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Hello every one pleased to meet you all.

I am a single male in my mid fifties have mental health mainly anxiety depression since early teens.

Had an addiction alcohol and drugs.

Been clean thirteen years.

With this even though clean comes anxiety depression ongoing but also a number of related illness and physical disability from birth means have the day to day issues of fears of relapse.

A way to cope and deal help my issues ongoing is the vast knowledge and experience gain through volunteering various mental health charities and associations .

Gaining qualifications in Diet Nutrition and other qualifications helps as well.

Using nutritional knowledge changes adapting lifestyle can be beneficial to well being. Many do not understand this so usually can advise or answer any questions on this.

Use this knowledge experience from various insights working with mental health services charities support workers .

To help those in my community of mental health and addiction.

Have used this for advising supplying relevant support information.

To those who may not think can not move forward.

Must add favourite saying if you put a stone in your path do we stand stop still. Go over or around.

Advising if I can on this forum often lines of support that many have never heard of.

Obviously I am UK based but have a archive and index of many charities.

As for alcoholism knowledge and advised many who know it is never easy every day to cope.

Addiction the itch and urges uses a number of coping methods and ways to show my strength .

Including meditation and relaxation techniques.

Education knowledge and listening to your self is the important key here.

Alcoholism is a disease by the WHO and since been involved in many communities with alcoholism . I am supportive compassion understanding helpful have empathy sensitivity for every one situations and problems.

Been through rehab and support services have experienced the highs lows of addiction.

I also just another point have a lot of other insights in to other addictions, help with those as well social ones .

I am of a Christian faith and use the words of the bible to heal but also know a lot about the many services many organisations church religious ones provides.

Salvation Army and Church of the Mormon Faith.

All have services and support to help those with addiction, as does many mental health charities.

I have used in the UK local Council Services had mis fortune to be not be helped . Used instead a network of mental health charities often have their own rehab services and support net works

I am not a medical professional. Did since finding out many medications are not suitable for my self so use my other knowledge of alternative health and therapies.

Please if I can help or be supportive or need to answers or ask me anything happy to be doing so.

Thank you all for reading pleasure to meet every one.

In my prayers and thoughts.

Please take care .

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Hi MrRigatoni,

Thank you for sharing these insights :)) there’s so many. Where would you recommend as a point to start from?

Hello thank you for your reply. I wanted to add that despite every thing there are plenty of people like me ready to help any one.

I wanted to add do need some support ongoing for anxiety but have coped. Continue to if I get any responses to local community mental health and support networks.

Understand the reliance of asking for support and major one as the onus and burdens of mental health are stretched to the limits bursting point damaged systems and resources.

I have in my time had numerous support workers floating support and will have to if I need to.

This has involved under some duress to move a considerable amount of times. If the support areas I lived in not helping compatible not listening or being difficult.

Moved to new areas of the UK.

I can do this bit by bit but now ageing fast used all resources my area I live now and do know teams and council services are not for me as so many are negative down dumb and make you feel it is your fault.

I will continue to support and maintain my health the best I can but have this forum or community to offload.

Rarely see any one due to the current situation and lack of communications to my own physical mental health does not only hinder but deafness and mobility becoming issues.

I hope if this help any one but am always grateful to any one listening but in return offer friendship and my own health history to help others.

Pleased to meet you.

Please take care

Welcome to the group.

Hello pleasure to meet you thanks for welcome

Hello, welcome

As far as I am concerned you are still young, in your fifties. I am seventy soon and been on site for many years now. I hope you find this site helpful in the understanding of peoples needs and expectations so people will eventually move on to better times.

All the best, keep well


Hello thank you for welcome pleased to meet you.

What is age any way. I said Fifties in my piece feel much younger.

We all are really are we ???

Is it what you do every day to improve health and wellbeing

Yes I always look towards my hobbies and any diversions to keep my mind occupied. I was told in the past to try and control my disabilities and mental health concerns to do things I move myself on to a more positive place.

If you have jobs or activities to do that you do not enjoy always have something you enjoy in the wings awaiting the completion of the work you do not enjoy. Reward yourself, anticipate the positive over the negative.


Hello thanks for reply yes your right I am in agreement with you.

Have joined many services organisations regarding mental not allowed to discuss openly issues but in confidence with support worker.

Although I am honest and too open with a view to express and say to others it is OK to talk.

Have joined all sorts of groups men's ones hardest as many reluctant to discuss talk issues what is bothering them and hoping my honesty can help others.

Had in many times seen the struggles and pain of others who can not fathom out or are confused by their own emotions.

I have seen and come across those with newly acquired disabilities or illness and those are concerned life is over.

I have always be approachable with positivity answers.

Being supportive of those in that specific group is offering a hand of friendship support and listening.

By acquiring confidence self esteem you can move forward.

Hobbies interests and using the time wisely helps a lot for me.

Please take care.

Welcome newbie😁

Hello thank you for warm welcome. Like your user name

Who doesnt love hippps,rspecially baby hippos,lol

Is urs related to pasta?

Hello thanks for welcome and kind words. I decided to use the name because into all things Italian cuisine and culture.

Was going to use another one rhymed with Italian been thinking thought be too much and stuck to this one.

Very much into a brand of Italian Cooking called Cucina Provera.

Food of the poor roughly translated.

Has to be good ingredients and that is not necessarily expensive not true.

I do cheap eats budget eats all the time thus saving money easy to prepare .

Little time at the oven and hob.

Simple straight forward.

Healthy and nutritious .

Might put some on the forum to help those . In this situation we are here experiencing.

Good way to learn volunteering in various charities kitchens .

All clientele need food lunch and something to eat. Many arrive at charities no breakfast so I set up breakfast clubs.

As often have no idea to make simple food a morning start and eat healthy .

It does not cost a lot to be thinking of eating healthy the right food and diet to heal with in yourself any health issues.

Never used food banks can walk into a shop a store a market and go on line produce from every day produce and products.

A simple easy menu per week.

If your stuck got in to a rut happy to help .

Please take care pleasure to meet you

Yeah def put some of ur italian food info here as we all need info on eating healthy n feeding our bods with the good stuff that doesnt make our med stuff worse.

Love italian food,my favorite is cannolis n making a good gravy n having good bread.

Anyhoo..welcome ..lots of great people here with great info.

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