Extreme mood swings normal or not?

Hello, I was just wondering if my mood swings are normal and if its anything more basically I feel quite normal some days then if anything goes wrong I feel depressed and have suicidal thoughts I can be fine one minute then the next ive changed and I feel I don't have any control of my emotions I feel like a different person ive always thought I was bipolar but I don't have the manic highs BPD seems similar to me but im not sure if im over reacting I haven't been to the doctor as I don't know if this is just me or if it is something more my mum has depression and anxiety also so mental health is in the family.

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  • Hi...worth keeping a diary or journal just to give you a more objective look at things over a period of time.

    Many folk with bpd can get a bipolar diagnosis initially. But u may also consider if it could be hormonal as well. Just some suggestions. I know from personal experience how difficult it can be to ascertain a correct assessment when ur emotions are running wild and u are experiencing rapid swings. Can be very frightening. Xx

  • Hello

    If you are manic that is the way it is.

    Visit your GP and explain what is going on with your disability, it can be treated.

    Any one who is having your thoughts of suicide needs some form of treatment

    Remember I am not a GP or Specialist, you need to talk to GP

  • I haven't been to the GP yet as my mum has had depression and anxiety for my whole life and she has been on so many tablets and nothing has helped her but I know something is wrong I have an intital assessment with a counsellor on Monday but I had blood tests at my doctors and it came back with low vitamin b12 but ive looked online and that says it u have low serotonin that can cause depressions etc

  • Its really difficult to get coherent information on B12 deficiency and the effects of low B12 - took me ages to find a doctor who made sense. Low B12 will eventually lead to anemia and neurological damage so it is something that needs to be sorted out early.

    Apologies if you have found this out already but B12 isn't something the body makes - it's something that is absorbed through the diet - and it is only found in animal products - meat, dairy, eggs - not sure about fish. If you have a vegan diet or eat low amounts of these then that could be why the B12 is low. You can take supplements and if you like marmite that's a good source of B12. However, for some people (like me) the problem isn't diet but something goes wrong and the body stops being able to absorb B12 - not sure if there are other treatments but the usual one is regular injections.

    One of the most common side effects is just running out of energy - which may be where your depression and mood swings are coming from - when I'm due an injection I find my energy levels drop - by midday I'm usually ready for bed and I really just feel like crying I'm so tired. I do some exercises first thing in the morning and usually find that I'm struggling to do half the number of sit-ups that I do. I think it also affects my susceptibility to migraines as they seem to last longer and the nausea/gut spasm tend to start much later so the recovery time is much longer.

  • I had several blood tests as I thought I had IBS but they gave me B12 tablets which didn't do anything I never went back to the doctors as work wasn't helped I kept having to go back for tests is it best not to leave it then?? as im always tired have no energy to go out so tend to stay in and go sleep

  • Funny enough I was thinking about the bowel side of things a few minutes ago. Another side effect of low B12 is moving from constipation to diarrhoea so it could have been the B12 that was the problem that looked like IBS. I would definitely recommend that you do go back to your doctor and list all of the symptoms that have been identified here and tell them that the B12 tablets didn't help and ask if there is something else they can do.

  • To give you hope - on the energy side I tend to find that the impact on my energy levels is pretty quick - within a few hours after I've had an injection.

    Best of luck

  • I get really bad mood swings but don't have bi-polar. don't have much advice but can sympathise.

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