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Clear colonoscopy but ongoing symptoms

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Last may my colonoscopy came back with non specific colitis, doc gave me meds for a month, finished it. Yet I'm still not feeling well. I poop everyday but only a small amount and there's a feeling that i need to poop but i couldn't. Anyone can suggest what i should do?

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Did they tell you if they could see inflammation and where it is? Did they take biopsies?

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Rain_ism in reply to Hephzi

Yes, they did biopsy. My doctor didn't really explain it, just told me i had some ulcers and gave me salofalk (?) but I don't think it worked coz even when i was taking it, my bowel movements were still not normal. Although i had normal bowels when they gave me an antibacterial after colonoscopy.

You should call the doc back and tell him your symptoms. I think non specific colitis still needs to be treated longer than a month. Good luck

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