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High Blood Pressure Reading and Colonoscopy Question

I have an extremely labile BP which always goes up when under stress, my BP shooting up +++ . I've had numerous investigations and BP monitoring and ordinary medication doesn't stop the temporary BP rise.

I was booked in for a colonoscopy this morning and took the MoviPrep last night. When I went to the clinic, I took a letter from my GP written 6 years ago explaining that my BP could rise temporarily very high. On arrival I had my BP taken twice and told that it was just within the clinic limits and that the procedure would go ahead. Everything was prepared (fetching shorts with necessary hole, gown, hospital bracelet etc.) It was then a 35 minute wait until i was called whereupon my BP was taken again. I believe my diastolic reading was apparently 111 whereas the clinic limit was 110 and the surgeon refused to do the procedure. I was offered another colonoscopy - the first (instead of the last) appointment of the morning on a different day - but I have had this problem with a v labile BP for more than 50 years and couldn't see the point of taking all the pre-procedure medication etc to be almost certainly refused again.

I think I am now to get an appointment with the consultant, and one of the nurses today suggested that I will probably be offered a scan of some description.

Does anyone know if UC or Crohn's shows up on scans? Also, out of interest, why do clinics have a BP limit in cases such as mine?

Thanks for any replies!!

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If your blood pressure is high veins are more engorged and increases the risk of bleeding heavily. Obviously there is a risk of bleeding as biopsies are taken, and a very very small chance of perforation.

A CT with contrast or MRI can be done but as you can imagine they are expensive, so tend not to be used as a first line diagnosis tool


Thank you so much Willow. Btw, once at home my BP dropped to 118/78! As I said in another post, everyone here is very grateful for your expertise and for your replies. Your comments really help - and must take up a lot of your time. Thank you.


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