Not sure if I have Depression or just being pathetic aha://

Hello I was just wondering whether people would think I have depression because I feel really s*** about myself and everything I do most of the time and probably about 3 times a week I get suicidal thoughts. The reason I don't think I have it is because sometime I feel really really good and so energetic but then that changes quickly so I don't know:// My dad has severe depression and is really sad all of the time so I'm not sure whether I just feel down because of that or what. I feel as if I was to end it then It could all be over and I won't have to feel a thing. My favourite things to do is being on my own or asleep I hate comminicating with anyone and don't trust anyone like family or friends feel like everyone's against me. Also I literally can't concentrate on anything as much as I try and how much I want to be able to do a task I just can't because I can't concentrate on it://

If you have time to reply please do thank you

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  • Hi there and welcome, I think it's hard for anyone here to diagnose you with Depression as only a Dr. Could do that. I suggest you talk to your Dr. And get his opinion, all the things you describe could be just part of your personality, or are you just recently suspicious of people and preferring to be alone. Maybe talking to someone would help to try and change these habits as they are not helping you. I'm sure others will be online later but I felt like you do I would rather talk to a Dr.

    Good luck and let us know how you get on, the Forum is supportive and don't worrry you are not alone as I'm sure lots here have felt some of the things you are feeling .


  • Hi I agree with Hannah that you need to see a doctor. You have said you don't think you are depressed but you have just stated you are suffering from things which are definitely depression related. Many of us with depression have good periods and it doesn't mean you don't have it because your dad is sad all the time. We are all different.

  • Thank you for your reply and I think I might have it but I'm scared to admit it I don't want to be treated differently if I was then told by a doctor that I had it im afraid people will act different towards me so I tell myself that I'm not depressed and I just need to man up

  • Why would people treat you differently? How would they know unless you told them? You can keep it to yourself if you want then no one has to know.

    1 person in 4 has some sort of mental health difficulty at some point in their lives so if you did tell a few select people you might find they totally understand and you could give each other mutual support.

    If 'manning up' was the answer then no one would have depression would they? Did you know the biggest killer in men under 40 is suicide? They probably told themselves to man up too.... Ignoring it doesn't make it go away you know! If you had a broken leg you would seek treatment wouldn't you? Or would you just deal with it yourself and hobble round for the rest of your life?

    Your choice.

  • Hi Joe, the thing with going to the doctor is that it's confidential, no one needs to know why you are going or what the doctor has advised. The only person that can talk about it is you. Now I know it is the in thing these days to splurge all sorts of information about ourselves on social media, but it really is not necessary to do this. If your doctor diagnoses depression, they may well offer therapy and medication. What you do with these options is up to you.

    I am not saying don't talk, what I am saying is do it in your own time, when you feel comfortable about talking, and with people you trust. I hope you see your GP a.s.a.p. and that you get the right treatment. Remember it is perfectly possible to recover from an episode of depression and never be troubled by it again. Just because your Dad has severe depression doesn't mean you have it.

    Take care.


  • Great reply Fi and I agree with everything you said.

  • Hello there JoeBarker

    I'd just like to add that you can contact Crisis Support here:

    Warm wishes


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