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I'm currently in an acute mental hospital in the UK and have been for 8weeks on a Section 2 then a Section 3. In ward round this week the consultant mentioned a potential move of hospital due to my risk and ongoing suicidal thoughts. After speaking to other staff on the ward, what he'll be looking at is a locked rehab - I'm s***ing myself.

If I end up in a locked rehab the chance is I will end my career, my marriage is already over (since this admission), my children, who I havent seen for over 2wks, will have moved on well and truly - we arent close anyway.

Anyway what I'm asking is.. what are peoples experiences of locked rehab in the UK - length of stay, therapy/support, routine, number of patients (mixed or single sex wards), visiting restrictions etc...

I'm so upset and dont know what to do with myself as the only person here who knows about anything like it, is nearly half my age and had a very different experience of MH services.

Cheers for any input

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Thanks for sharing. I can't help with the UK as I am in Australia. I can still recall our local ABC TV 3 part documentary called Changing Minds filmed in the Liverpool Hospital mental health ward which might help you gain insights to allay your fears. It's available to watch online. We are here for you no matter where you are 🐨

Keeping yourself insight of staff will shorten your stay and doing activities that they arranged

It is hard to say, many Patients may need to be placed on a secure ward however sometimes a Ward may be secured for Day Patients, if the are going out to work during the day.

It may be an idea if your Husband together with you have words with the Ward Doctor or Senior Nurse to discuss your Mental Health and your children, I do not know your condition although on my travels around these hospitals I would suggest you are able through your Husband what the situation is and your future pathway. I do know however you will be encouraged to take part in activities you enjoy to take your mind of your situation and learn how control your problems

What condition do you suffer from ?.


I'm diagnosed with emotional unstable personality disorder. My husband although my next of kin does not want anything to do with my care - I'm pretty alone although I am waiting on a return call from the MH advocacy people.

They want to move me as my risk in regards to suicide is high (I have made a number of dangerous attempts apparently) and my thoughts have not subsided since admission - I would say they are worse but there has been a lot of outside factors influencing my MH of late.

The children are well supported at home with my (ex) husband, extended family and they also have counselling- being back at school will also help them with structure and routine. I choose not to have them visit the hospital here as it's not a nice place and with covid visitors aren't allowed anyway and I'm not currently allowed off the ward.

Day release isnt an option- I would function 100 times better if I could work during the day and return to hospital overnight but that isnt something that's offered.

Activities here are limited to what the occupational therapists can do with covid, so there is a walk around the grounds 3 times a week (not allowed to go as too high risk!), they do craft activities, basic cooking ie hot chocolate, mug cakes, relaxation. I've also had 1:1 with the occupational therapists to look at triggers etc...

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Is the locked unit a specialised EUPD rehab unit focusing on psychology interventions like DBT?

Kaytee1981 in reply to ToiToi

I dont know - they offer it in the community here but because of my apparent risk that's why they are considering a move- I'm sure that would have to be one of the criteria else what would be the point I guess, but then they can do what they want as I'm sectioned

ToiToi in reply to Kaytee1981

Have you considered what you really want from therapeutic intervention? You should take charge of your care in terms of what outcomes you want . And how you see your life worth living.

Kaytee1981 in reply to ToiToi

As it stands currently a referral has been made to another agency to assess my needs from the perspective of MH services, my next of kin and I've had a small input on the referral currently. They then look at a 'portfolio' of care packages and availability and move from there...so still really none the wider!

Hi hope you are okay. I just read your story and I am touched by this. I can't give you any advice as I haven't been in your situation but I'm just hoping that you are doing okay. You must be so strong really to have gone through so much . When are they on about moving you do you know. I could well end up in a similar situation to yourself if I don't get my head together. God bless x

The consultant is off this week coming and a locum is covering, I guess when the regular consultant is back he will see what's gone on in his absence and make the call then. So at least a week of anxious waiting to see what happens to me.

Let me know how you go on hun . You will be okay . Take it easy and if you ever need to let some steam off just message me x


When your Doctor returns, explain to him how you feel. Regards work, is there any Voluntary Work suitable for you to do in Hospital ?

In mental hospitals here we have outside areas on the ward and Patients are allowed to site outside when the weather is good.

When you were calm and feeling good did you have any hobbies you could revert to, just something to keep you active and make you more positive. Discuss all with Ward Staff. When I have problems with my negative feelings I would to control my actions

I tried Suicide one and after that I was able to move on through life in general, so I do have some idea how you feel in general. Moving on with an interest will allow you to move on

If you need support we are all here to support over the Web, if you need to talk to someone who you feel can help Pm them on site


Sending a big hug. Guessing the locked unit cannot be that bad .. Try not to worry they are only doing it your best intrest

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Its hard to see that I guess

I really feel for you too honey, sounds tough, what's the situation now? any progress?

No news waiting on consultants return from annual leave next week

ahhh ok well let me know how it goes, say strong and I hope it goes quickly for you x

My heart goes out to you, x

I have a friend who is kind of going thru what you are. Family disown him and I am trying to keep in touch with him because he is a terrific person who needs somebody or a push in life. He had contacted me one nite that he was ended it all that nite. I stay on line and tried to talk him out of it. Success. He is currently using powerlifting as his go to thing to keep his mind occupied. So hopefully he is on right track. Hopefully there is someone or something that you could see or do to help with your condition. Your story really hits home when I read it because of my friend. I hate to see someone go thru their issues like he did or hear how yours is. Makes me sad. Hopefully it will turn around for you.

Kaytee1981 in reply to Sunlife

Thank you for your reply- I'm searching for my 'thing'

I draw to occupy my time here but I can only copy, my imagination is rubbish!

Sunlife in reply to Kaytee1981

That's a good start. Drawing is relaxing. Don't think your imagination is rubbish. It takes time.I do photography when I am out of things to do. Opens your eyes to details of flowers or really look at animals, buildings or even people's faces. Hope you find what your thing is. Keep us updated what you are doing to try to find what it is that keeps you occupied. I submitted the follow button on you to keep up with your progress. I am hoping you get thru this.

Don't fight it ,, use it ,, learn ,, adapt ,, overcome ,, whatever training, schooling, cooking, anything just jump in and go. Take whatever you can get from the experience and use it to become stronger, smarter, and faster lol if you need to run next time. Your in it so use it.

This May not help but i hope it does. Best wishes xoxo

Lol faster most definitely!!!

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