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I know i'm not depressed..But

For about 3 months i've been so confused about how i was feeling mentally. One second life is dandy and i couldn't be happier to be alive and I would think to myself about how things couldn't get any more perfect. But maybe 1 day later all the feelings of happiness just goes down the trash, everything. and i have this feeling of being "stuck". (Thats the word I think best describes it) I feel isolated even though I have many great friends and I do go out a lot. I feel as if I need to "get out" of my body like being in my own body if too suffocating and I need to breathe. I've never thought about suicide and i don't think I ever will; but my feelings always clash and contradict themselves and its driving me nuts. I just don't know what to do anymore. I am 19 years old, pretty good to mediocre life so far and I just don't know what the heck is going on.

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Welcome to this group i hope you find the information you may want or need ! Its not easy being mentally confused at times i get like that at times have you asked your doctor for some help and have you got a good group of people who you can talk to about how you are feeling ! Take care and hope all goes well ! David


Interesting how you start your post with 'I know I'm not depressed but ...' and you choose a depression forum to share your concerns. Depression is a very complicated illness and there are no set rules about how you should feel. The highs and lows you describe are very typical of someone suffering with this illness. Depression or not depression, It's not ok to feel as you do and you should talk to your doctor about it. You mention not thinking about suicide. The idea that all people with depression keep a razor blade, a bottle of pills and a cheap bottle of vodka in their bedside cabinet is a stereotype. Most of us drink whiskey! On a seious note though, don't suffer in silence. Get help, talk to people about how you're feeling, and don't be worried about labels and diagnosis.

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Maybe this is bi-polar disorder? I wouldn't like to say for sure, it's just a suggetsion given that you seem to be going from one extreme to the other from one day to the next. It depends how often this happens to you...

Maybe speak to your doctor about this xx


Hi sweet 17, lovely to meet you here. life throws all sorts of things at us sometimes and getting the blues is one of them everyone has to find a way of dealing with. The good news is there are so many strategies that can be used to help :-)

The guys here are always posting good links for relaxation, meditation and motivation.

We live in such changing times at the moment, with such an abundance of information on the net, so much so that it’s all a bit much and confusing at times! But with a little patients you can fish through and find relevant things that will help.

Yesterday I was having a conversation regarding setting goals and my daughter had read about combining ‘past, present and future’ she found from a site called reddit, so this is second hand and may not come out right? It was saying try to achieve one thing each day even when you don’t feel up to it, in other words if your aim is to exercise and you can’t then just do say, one sit-up that will only take a second, then the next day you can look in the past positively because you achieved that ONE thing, this can motivate you in the present and you then process that into the future as well, by thinking whatever I achieved today I can do better tomorrow. Well something along those lines if you get my drift. In a way you could do this with any issue that’s on your mind, if you are feeling blue, you could try one small thing that you know will pick you up, the following day if you are down make sure you recall the feeling of uplift from the day before, and help to plan more for the day after.

Anyway that’s just one idea, there really are hundreds. The main thing is always go easy on yourself, this is part of life that you must not let get the better of you, compassion towards yourself is very important, happiness is contagious, but no one is ever happy constantly.

Hope some of that makes sense?

Take care and have a wonderful journey through life xxx


Hi nice to meet you and welcome to the site. You have had some very good advice and I agree with going to the doctors. I do think also, and I don't mean this to sound patronising, but the teenage years are notorious for ups and downs and maybe this is part of it if not all of it? x


There are lots of medical conditions that can cause mood-swings.

Have you tried keeping a diary of your moods to see if there is any pattern - eg any link to changes in hormones?

Diet could be a factor, so could stress - is there any underlying uncertainty or change going on in your life? or do the downs tend to come after you have been through something stressful.

At the end of the day you probably do need to see and talk through things with your GP. If you can explain why you want to see the GP to the receptionist and ask if it is possible to arrange a double appointment as that will give you more time with the GP. Would be good, if you have kept a diary, to take that with you even if it isn't throwing up anything obvious. I'd suggest that you ask if the GP can run some blood-tests to check for thyroid and obvious things but I'd also suggest you ask about B12 (especially if you are aware of someone in your family who has suffered from pernicious anaemia) - and ask for copies of the results when they come.


Hi Gambit

Good to see you.

I was taking lots of B Vitamins this week. How are you doing Gambit?

Hope al little cats are well and keeping you company when they are not

Enjoying themselves out and about.

Hannah xx


Hi That Girl, I agree with what Lucy has said, as Lucy said the fact that you

Come on a Depression Forum not a Overeaters or Weight Watchers Forum

Depression has lots of faces and one person could lose a job And be a bit down. Another person could have everything, Great Jib, new car, lovely home and friends and could

Be Depressed. There is no ". Typical Depressive". We are all so different t but

If Depressed would share some typical markers.

If you hang around here you will get to know us, we are all on this Forum but we

Are all different.

Hope to get to know you more. Sorry I forgot to say Welcome.

Hannah x


Where is this over eaters forum please? I need to join!


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