Normal or not?

I know this is not a relationship problem forum but something that my boyfriend does when he doesnt get enough sleep is he becomes very insensitive. He will act even more stubborn than he already is and try to make it seem like im always the guilty one. When I tell him im depressed, he tells me to use techniques or that I have people to talk to.. We get along most of the time, but when we argue or he is tired he is stubborn and could ignore for hours.

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  • Hello Katie, Ask yourself this...will it get better or worse over time. Is this the way you deserve to be treated, and would you treat him this way. That should help you see your relationship a little clearer. Pam

  • I agree with just2peachy... and here's my take. After several tries, I am in a relationship where I finally feel safe.

    Any kind of behaviour that you find hurtful is not acceptable in a relationship. It happens, sure, but when you communicate that it hurts you, it's the other person's responsibility to not do it again.

    When some one loves you they would never hurt you intentionally, and when you let them know that it hurts you, they will immediately make an effort not to do so and apologize.

    We all get cranky from time to time. But when some one says something hurtful and you let them know it hurt you its their responsibility to apologize.

  • Your post is fine Katie. This forum is for all us who suffer mental health issues , and that includes relationships and everything else that goes with it.

    It's entirely another matter people, people not suffering mental health problems, coming in with relationship problems saying 'I just broke up with my partner' etc. 'I am depressed about it'. That to me is not what this site is for. Others may disagree. Bev x

  • it is normal that they get cranky or rude or insensetive as you describe it if they don't get enough sleep or if he needs his next (Nicotin dose ) and didn't get it 😥 it is like dealing with a big baby actually 🤗 husband is of the same type ..i just try to manage it by not arguing or avoid conversations when it is his bed time or hungry or nicotin deprived doesn't mean for me that he is bad or something is just his nature with every body ..other than that he treats me well and shows his love from time to time ..i have my flaws too ..he is patient with me at the end it is acceptable for me to put up with his childish nature if he is also putting up with my imperfections 😏

  • Ladies - I hoped for many years that my husband would stop being controlling, stop verbally abusing me, stop making my life hell. It just got worse, culminating with him lying to the police about me and having me thrown in a cell, where I had to strip in front of 2 guards. That worked wonders for my PTSD, not....I told the guards, "You are just carrying on his abuse of me."

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