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Prednisolone and Crohns


I’ve been ill for years but since January I’ve acquired a terrible right lower side abdomen pain that reaches to my belly button. I have calprotectin of nearly 400 and anemia. I’ve had a clear colonoscopy, all my organs are good including appendix and ovaries. Clear of infections and nsaids The GP has given me 5mg x6 a day as I wait for a pillcam endoscopy.

My questions are, does this sound like crohns ? if it is how long does Pred take to ease my symptoms ? My mum has crohns also but is on pentasa and been in remission for 20 years. I’m petrified as I’m so poorly with impaction too. Thankyou x

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The Calprotectin score shows you have inflammation somewhere! It should be 50 or less if normal. Pred should start helping within a few days, I think. Do you take anything for the impaction? Do you have an IBD nurse to chat to? Maybe a stool softener like Laxido would help. Hope you find some answers soon and also some pain relief. Dont take codeine, by the way!


Hi I have duclolax , the dr gave me tramadol as codeine makes me worse :(


Hi Pred can take a few days to work depending on severity, however without a diagnosis (of any illness) it should not be prescribed for more than 7 days because of side effects.

How long have you suffered constipation? contstipation can cause inflammation due to irritating the bowel lining.

A faecal calprotectin of over 100 is an alert for IBD, however constipation usually occurs after years of severe flare ups resulting in strictures and scar tissue which slow gut mobility, and taking opioids (codeine, tramadol, morphine) for pain releif. Having a parent or sibling with IBD also slightly increase your chances of having it too.

symptoms of Crohns are diarhoea with or without blood and mucus, urgency and frequency, pain, weight loss and fatigue

Have you had bloods done including inflammatory markers?


I’ve been very ill for about 16 years, I had high blood markers about 2 years ago. My mum has crohns and only has constipation.


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