shortness of breath

Hi all not been on for a while having few problems, I have given up smoking for 4 months now, during the last two weeks i have been waking up with shortness off breath and feeling bloated like ive been pumped with gas intestines gurgle very loud, the breathing problem im gasping for air and it subsides when i prop myself up on pillows, had it 2 weeks ago lasted a full 24 hrs then last weekend it lasted 3 days worse in morning and when i lie down. then this morning mild shortness of breath, any ideas, im also due for an mri scan as my shoulder elbow aches like cramp in joints and 4 of my fingers are pins and needles all day every day for the past month. please help i suufer anxiety and this is not helping 

thankyou mandy xxx

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  • I have shortness of breath too it's your anxiety and could also be stress if you getting stressed about your scan x

  • i really dont think it is anxiety xx its a completely different feeling to the breathlessness i get when having a panick attack. xxx i

  • That's wat it sounds like x

  • ty xx

  • Hope u get sorted if u are concerned ring your doctors xx

  • ty called doc got me inn in next hour thanks Iparkinson better putting my mind at rest, not one for gps xx

  • It sounds like something physical going on. Have you had your iron levels checked recently? That can cause this. I had similar symptoms and found out recently I Have an under active thyroid. I've always struggled on and off with my iron levels. Looking back though I think a lot of my depression and ups and downs was caused by My thyroid. Hope you find out what it is.

  • funny you should say that one blood test came back low on folic acid xx just called docs seeing me in hours time. ill mention it xx

  • its an aweful feeling even when im sat it happens

  • Hopefully if you have a good GP they will investigate further for you. My GP was a bit rubbish and only found out I was hypothyroid from a one off private blood test as there can be lots going on in the body and NHS tests are not extensive enough. But I had All the symptoms, swollen, depression, sudden weight gain, dry skin, hair, hair loss etc. Had it for years. Hope you get well soon x

  • Your shoulder aches and plans and needles of fingers point to neurological problems while shortness of breath indicate some serious pathology in your lungs. So in reality both things may be different. Please do not wait and get yourself examined immediately for any lung ailment.

  • stopped smoking to feel better lol not this xx im off to gp ty xxx

  • Thanks guys for your replies doc said did right to come down having ecg chest x ray n bloods monday morning 8am. But if have another attack AnE straight away xx

  • Hope they get to the bottom of the problem for you. Doesn't sound nice at all. 

  • Hi Mandy if you are over around 45ish and have been a smoker then it is possible you have copd (chronic obstructive pulmunary disease).   This is very common but don't worry too much please.  The tests you are having should show up any problems.  x

  • Hope you have told your doctor and when you have ask for chest xray or better still a a scan

  • Hi guys thanks for all your messages have had numeruse  chest xray bloods ecg 3 of em and all tests all come back clear for my shortness of breath, my mind is at rest, I stopped smoking but went on to vapour cigs it seems some liquids can give you shortness of breath, least it was something resolved easily, narrowed it down to a certain one. just need to sort my arm n hands out now mri scan was sunday, waiting results xx