you feel this panicked state try not to read the news on covid casue that’s makes me a lot worse! I read the comments and saw you spoke to a helpline which is great, just remind yourself your anxiety is making you think of the worst possible outcome and causing you guilt but everything will always be okay! Sending love

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you don't have to blame yourself, He might had virus from just visiting a supermarket etc. Its an airborne thing and its not necessary every one gets complications. Zinc and food on time is best remedy and of course if it symptoms worsens then to your local A&E

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