Is it Anxiety or more?

I was diagnosed with panic attacks when I was 14 and over the years, it's always been a case of fighting them, fighting myself in a way.

Over the years I've got better with dealing with it, but now I feel like I'm really struggling with it. I panic constantly about stupid things that literally are not important at all and in a way its tearing me apart, because I feel like its completely taking over my life, its stupid things that affect me.

I'm at uni and I work two jobs so stress is normal for me, but I just feel like right now I'm just having more issues, I feel like its pushing me away, theres times when I'm just so tired or everything and anything.

It's getting a lot harder to deal with and it really scares me, I've tried loads of medication and counselling but nothing has really helped.

There is days when I feel completely fine and happy and there are other days when I just want to give up and lie in my bed all day, because it feels like a better thing.

I'm so tired all the time too, I sleep a lot, maybe more than 10 to 11 hours a day.

Thank you for your help,


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  • Hi Emma sorry your worried about your anxiety, I cannot say if it's Anxiety or anything

    More, you would need to talk to your GP about this, And tell him how you are feeling .

    Being at Uni and having two jobs is a lot of pressure, is there anyway you could

    Cut down to one job? Maybe you need more down time, but you will know


    Now this is a more Depression support site, there are specific Anxiety Forums

    And you may find you get more people who will be able to relate to what your

    Feeling there. If I were you I would go back to your GP and try and sit down and

    See where all your stress is coming from and have a look at what changes you

    Could make. Also talk to a Counsellor at your college, they usually have a support

    System for students, so look into that . Best of luck and look after yourself Emma.

    I suffered a lot of anxiety a few years ago but it was related to Depression, and a

    Consoling thought for you , I got it sorted and it never came back again, so don't give

    Up hope but keep trying different things. For me antidepressants were the best,

    But everyone is different.


  • Hi I am sorry you are going though so much at the moment. Having been to Uni myself I know how hard and stressful it could be. You might also be depressed as well as often the 2 go hand in hand. Hannah is right though you need to seek professional help.

    There are a couple on anxiety sites on here and if you are interested go into 'My Communities' and the top of the page in the middle, click on 'Browse Other Communities'. Then type it in the box provided. One comes under Anxiety and the other is Living With Anxiety. x

  • Hello Emma

    There is a site on Healthunlocked called Anxiety Support where I sometimes contribute, although depression and Anxiety are strong bedfellows. If we worry because we are tired and depressed all will feed upon each other and the anxiety will weaken your resolve and that in turn can become a circle that is self fulfilling and you are unable to break out of it

    I understand you have had treatment for this and it would seem you may have had it in control for a time.

    College or Uni are all very challenging and if you are also working at several jobs you may feel you are coping, you may be struggling especially if you are taking or preparing for examinations.

    You say you are also suffering Panic attacks. All I can suggest is that you return to you GP and see what else is on offer although I feel you need to have time to relax and mix with people away from work and Uni, possibly joining some activities connected with your Student Union it will give you a chance to get away from all you are suffering from as you do not seem to have a life from Work, Study and Lectures.

    Please give yourself a break remember

    All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

    Good Luck, always around


  • Hi,

    I wonder if you gave the medicines a fair try. They take at least 5-6 weeks to really start to work for you. You seem to need to be on some meds that are working for you and not battling your problems on your own. I agree with others about the stress of college and 2 jobs, too. That can be a lot. I hope you give some medicine a good try and find a way to cut your work hours and de-stress. You seem to need it. Maybe start living again.

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