Sigmoidoscopy this week

Finally after being in A&E just before Christmas I've got a sigmoidoscopy for the end of the week. When the team at ambulatory care said potential IBD I was unsure when the gastroenterologist requested a sigmoidoscopy rather than a colonoscopy is this procedure what is used to diagnose IBD?

I am also borderline levels wise on an underactive thyroid so my GP says could this have anything to do with my symptoms? My body is feeling jittery inside and my breathing is very shallow and shakes if I breathe through my mouth currently holding my phone to type this it's shaking so much I'm struggling to type.

I'm so desperate to find out what's going on can anyone offer any advice?

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  • Hi, the doctor wants to check your rectum and sigmoid colon. The last time I was checked I had a. Camera through my stoma and the sigmoidoscopy. They are checking for inflammation in those should ask as to why they are only checking that area!! You could ring and ask to speak to your GP because he will have your notes from your visit to A and E. check out the thyroid uk forum on here they are a great. Informative group and very supportive of each other. They will help with information about your thyroid.

  • Thanks for the info I am going to make a telephone appointment with my GP and see what's going on I did think it was a little unusual that they are only checking one part and not the whole thing. Do you feel okay after the procedure? At the moment I'm driving to the hospital and I would have to ask someone for a lift back as my partner cannot get time off work.

    I will look on the thyroid forum and see if there's any relating posts 😊

  • I felt fine after the procedure, I did have some pethadine. Only 2.5mg but that was because they went through my stoma and I didn't like the idea!! However I didn't feel a thing!! It's a bit uncomfortable the other end but I've had that done before when I first had ulcerative colitis. You will need someone to take you home though they prefer that if you have sedation. Go for the sedation, they don't put you to sleep just give you enough to relax you 👍

  • Yeah I was thinking about the sedatives they can give you I think I would prefer that if there's some discomfort afterwards. I've got the day off work so I can chill after it. Also got a telephone appointment with my GP tomorrow to find out what they said at A&E and why the gastroenterologist has suggested the sigmoidoscopy I hope she gives me the info right away getting fed up with all the delays

  • Great you have the telephone appointment, keep as informed as you can and keep on the case. That way you can have some control over what is happening. When you have your sigmoidoscopy they should give you the results straight away, you will be able to see the screen anyway. I know it's really frustrating waiting and wondering what's happening. Also if you have a sedative you get a nice cup of tea and a biscuit after!! Otherwise you get nothing and sent on your way!!! It's a win win really 😁👍

  • Aw that's a relief then I was going to ask when you got the results from it I've managed to get someone to take me so all covered if I have a sedative hopefully get the answers I need on Friday. 👍🏼

  • Good luck and I hope everything turns out ok for you 😁

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