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Has anyone had elective surgery in the UK for a colostomy due to crohns

Hi I'm new to this so bare with me. I had emergency surgery 3years ago due to scaring and bowel damage caused by crohns, after the surgery I was left with severe bile salt malabsorbsion! For the past three years I have tried every medication know to man and have severe side effects and still go to the bathroom 10-15 times a day! Does anyone know if I can ask for a colostomy on the Nhs? I don't keep reading how much better people's lives are afterwards? Thank you x

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I was supposed to say I do keep reading!


Kbr2709 ....

I was diagnosed with Crohns back in the 70's and endured several operations with complications during those early years. I am wondering if you have tried healing the gut by going gluten free ? Also as you will have absorption issues - low levels of vitamins and minerals could be making things worse. Low VitD is associated with Crohns - and you will also be low in B12 and other vitals.

Thyroid also plays a part in our well being and low levels again can make our health difficult to manage.

Before deciding on a colostomy - do chase other options ....

I see on your Profile you have been diagnosed with FM - this really does deserve more testing as again that can be caused by LOW T3 - the Active thyroid hormone. As you can see on my Profile I too had that diagnosis which has disappeared when optimally treated with thyroid hormones and LOTS of supplements.

You can click onto my name to read about my journey to wellness in my Profile :-)

Happy to help and answer questions ....


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