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Low mood or more?

Hello, so I am new to this. I am looking for some guidance.

I am currently studying and in my second year of my bachelor.

Maybe since last christmas I have been constantly in a low mood and I was on a low dose of anitdepressants to treat my migraine that I got nearly every day at the time. Dropped them because they made my head feel enclosed in fog.

Since then I feel my life is going into the wrong direction. I feel so lonely very often and my mood is so low some days i just want to lock out the whole world. I noticed something was not right when I 1. found no joy in playing my instrument anymore that plays the tune of my soul (been playing it since primary school and always enjoyed it) and 2. I started getting something like panick attacks once a month. I don't know if this could be the beginning to the route of depression...

Some people suggested I don't get enough nutrients but I cook only fresh meals, eat my daily veg and fruits, even work out on a regular basis, I lead a healthy lifestyle so I don't feel I am missing out there. Any tips? Or supportive advice on whether I should go see a GP?

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Hello Nyla, Yes, see a GP , you could have a physical reason for your symptoms and H e might have a treatment that would benefit you. I'm wondering if you have an intuition about yourself. If I am going in the wrong direction or made a bad decision about my life I usually feel it emotionally before I recognize it intellectually. I'm an artist/teacher and I find if I go for very long with out creating something I start to become depressed and then I feel even less like creating. To stop the cycle I have to force myself to write or paint. I know people have the mistaken idea that artists, or musicians are unstructured do what you feel types. The opposite is true of course, along with spontaneity you need skills and order to produce .Maybe if you get your work back in order it will keep you from depressions door. It doesn't necessarily have to be serious work as long as you are moving forward. Pam


You should definitely see a GP ASAP, it does sound like you have depression and this can be treated. You are young and to isolate yourself from your colleagues and friends is not normal. The signs are not enjoying playing your instrument, low mood, panic attacks. Please seek help and within a few weeks with medication you will soon be your normal self 😊😊


Thank you for your reply. I am very cautious when it comes to taking medicine for diseases and such so if possible I look for the natural alternative.

You know, some people like me we're not born extroverts, loud and born leaders as we tend to put it. And I don't see anything wrong in that. Being timid should not be looked down upon but unfortunately society equals it to weakness. What I mean with feeling lonely is, I know I have friends that care, family and a boyfriend but some days they seem so far away.


Hello. Sorry you are feeling like my like you are.

I would see your GP. You have been feeling low mood for a long time now and it needs discussing, maybe your go will do some blood tests too just to cover basics.

Antidepressants are an option, so is talking therapies.

There are natural treatments people use for depression if that is what your Gp says you have; two spring to mind - St. John's wort and 5hTp; both can be bought from Heath food stores. But do discuss with your Gp first. THey use St. John's wort a lot in Germany.

Maybe have a read about them.

Best wishes 💗


I can definitely relate to this and think that you do have depression but please know that it will get better, doesn't mean you won't have those horrible, down days but there are ways of finding a way to cope easier. When I don't want to go out or see people I tend to just come online to have a chat so I don't feel alone and know that there are other people in a similar position. Please do message me if you ever feel like you just want a chat about anything or know that someone is there and you have support. x


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