My depression symptoms


If you’d like to know the symptoms

How can I explain?

The deep, deep black hole

The anguish and the pain

There’s no reason to despair

But it happens anyway

The feeling of no hope

But saying I’m okay

The cloak of jokes and laughter

That I wear to cover the shame

Of thinking life’s not worth living

And I’ve just myself to blame

I know I should be grateful

For my family, friends and such

There are many with so little

And I possess so much

I wish I could make sense

Of the tunnel that has no light

Then maybe I can focus

On some happiness in sight


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3 Replies

  • Very poignant. You express it so eloquently.

    Just slightly earlier I had this idea: 'Pain doesn't have to have a cause to exist - sometimes it just does.'

    Gentle hugs,


  • Thank you, Fay. You're so right, I just wish people would understand!

    Much love



  • Thats so true thank you for sharing

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