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Want to do Art Combined with the Older generation ( Dementia) negativity ALL the time saying there is no jobns in it!!


I try so hard but end up in the same place plus the burden of guilt that I am being so selfish. my mother says just do any job you wont get far in creativity but i have studied hard for past three years to get into care. been in care jobs and just been put off due to bullying and stressful situations which on top of rubbish at home made my anxiety and depression worse and in a situation where im in no job but want to do well with creative skills like sewing making crafts and selling them or combine this with health and social care and do this with the older generation give something back t0 my community particularly people who are isolated or have dementia. its like your life is controlled applied for uni four times didn't get in as only 20 places for the career of ot which always wanted to do , at home just dreaming of making things but feel i cant because of my mother i love her but these days there are so many emploment options and im thinking of creating my own thing as not enough craft , drawing or sewing services out there for the older generation to do , im 21 AND im really into it like they say people will always need it for example we will always need clothes, bags, things that go in yr home wedding and baby crafts. really need advice from people it has been very tough at home and trying to fight my depression me creating wonderful things and losing weight releasing all the frustration and anger which has helped a lot can i have some advice please as iam really stuck and need money for rent that is all they care about as well. Wanting to develop my skills all the time and learn all the time. any comments appreciated. I know I shouldn't go by what others say or what they want its what i want and focus on my health too, shouldn't be like this at my age surely. gained a interest in quilling at the moment

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Hi chocolate2017

Welcome to our friendly, supportive & non-judgemental forum for depression.

Feel free to to post as and when you need to. We will do our best to support you as much as we are able!

Warmest Wishes. spykey🤗

chocolate2017 in reply to spykey

Thank you very much ,much needed at the moment

Lovely work with the quilling. You could get a job as an activities person in a care home.

I have a nursing home and we have 2 full time activities people as well as almost daily afternoon visits from entertainers or people of interest and volunteers.

Why not visit some care homes in your area. You could start as a volunteer but it sounds like you would be a useful asset worthy of a job.

If you really want a career that utilises your art whilst making money then I can see a few ways to move forwards with it.

What you might want to think about is combining your love of craft with another skill, such as teaching, or psychology. You could start by applying to an art college and get a qualification in art. By being around other people who are into the same things as you, and who have more knowledge of the opportunities than your parents, you may find the world opens up to you in ways neither you or I can imagine. If not, then at least you might have had fun and developed your independence, life skills, and made friends. Whilst you are a student you can get loans to cover your costs, which you do not need to pay back unless you start making serious money. Why not go and talk to a student advisor at a decent art college about the possibilities.

Another route might be to take a job in somewhere that makes their own products and learn the skills needed to turn a hobby into a business.

The only people I know myself who make a living out of their own art creations are ones who find a way to mass produce it (which takes time, money that you could try to get through peer to peer investment or grants, and a lot of other skills and determination) or are well known enough to charge the earth per item. To do this you may well have to buckle down and get a normal job to pay the rent whilst developing your business or your skills, like actors who wait tables in between gigs.

Thank you been to college already looking at activity assistant or OT assistant job roles and apply for uni to do art therapy or occupational therapy yes looking to do alongside thank you for your comment just need that push :)

You sound amazing. I hope you get where you want to go.

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