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Think I might have crohns?? Advice??

Hey all, might be a long one but.... I have been feel rather unwell for 3yrs, I was diagnosed with Endometriosis 2 yrs ago and not been right since. There is research out there saying people with endometriosis are more likely to have IBD. Also I have been trying to put a puzzle together... In 2009 I was in hospital with a bad stomach... Endoscopy showed inflammation in the duodeum which can be crohns right? It was never investigated after that.

My symptoms arn't the general crohns ones;

Constant nausea everyday

Weight loss- 2st

Can't exercise - causes nausea and pain

Pain all over abdo

Nights are terrible- shaking, needing toilet more and nausea

More urgencies to go to the toilet

Inflammation of my eye/s

had terrible diarrhoea when I was admitted to hospital last year for a few weeks

Now feeling so down

I finally have an endoscopy on Tuesday-I'm fearful it's going to be the wrong test unless it's in my stomach.

Has anyone else felt like me? Got crohns in the stomach area and had similar symptoms?? If someone could give me some advice it would really appriciate it....!!

This message is late because I'm having a bad night nausea etc...



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Forgot to mention I always have low iron.


Hi, you have typical symptoms of a crohns flare up. inflammation of eyes/skin/ joints are also crohns symptoms. You say your having an endoscopy, is that to look at your bowels or stomach? hang in there hun x


Also just to add, having a flare up of crohns will effect other probs you may have such as endometriosis. Please dont hesitate to ask me any further questions x


Thanks so much for the reply Willow 24... Endoscopy for stomach I guess, but I hope they find what they need because I cannot go on with this anymore . X


you need to ask for colonoscopy and also if Dr or consultant could request a faecal calprotien test - this test will show if there is inflammation in bowel which is not present in IBS (many crohns sufferers are misdiagnosed with IBS for yrs). do you have any blood or mucus in your stools x


Mucus at times.


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