I might have PTSD

Hello again :) for all of you who dont know i had an abusive relationship at college so i took a medical leave to clear my head. I recently returned and since i got back ive been noticing symptoms of PTSD. ive been angry, depressed, disconnected from people, and having sleep problems. I had a nightmare about being chased by a rapist and for some reason ive been having trouble sleeping at night yet im able to sleep during the day without a problem. Just out of the blue i started to not be able to sleep at night so then i would try to catch up during the day and since then my schedule has been like this. Especially since daytime sleeping (not napping) can cause a slew of other problems, i need to do something about this now. Im thinking that being at the exact location where the abuse happened is triggering all of this.

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  • You need to make yourself stay awake during the day, so that eventually you will be so tired you will sleep at night. Now you're in a vicious circle of sleeping the day away and then not being able to sleep at night.. You need to break this cycle now..and you need to seek therapy for your PTSD.. Best of luck x

  • I tried staying awake all day only to end up staying up all night again. I'm just about to run and get my medication so that I can take a sleeping pill. I talked to a counselor over the phone and she said that people who have experienced sexual abuse can end up sleeping the day away like I do. I don't know why, but I guess it's something to do with the dark. I booked an appointment with my psychiatrist and therapist, but I think I'm going to start seeing someone who is specifically geared toward sexual trauma. Thank you for your advice.

  • Hope all goes well for you

  • Thank you.

  • He kept on touching my private areas without my permission even when i told him to stop. I reported it to the police and they said it was attempted assault so nothing got done. I didnt want to switch schools because this is my third undergrad school and its my senior year. Besides hes the one who should be leaving. Not me.

  • Yup. I saw him as soon as i arrived for class today. He wasnt in the classroom though, but just in the building. I do have a no-contact order on him which is one level below a restraining order. As a matter of fact my friend is living in his suite. But on the bright side I took a quiz today for one of my classes and performed significantly better than i did the first time :)