Brent mental health what is it? don't tell me to take medicine my whole life brent mental health, you are a really abusive bit of work and you know it, your collaborating with drugs and the police and abusing people, you lie, bully, are negligent.

You have done me a lot of harm, and really no good at all, section 2 and section 3? excuse me I havnt done anything wrong? what are you doing? you aint having you label me with schizophrenia and bully me for my whole live because you say theirs something wrong with me,

where is my support? when Im getting myself killed taking drugs because I cant function on medicine you pretty much force/blackmail me to take, where is the honesty?

I don't know what to say, the kind of people I encounter in this mental health/ social services 'crime ring', are not mature, a lot of you should not be in the positions of responsibility you are,

you make bad decisions every day,

brent mental health from top to bottom,

turn a blind eye to drug use,

don't provide support apart from prescriptions,

are abusive to patients whilst they are in hospital,

falsify benefit claims,

don't inform patients of their rights to make decisions,


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7 Replies

  • That sounds pretty crap. Who oversees the work they do? Like the health board or whatever. You must be able to complain if you aren't happy with the way you have been treated?

  • That doesn't sound good. The problem is though there is very little real knowledge of how to treat mental health problems. Drugs are often seen as the main help which is why they are prescribed. I don't think there is anything else except drugs and counselling. It's not an exact science - a lot of it is just trial and error. Have you thought of the type of help you do want? What exactly do you need? Give that some thought. It might help.

    Bev x

  • Seems to me with this post and a later one that mental health services are not very good in the UK. Seems you have to wait for ever for services and when you do they are sometimes not what you need. I would go back to my GP and talk to him about exactly what you think you need and see if they can help from there./ All the very best.

  • You're spot on there Jeffju! For starters its really hard to get referred to the right place to get the help you need, and when you finally do get a referral you get put on a waitinglist, and sometimes it can take upto a year (I've heard of cases that took even longer!), to get an appointment.

    Then you just have to hope you've been referred to somewhere decent, as a lot of places are understaffed, don't really know what they're doing or are not giving you the right help..

    The only good thing is, we've got the NHS, so we don't have to pay for services.

    I know Australia (so probably New Zealand as well) have a similar scheme, what's it called again?

    Is it Medicare? Or is it not called that anymore?

    Hope your well Jeffju, speak soon,

    Love, Holly x

  • Thankyou for your replies, they are a part of the NHS, their is a complaints procedure, the help I want, one thing an honest conversation with someone who knows about my case self, another thing is some genuine support, that is consistent, a bit like writing on here, or a Christmas card two years in a row.

  • We have state medical scheme in NZ but I guess because of the smaller population there seems to be easier access. I saw my GP when I was first unwell ans within 3 weeks I was seeing a great psychologist for CBT and there were no time limits, you went til you both thought you were well enough to stop and there was no cost. And then, he didn't discharge me in case I needed to go back to him. I also did a 6 week course with other people in my situation and that was very good too. So I have been very lucky over here. I wish you had this too. xx

  • Yeah, that sounds great! Things are pretty bad here, but I suppose we're still lucky to have the NHS,

    unlike in the States, where they have nothing..

    It's very frustrating for us, but it must be for the NHS as well, being totally overwhelmed, understaffed etc..

    Too many patients and not enough money and people to care for them.. But one thing that does really annoy me about a lot of services these days, you can't get a personal conversation with a human being anymore!!!

    It's all computerised, phone this number, press that key, sit and wait for 3hours listening to some stupid tune until you finally get to talk to some grumpy person who doesn't know the answer to your question and tells you to phone another number so you can start all over again!

    Quite frustrating ;)

    Luv, Holly xx