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I feel like I'm losing control of my life. My crap lonley life

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Feeling like I've no control of this depression. Thought I was getting a grip of it but then start to think of everything and just lose my mind. Got a sickness meeting with work been off for 7 weeks now. Can't face going back. Got no control of my life, how has my life turned out like this. So low and can't see a way out

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I know that feeling when you have to face the dreaded sickness meeting. If only managers knew how much these meetings can set you back. There is a way out of the darkness, you just can't see it at the moment. Who have you got supporting you? x

My union rep will be coming with me, I just wish it was over with. X

What job do you do? x

Receptionist. Used to love it but unfortunately due to many changes the place is horrible to work in now. Want a new job but have lost all my confidence due to bad manager.

That doesn't sound good, and as a receptionist I guess you're dealing with people all the time and can't hide away with your mood? x

That's right. Not really the best place for me at the minute the way I'm feeling. But feel guilty about it! Which doesn't help.😔

I know just how that feels. I went on the sick just after Christmas and went back way before I was ready because of feeling guilty!

It's an awful feeling.x

Let it all out sweetie, you're not alone.

CHILL! That's my advice. Depression is serious business as you are aware. Just take your time and find your hobbies and pastimes.

I totally identify with everything you’ve said,I can feel my depression creeping back on me and I hate it,I can’t control what I’m thinking.ive suffered for yrs on and off,been on medication,been off meds,started to feel bit better in new yr,more positive etc,then my relationship finished.not through choice,he got ill and his mother has taken control of every aspect of his life and has banned him from seeing me.as I told her she was a controlling manipulative woman,it’s a very complicated situation that too long to get into,but it’s really affected my mental state,my work,I think to myself.some people get 1 or 2 curve balls chucked at them,I get like 10,suffice to say,I’m not in a good place right now


I don't know what condition you have but I would just like to offer you a different perspective if that is okay?

What if your depression was a signal to you?

What if your unwillingness to face up to whatever it is that your mind is telling you to focus on means that your mind has taken you further into a feeling of a lack of control and unhappiness?

What if the answer was to do something about the very thing that you are afraid of doing...taking control.

You say that you want to get another job but this manager has made you feel what exactly...not good enough?

What if that was the very thing you needed to do to change your mental state for the better?

You see...it doesn't realy matter what this manager does to you..he/she can't really touch you...sure they can be a bit of an A HOLE but honestly...poor them, imagine having to be the sort of person who feels that the only way to manage people is to be an A HOLE!

My point is...screw him/her. Do what you know you're able to do. Your mind and body are sending you a message...change needs to happen! Until you meet that change mentally and in reality you will continue to feel more and more miserable.

The answer is simple...question is...what needs to happen for you to embrace change and go for it?

Question: What will happen if you don't embrace change?

Go for it. How important is your happiness to you?

Sorry to hear about the pressure you are under. It is so difficult to put your health first but that is the best approach.

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