Everything in life is great, but I'm depressed?!

Everything in my life is great. For starters I have a great family my parents are not divorced and they are still very much in love. I always grew up upper middle class. I have had the same boyfriend for over four years and we always get along. I go to my community college and my father pays for it. I do very well in school. I work part time at a job that I have always wanted. I just got this job not too long ago and I really like it. I have a reliable car and I am able to pay my bills.

I have all of these things going for me and I am very blessed, but for some reason I am never happy. I see people that are in some really bad situations and they are happy.

When I was young I was diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and depression. I have been going to therapy for almost two years and I have been on medication since I was five. I also have anxiety medication that I take when needed. I have tried mediating, motivational speakers, only keeping positive things on my social networks, cutting out friends besides two, ect. For about three months I was going to the gym everyday and eating really well and I lost a significant about of weight, but then I went back to almost all of my old habits. I'm getting a gym membership on my next payday. That is the only time I can really remember when I wasn't always depressed.

I always find myself making up situations in my head that could happen all the time or I find myself thinking that certain people don't like me. I'm always on edge an have to be worried about something it seems like. If I am not working I am either sleeping, getting ready for work, eating, or cleaning. Is there anyone else like this?

Sorry, that this post is all over the place.

Thanks in advance! :)


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2 Replies

  • Hi I no the feeling my health took a downturn last April an ever since it's always been something.. People do say that working out helps with depression unfort 4 me I can't seem to do much due 2 my illness. U may have all these great things in life but I always find when a illness hits ur own foot door step it's so much harder 2 overcome but really easy 4 people 2 say u have all these great things going 4 u get up and get on with it... Am sure u have heard something in the lines of this a few times! I be the same even b4 something has happened I've an excuse 2 get out of it already in my head. But a few times I have overcome this thought an after felt great cause I've done it.. I don't have any answers 4 u jUst letting u no ur not alone an I wish u all the best.

    Ruth xx

  • Thank you!

    It is not as bad as it could be so I am thankful for that. I go to see my therapist on Monday and I will talk to her about it. I can say that it is better than what it was 2 years ago though. I'm glad that you have been able to overcome it a few times that is wonderful! & Thank you again!

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