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Bladder problems with Crohns

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Hi all! I’ve had Crohns for 5 years now, and it’s been under control for the last 2 years, with Azathioprine and Adalimumab. About 12 weeks ago I started getting a flair up, with my calprotectin at 300+. I’m awaiting a colonoscopy in the next week or two but have noticed a new symptom. Whenever I have a bowel movement (which involves the usual mucus and blood), I struggle to pass any urine at all for an hour + following. Just feels like my bottom end is swollen, and kind of feels like I have a rugby ball up there and the pressure stops me being able to urinate. I was just wondering if anyone else has had this experience with a Crohns flair? It is new symptom for me and quite uncomfortable. I’m gong to call the IBD nurse on Monday morning and will update when I know more. Thanks for any info you can give 🙂

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Hi, I have UC and it's a while since I had a flare, but do remember when my rectal area was badly inflamed that passing urine was uncomfortable. I used to go frequently, passing small amounts. Perhaps there's something similar going on for you but actually stopping the flow. Hope you can speak to someone today. Good luck!

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Thanks for the reply! That what I thought was happening so your reply has eased my mind a bit. I’ll call the nurse and hopefully hear back soon.

I have got proctitus. I find that after a bowel movement and running the tap to wash my hands, I can then pass more urine.

When your intestines or bowel is inflamed or full, or aggravated, your bladder and urinary tract get squished/squashed or otherwise compromised. There is a limited amount of room in that area for urine or BM to move, and, therefore, if one is taking extra room the other can't work properly. I hope you get well soon, take care and stay safe.

I have UC, Slow Bowel Transit and Cystitis. It seems Urinary problems always go hand in hand with bowel problems. I get UTI’s a lot. The Slow Bowel Transit has been a big issue with UTI’s.

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Thanks for your response. The doctor had mentioned Slow Bowel Transit as a possibility due to an increase in frequency of constipation and lack of urge to go to the loo. In your experience can Slow Bowel Transit cause inflammation without there being active ulcerative colitis in the bowel?

I have ulcerative colitis since 2002and I have been on Azathioprine and pentasa oral and rectally as a suppository. The combination has work well so far. I am not cured by any means . I do have problem with urination , it a definite must every 3 -4 hours day or night. I do experience that a full bladder irritate my bowel and vice versa. I was due for a colonoscopy since first lock down. My reply may not be what you are expecting. I find avoiding any food with wheat flour, any food or drink containing preservative of any shape or form. So beer , rum and wine are out. If I do have a drink I suffer for it and it sets me back. Days or weeks.

Hi ya, I’ve been diagnosed with Crohn’s for 22years I’ve been in a flare up for 7 years solid…I get the bulge after going to the toilet that could possibly be a prolapse of the bowel just get it checked out, I also struggle to pee aswell I have also now been diagnosed with vaginal Crohn’s disease aswell…xx

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