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So I have PTSD

I have been on sick on and off for a long time. I have always just seen my GP and got sick notes for anxiety. I went to see a psychological practitioner from the nhs, who told me I have post traumatic stress disorder.

For me it is very bad and effects my life totally, to the point were I cannot function properly. It is caused by physical abuse as a child and long periods of being bullied. 

I do not go out very much at all, only if i really have to. I do not sleep  much at all, with no regular pattern, just anytime day or night. I have hyper vigilance, and do not trust no one anymore, not even my family members. 

I have just applied for ESA and was wondering how my claim will go, if there are any other things i can claim, and some advice for if and when i have to have a assessment by the  social security.

I don't think my condition is going to change over the long term, it has been going on so long now, i just deal with it as i can.

Thanks for any replies/advice in advance.

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Hi Simon I am so sorry to hear about the abuse you suffered as a child.  It always makes me mad when I hear stories like yours.  Children should be loved and protected not abused by adult who should know better.  

For details of benefits have a look on the Govt. site.  Just google and it will come up.  x


Hi Simon,

I know people who suffer from PTSD, mainly ex forces people and I know how debilitating it can be. I hate it when I hear of children being treated how you were. That should never happen.

I had problems with my ESA claim last year, but that was due to being given a lot of misleading information and advise while I was trying to find out what I could claim for. I'd suggest that if you have someone that you trust that you take them to any meetings with you as I found that useful when I finally got my results back from the assessment they sent me for. I eventually got things sorted out only cause even although it caused me more upset to the point of taking a panic attack while talking to one of the call center workers cause I couldn't get someone to help me figure out their systems and what I was entitled to after having accrued a lot of national insurance stamps. That all ended up in a manager calling me and helping me get things sorted out.

So the advise I would give to you is have someone with you when you can and it you don't agree with their decision ask them for a detailed reason why they have come to that decision and if you think it is unfair appeal it. Keep records of who you spoke to and when and what they said as that will be helpful if you have to appeal.

Hope this helps and take care.



I am a survivor too and I get bouts of bad depression

just remember that YOU are a SURVIVOR.  You are an incredible person, who is stronger than you realise.  You have been through a terrible experience which was not your fault and that you had no control over - and so try not to be too hard on yourself when you need to take time to deal with this huge thing in your life.

Try to remember that you are not to blame for the actions of your abusers. 

It is natural for you to be vigilant now as you are trying to make sure that no harm comes to you again.  I am very controlling about my environment too. I don't allow people into my home and I patrol if alone in the house. 

However everyday I try to take sometime to sit and breathe in my garden - just to be in the moment and clear my mind of all the clutter.  I find that this helps with my sleep patterns.  I also exercise everyday - walking the dog is a great way to meet people in a non-threatening manner (most dog people are nice) and to get all the benefits that exercise offers.

As for the DSS claims - my suggestion would be claim for everything. If you are not entitled to it then you won't get it but if you are entitled to it and did not apply...well you get the idea

Remember you are not alone - we Survivors are here for you

take care


Just to let you know, I passed my ESA claim, first time.


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